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Radiotherapy assisted cancer treatment exits for more than a century now and it has become an important specialty in oncology. Indeed, radiotherapy treatment regimes delivered most promising results in curing cancer. However usage of highly radioactive material for radiation and heavily secured OTs to perform any radiotherapy surgery makes it an exclusive procedure. Also high level of precision and expert radiologists is required to provide this treatment.

Sometimes radiotherapy is also combined with other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery, which vary from case to case.

Advanced radiotherapy procedures adopt a multimodal approach to cure cancer patients. Radiotherapy-assisted cancer therapies account for 40% of the total cancer treatments globally. Radiotherapy Utilization Rate or RTU in India is about 55% in India compared to 50% in western countries. This rate is expected to  grow further in some cases. On the other hand, low and middle income countries this rate id around 25% only due to low availability of radiotherapy machines, as availability of standard radiotherapy machines is crucial to fight cancer.

In developed countries, the radiotherapy utilization rate (RTU, the proportion of cancer patients requiring at least one treatment course of radiotherapy during the evolution of their disease) is approximately 50%. However, in developing countries such as India, it is widely believed that the optimal RTU rate is higher (i.e., >55%) and that it may reach 70%–80% in some situations. However, paradoxically, the actual figures for middle and low income countries (LMICs) are low (nearly 25%), primarily because of unavailability and inaccessibility of radiotherapy machines. Availability of quality and affordable radiotherapy services is therefore a critical requirement for the fight against cancer in countries such as India.

TomoTherapy Radixact X9

  • Smartest radiation therapy for curing complicated cancer tumours
  • high degree of accuracy, speed and precision
  • less setup time for extra comfort to patients
  • can deliver fractionated radiotherapy and SBRT

Cyberknife robotic radiosurgery

  • Clinically proven non-surgical treatment procedure
  • Non-invasive procedure for cancerous and non-cancerous tumours
  • Successful treats complicated neurological cases without side-effects

Robotic cancer surgery

  • Exceptional results with amazing surgical technology
  • Minimally invasive with robotic precision and surgical expertise
  • Treats prostate, stomach, pancreas, liver, colon, head and neck, as well as some gynaecologic cancers

Cancer is considered a painful and deadly disease, but advanced therapies and diagnosis are making most of the cases curable successfully. Latest technologies are aiding doctors to enable cancer patient live healthy and longer life.

The news that you or your loved one is suffering from cancer is not easy to handle, and finding the right treatment is a not an easy task. However, let cancer not be the final word in your dictionary. With the advancement in science and technology, cancer is no longer to be feared and can be beaten with the right treatment. Armed with the latest technology like proton therapy, Cyberknife, etc. you can now effectively fight cancer and live to tell the tale.

A truly world-class cancer treatment in India

Cancer care is becoming increasingly complex and often needs skills from multiple disciplines. Our unique approach enlists the multidisciplinary services of medical, surgical and radiation oncologist who will provide you a holistic treatment plan that will ensure the best possible outcome. Globally known as ‘Tumour Board’ – a team of highly qualified cancer experts who will present a comprehensive evaluation of your medical case and will recommend the best treatment approach which will be a mix of treatment protocols like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and/or surgery. Tumour board reviews provide a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment involving doctors of multiple specialties evaluating and addressing patients’ medical condition and diagnosis to guarantee best possible outcomes.

  • One-stop solution to cancer concerns of all types
  • Highly advanced and cutting-edge technology like proton therapy and Cyberknife
  • Multi-disciplinary team of experts, doctors, specialists and surgeon
  • Cost of PET scan in India ranges between INR 22,000-25,000 (USD 306 – 348)
  • A dedicated tumour board for comprehensive patient assessment & treatment
  • Provision of special discounted rates and privileged treatment packages

Affordable cost with international standard care

Highly expensive treatment for cancer is huge burden on humanity and patients suffering with this deadly disease always seek affordable medical tourism destinations to get quality care. India is one of such destinations that offer low-cost cancer treatment to patients from across the globe. The cost of stay, diagnosis, tests and treatment plan is much lower in India as compared with its western counterparts.

cost of cancer treatment is one of the burdens that comes with cancer. With MedicoExperts you can be assured of affordability and cost-efficiency without compromising in the quality of the treatment offered. The cost of PET scan in India starts from USD 306 (INR 22,000).

Experienced doctors provide customized cancer treatment plan to the patients after thorough analysis of patients test results, disease profile and history. Indian hospitals and expert doctors cater to cancer patients from more than 27 nations with a success rate of around 90%.

Based on medical evaluation and diagnosis, a specially curated treatment plan will be provided to specifically target the cancer you have. With comprehensive and well-researched information collected over the years from our patient experience of 27 countries and 5 years of outstanding patient care, we can confidently boost of about 90% success rate with revival of patient’s health and wellbeing. MedicoExperts is also able to provide special discounted rate and privileged packages for care treatment in India in most of the cases, thanks to our association with the best onco-surgeons and top hospitals in India.

The comprehensive cancer care in India comprises advanced infrastructure, cutting-edge technology and most innovative cancer treatment procedures such as robotic surgery, TrueBeam STX stereotactic radiosurgery, Cyberknife, advanced radiotherapy and Tomotherapy etc.

MedicoExperts along with the top onco-surgeons and the best of hospitals in India offers all-inclusive cancer care and treatment packages including cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure, innovative surgical methodology like Cyberknife, robotic surgery, etc along with highly advanced radiation therapy.

Robotic prostatectomy to treat prostate cancer, breast conservation surgery and oncoplasty (breast reconstruction post-breast cancer treatment), non-invasive Cyberknife robotic radiosurgery, and many more some of the highly advanced treatment options available with us in India to efficiently fight cancer. No matter what type of cancer plagues you, we can find a cure for it!

Cancer treatment in India

Indian hospitals, doctors and oncology departments are well equipped  to cure all forms of cancer such as prostate cancer, liver cancer, pituitary tumour, breast cancer, brain tumour, spinal tumour, blood cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer etc. For foreign patients, dedicated healthcare platforms facilitate them through telemedicine consultation from expert oncologists to answer their queries and guide about the treatment regime. These agencies also ensure convenient arrangements for medical travel, treatment, evaluations, recovery and stay in India.

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