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Advanced Skin cancer treatment in India

Beat skin cancer with advanced skin cancer treatment in India with highest success rates.

According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, non-melanoma skin cancer (one of the two kinds of skin cancers) is the fifth most common cancer in men and women, with over 1 million diagnoses worldwide in 2018. Additionally, Melanoma (another kind of skin cancer) is the 19th most common cancer in both men and women. In 2018, nearly 300,000 new cases were reported.

Detection of skin cancer itself is a matter of great concern. However, with the advancement of technologies both in detection and treatment, the survival rates are also increasing. 

Let me introduce you, to one of our patients Christina Reeves from Gaborone, Botswana. Christina shares her experience of skin cancer treatment in India.

Christina is a 34-year-old mother of a 2-year-old daughter and wife of a caring husband Ted. Christina helps her husband in his hotel business. 

Two years back, Christina noticed a small pink circle on her face. The spot didn’t hurt or itch and she thought it was just a bug bite. It was dry so she used cosmetic lotion. Even after 3 weeks, the pink circle did not get diluted at all.  Christina decided to visit a dermatologist for a consultation. 

Christina met a dermatologist and the doctor physically examined the spot and suggested Christina do a biopsy to be doubly sure. Christina did the biopsy test and came back home.

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Reports came and the doctor called Christina to visit her. Christina went to the hospital and the doctor gave her the news that she had squamous cell carcinoma (non-melanoma skin cancer). After listening to the news both Christina and Ted both were in shock. The doctor suggested consulting an oncologist. 

Christina and Ted came back home and they were disheartened after listening to the news of skin cancer. Ted’s aunt who was a nurse came to know about the cancer news and came to meet Christina and told Ted don’t take any chances and visit India for the treatment. Ted’s aunt was already in touch with MedicoExperts and gave the MedicoExperts contact details to Ted. 

Ted contacted MedicoExperts and passed all information and test reports. MedicoExperts explained to Ted about the revolutionary Tumor Board approach for the treatment and arranged an online video consultation with the oncologist who was also the head of the tumor board.

During the consultation, the doctor explained the treatment plan and process in detail and cleared all the doubts of Christina and Ted. 

Christina and Ted decided to come to India for the treatment.

After 10 days, Christina landed in India for the treatment with Ted and her daughter. Christina got admitted to the hospital on the same day. An evaluation test was performed to check the current condition of cancer.

After seeing the test reports and as per the treatment plan the surgical oncologist decided to do Mohs surgery (a precise surgical technique used to treat skin cancer). The surgery was successful.

A re-evaluation test was done to check the outcome of the treatment which reveals no cancer was detected.  

Christina and Ted were very happy with the results and thanked the doctor and MedicoExperts. 

This can be your story as well to win the battle against skin cancer even if you have complex cancer. What you need is the right guidance, right treatment at the right time from the right experts.

Before we move ahead with skin cancer symptoms, stages of skin cancer, skin cancer treatment, and survival rates, let’s understand what skin cancer is.

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