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Corrective Surgery

Correcting Scars : Reconstructive Cosmetic Procedures

Corrective procedures

You no longer have to learn to love your scars or live with it.

With corrective cosmetic procedures, you cannot just cover deformities, scars or injury but make substantial alteration with the skilled hand of an expert cosmetic surgeon.

Progression in science and technology has now made it a reality to completely treat any scar or birth defect to enhance one’s beauty.

Reconstruction cosmetic surgery or corrective cosmetic surgery can treat a child with a birth defect like cleft lip, breast reconstruction for a woman who has undergone mastectomy and can also successfully fix damages caused by any disease or traumatic injury.

Corrective cosmetic surgery in India has advanced to incorporate the latest in technology and infrastructure to bring about highly successful outcomes.

With MedicoExperts comes the assurance of being treated at the top hospitals and right cosmetic surgeons to ensure the best outcome. Our cosmetic surgeons are technically refined, innovative and have years of skilled experience which has made them adept in handling complexities with precision and expertise.

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corrective cosmetic surgery in India

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Types of Corrective Procedures

Do not let breast cancer have the upper hand. Reclaim your life with breast reconstruction post breast cancer treatment. Women who have had surgery as part of their treatment for breast cancer may opt for breast reconstruction surgery to reconstruct the breast’s shape and look.

There are many different breast reconstruction procedures options and varieties. Some will be performed (or initiated) concurrently with mastectomy, while others will be done later. Following the mastectomy, implants are inserted under the skin or chest muscle.

Most mastectomies are performed using a tissue-sparing mastectomy procedure, which preserves much of the breast skin for use in breast reconstruction. A nipple and areola can be re-created on the reconstructed breast in a final stage of breast reconstruction unless these have been preserved during a mastectomy.

For more details visit breast reconstruction in India.

Let no scar hamper your quality of life and make you conscious about yourself. With effective burn repair surgery, you can not just get rid of scars but can also regain lost mobility and functioning.

Burn repair surgery has given hope to a number of patients and helped them feel confident about themselves once again. Severe burning, chemicals, electricity or heat burns can leave you with severe and traumatic scars.

Through the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon, the physical appearance of the scars can be reduced significantly and, in some cases, also bring about complete scar repair.

Congenital defect like cleft palate and cleft lip can be cosmetically altered to bring about significant change in the function and appearance.

Cleft lip and palate (or palatoplasty) surgical repairs are a procedure performed for both functional and aesthetic purposes. The goal of reconstructive congenital defect plastic surgery is to enhance the function of the part and to make it less prominent.

The condition impedes the patient as it affects both appearance and communication. The cosmetic surgeon can help patients with cleft lip and palate to achieve significant improvements in speech, function and appearance with this surgical intervention.

Reconstruction of the lower extremity is aimed at preserving limb function, protecting essential organs, and retaining a satisfactory appearance following trauma, illness, vascular or metabolic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Reconstruction of the lower extremity is complicated due to the incredible variety of factors involved, including the location and severity of the damage, the types of tissues involved and the medical background.

Fasciocutaneous flaps, muscle flaps, tissue expansion, free tissue transfer and micro-surgery are among the most widely used surgical techniques.

The cosmetic surgeon may need to incorporate multiple skins and/or bone grafting techniques and microsurgical free tissue transfer.

With the recent progress in technology and science, it is now possible to restore function and normalcy to hands that have suffered trauma, injury or damage.

Hand trauma involves a wide variety of issues, including amputations, lacerations, nerve injuries, and fractures. Plastic surgeons performing hand surgery attempt to restore the function of the hand and the fingers.

It is possible to perform several different types of surgery on a hand. It depends on the root cause of the problem. This form of highly specialized surgery will treat illnesses that cause pain and affect the wrist and finger capacity, function and mobility.

Surgery aims to regain the function of trauma-injured fingers and hands or to correct anomalies that were present at birth.

Scar revision surgery minimizes a scar so it is less conspicuous and blends with the tone and texture of the surrounding skin. Scars are visible signs that will exist after a wound heals.

They are the unavoidable consequences of injury or surgery and can be unpredictable in their formation. Bad healing may lead to noticeable, misshapen, or disfiguring scars.

A scar repair or revision is a wound-related procedure to alter the scar’s appearance. The revision may improve the scar’s aesthetic appearance, restore function to a part of the body that may have been limited by the scar, or enhance itchy scar.

Best Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals in India

The best cosmetic hospitals in India have the latest and more advanced technologies and infrastructures to help the patients. These hospitals offer corrective as well as reconstructive procedures which have the highest success rate and positive outcomes. The tops hospitals in India have a holistic team of specialists and doctors to provide a comprehensive patient-care experience. Here is a list of the best cosmetic surgery hospitals in India:

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