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ME About Us

About Our Hospital

ME About Us

Who we are

Global Virtual Hospital

We offer extensive medical Second Opinion, Procedures and Surgeries to patients with an objective delivering clinical excellence in cost effective way.

Our Mission

To make quality healthcare affordable and accessible  with Trust, Technology, Talent and collaboration.

Our Vision

To be globally recognised for saving and enriching lives of millions.

Our Stratagies

Extensive network of super speciality hospitals and expert panel of doctors across all the specialities in the various parts of the globe. Our expertise in identifying and generating the various option to the patients for treatment and to match their affordability and convenience without compromising on the quality of healthcare services.






Number of Patients Served




Network Hospitals


Super Specialists


What We Do

Since its founding MedicoExperts has been providing its patients advanced surgical solutions with in its network hospitals with its own panel of expert doctors.

Surgeries and Procedures

We conduct surgeries and procedures with our empanelled doctors  in our network hospitals in 17 countries.

Second opinions

Our expert panel of doctors provide second opinions through our robust online video consultation platform.

post-imgPaediatric dentistry

To extend benefits to the patients who shy away to interact online, we conduct OPD camps on periodic basis in different countries.

Corporate services

We provide online consultation services and discounted rates on treatments to corporates for their employees and their families.

post-imgBulk deals

In the hospitals where we cannot perform the surgeries with our own doctors, we do bulk deals on the basis of volumes for insurance companies, Charity organisations and Governments.

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