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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Reduce your weight with gastric bypass surgery in India

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the available procedures for morbid obesity that continuously achieves and retains significant weight loss, reduces the incidence and severity of obesity-related co-morbidities and increases the general quality of life. Gastric bypass surgery is the oldest form of bariatric surgery which results in weight loss by modifying the natural process of digestion of the body.

Gastric bypass surgery is only suggested to patients who have been extremely unsuccessful in losing weight after trying all possible diets, exercises and strict changes in lifestyle. Gastric bypass surgery is considered as a last resort to ensure weight loss.

As gastric bypass surgery changes the entire digestive system, it is extremely necessary to be cautious while choosing this surgery. The benefits of gastric bypass are gratifying in the future; however, there are certain side-effects that need to be dealt with. As gastric bypass surgery restricts the intake of food by altering the process of digestion and also limits the nutrients absorbed by the body, therefore it is essential to follow a strict diet plan provided by the nutritionist.

Timothy, a 34-year-old lawyer, recently got engaged to the love of his life. While the newly engaged couple were out shopping for their upcoming wedding Timothy fainted and Laila, Timothy’s fiance rushed him to the hospital. 

After the consultation, the doctor said that Timothy fainted because of his high blood pressure levels. The doctor advised Timothy to lose weight to manage his blood pressure levels. 

gastric bypass surgery in india
robotic gastric bypass surgery

Following the doctor’s advice, Timothy followed a strict diet and exercised regularly. But despite his efforts, he failed to lose weight. Dejected by the failed attempt to lose weight Timothy started searching online for weight loss procedures.

While searching online he came across the MedicoExpert website and dropped a query which was swiftly answered by them. After understanding the requirements of Timothy the team of MedicoExpert scheduled an online video consultation for Timothy with their empanelled doctor. During the consultation, the doctor answered all the questions that the family had about the procedure.

After the consultation, Timothy felt that he should undergo gastric bypass surgery in India with MedicoExpert and flew to India to undergo the procedure. Once Timothy reached India the team of MedicoExpert ensured hassle-free hospitalization for him.

Before the doctors performed the gastric bypass surgery they performed a few blood tests on Timothy. After the blood reports came within a safe range to perform the procedure the doctors performed the gastric bypass surgery for him.

After the surgery, Timothy was advised a liquid diet, followed by a semi-solid diet for the first week after the procedure. After a few weeks, Timothy was allowed to eat solid food.

Within a few months after the surgery, Timothy started to notice weight loss.

Like Timothy, you too can start your weight loss journey with gastric bypass surgery in India. 

Before understanding how gastric bypass surgery initiates weight loss let us first understand what gastric bypass surgery is,

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what is gastric bypass surgery in indiagastric bypass surgery

What is Gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery or Roux-en-Y surgery is one of the most popular surgical weight loss procedures. During this procedure, the doctor reduces the volume of the stomach cavity by creating a small stomach pouch which is then connected to the small intestine.

By making a small pouch and connecting it to the intestine the doctor reduces the size of the stomach cavity thereby you feel full quickly after having a small portion of food.

The metabolic gastric bypass surgery not just reduces the intake of food, but also restricts the quantity of fat absorbed by the body, for swift weight loss.

What are the different types of Gastric bypass surgery available in India?

Roux-en-R is the most commonly performed gastric bypass procedure. During this type of gastric bypass surgery, your doctor creates a small stomach pouch which is stapled from the rest of the stomach. 

The new pouch created is directly connected to the small intestine which drastically reduces the intake of food.

During Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal surgery, the doctor removes a larger part of the stomach and small intestine to restrict the amount of food intake and nutrients absorbed.

This surgery is extremely effective with great results; however, it requires much more precaution and awareness. As this surgery results in severe malabsorption and vitamin deficiency, it is only limited to patients with a BMI greater than 50.

When is gastric bypass surgery suggested?

Gastric bypass is often done to help people lose excess weight and decrease their risk of developing several lifestyle disorders like: 

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • High blood cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Infertility

Gastric bypass is often advised for people who failed to lose weight through exercise and diet.

Who is an ideal candidate to undergo gastric bypass surgery?

 Although gastric bypass surgery is a safe weight loss surgery, it is not advised to everyone. Gastric bypass surgery is suitable for people:

  • Having a BMI of 40 or more than 40
  • Having severe health conditions because of your weight.
  • No underlying disorder or you are on any medications that prolong the bleeding and clotting time 
ideal candidate for gastric bypass surgery, gastric bypass surgery in india
gastric bypass, gastric bypass surgery in india

What do you expect after gastric bypass surgery?

After the gastric bypass surgery, your doctor will advise you to take a liquid diet for the first week. From the second week onwards you can eat semi-solid food. Once the stomach heals you can have solid food.

However, after the surgery, your doctor may advise you of some vitamin pills to ensure your nutrient requirement is well-taken care off.

Within a few months after the surgery, you may see a significant reduction in your weight. However, the weight reduction also depends on the amount of fat that you consume and the physical activities you have indulged in.

How to choose the best country for undergoing Gastric Bypass Surgery?

If you are finding it challenging to decide on a country where you could have your gastric bypass procedure done do not worry. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the best country for undergoing the gastric bypass procedure:

  • Ascertain the procedure is reasonable in the chosen country.
  • Ensure that the chosen country offers world-class patient-care standards
  • The success rate of gastric bypass surgery in the selected country
  • The chosen country has access to innovative technology and the latest medical equipment
best country for gastric bypass
best hospital for gastric bypass

How to choose the best hospital for Gastric bypass surgery in India?

After you have selected a country for gastric bypass surgery it is equally essential to choose the best hospital to undergo the procedure. When choosing a hospital you must ensure that the hospital has a well-dedicated unit and trained staff for performing gastric bypass surgery.

Also, you must ensure that the hospital is NABH and JCI certified.

How to choose the best doctor for Gastric bypass surgery in India?

Choosing a doctor is very crucial but before selecting a doctor for your treatment kindly ensure:

  • Holds expertise in performing gastric bypass surgery
  • Has a high success rate in performing the gastric bypass surgery 
  • That your doctor has a team of well-trained healthcare professionals who can manage any complications that may arise after the procedure.
best doctor for gastric bypass, robotic gastric bypass surgery
cost of gastric bypass surgery

How much does Gastric Bypass cost in India?

Typically the cost of gastric bypass surgery ranges between ———————. However, the cost of the procedure may vary depending on the choices you make like the hospital, city and doctor you choose.  

Also sometimes the cost may vary because of some extra medical expenses that may arise during, before or after the procedure. 

What is the success rate of gastric bypass surgery in India?

People who undergo gastric bypass surgery in India enjoy a very good success rate. However, the amount of weight loss varies from individual to individual. Within a few months after the procedure, you may start to notice your weight loss journey.

For an improved outcome of the procedure, your doctor will advise you to lead a healthy life and avoid junk food that has high carbohydrate, sugar and fat content in it.

success rate of gastric bypass

Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. What are the side effects of gastric bypass surgery?

If you do not take a healthy diet you may experience a few side effects after gastric bypass surgery, which include:

  • Dehydration
  • Kidney stone
  • Lack of certain nutrients
  • Indigestion
  • Hair loss
  • Kidney diseases due to chronic dehydration
  • Gallstones
  • Intolerance of certain food

2. How long does gastric bypass last?

Gastric bypass surgery is an irreversible procedure in which permanent changes are made to the structure of the stomach. Since we cannot reverse this surgery the efficacy of the surgery lasts lifelong.

3. What happens in gastric bypass surgery?

During gastric bypass surgery, your doctor creates a small pouch from your stomach and staples the rest of the stomach. Then your doctor attaches the small pouch of the stomach to the small intestine.

By creating the small pouch your doctor decreases the volume of the stomach so that you feel full after a small meal. By this, he restricts the food intake which helps you in losing weight.

4. Does gastric bypass surgery decrease the lifespan?

No! Gastric bypass does not decrease your lifespan. On the contrary gastric bypass decreases your chance of developing lifestyle disorders like diabetes and hypertension, which harm your overall health.

5. How long does gastric bypass surgery take?

Typically gastric bypass surgery takes around two to three hours. After the surgery, you need to stay at the hospital for two-to-five days for the gastric bypass procedure.

6. Do I need to take nutritional supplements daily after gastric bypass surgery?

Yes! Nutritional supplements are often advised after a gastric bypass surgery because gastric bypass surgery decreases the body’s ability to absorb food. Sometimes due to a deficiency of certain nutrients, you may experience some uneasiness.

7. Is gastric bypass better than Gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is an efficient weight loss alternative for people having BMI over 40  and cannot undergo Gastric sleeve surgery. Also, Gastric bypass surgery weight loss is fast with gastric bypass surgery than gastric sleeve surgery.

8. What is Robotic gastric bypass?

Robotic gastric bypass surgery is a minimally invasive procedure during which the surgeon makes a minimal incision and performs the procedure while sitting in a console. This procedure is very accurate and requires minimal hospitalization.

9. How painful is gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is performed under general anesthesia and you will not feel any pain. After the procedure your doctors may recommend some pain killers for you to manage any post-operative pain. However a few people may experience some pain in the abdomen for a few weeks after the treatment. If the pain is intense please visit your doctor.

Top hospitals for gastric bypass in India

The best and most-renowned hospitals in India are at par with the international standard for patient care. The hospitals are equipped with the newest and most innovative technologies, cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities. The top hospitals for gastric bypass in India also have a multi-disciplinary of surgeons, dieticians, doctors and specialist to deliver comprehensive care. Here is a list of gastric bypass hospitals in India:

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