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Intragastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon : The Perfect Weight Loss Solution

Are you looking for  techniques to lose weight without going under the knife or sweating in the gym for hours? 

Put your hand on your heart and tell us the truth that you do not wish that you can lose weight without toiling for hours in the gym. It is humane to think of shortcuts to achieve what we desire but shortcuts are not available for every situation. However, you can lose weight without sweating or going under the knife with our innovative intragastric balloon procedure. 

With the innovative intragastric balloon procedure, initiate your journey for weight loss and fit into your favourite dress again as Foram did.

intragastric balloon
gastric balloon surgery

Foram is a 36-year-old PR manager for a celebrity. She was constantly surrounded by cameras and was under constant pressure to look good. Although Foram was good at her work she noticed that she was putting on some weight because of her overeating. 

Foram tried to lose weight by exercising but she failed to lose those extra pounds. Disheartened Foram looked online for medically proven procedures to lose weight. While looking for a treatment that offered weight loss without exercise or surgery she came across to MedicoExperts website and left a query regarding our intragastric procedure for weight loss.

After receiving Foram’s query our sales team contacted her and arranged a video consultation for her with one of our empanelled doctors. During the consultation, our doctor answered all the questions Foram had regarding the procedure, its safety and efficacy.

Within a week after the video consultation, Foram confirmed that she was looking forward to undergoing the treatment and asked us if we could make an appointment for her to undergo the intragastric procedure. 

Our team ensured hassle-free hospitalization for Foram once she arrived in Mumbai. After performing a few tests the doctors confirmed Foram’s eligibility to undergo the procedure. Once the test reports came Foram underwent the procedure.

After the procedure, Foram was asked to stay in the hospital for a few hours for observation. Within 6-12 months after the procedure, Foram witnessed a significant weight loss. She was thankful to the doctors for helping her lose weight.

Foram said that she continues the healthy living habits that she had adapted after the procedure for better results. Like Foram you too can lose weight, but let us first understand more about the intragastric balloon procedure.

gastric balloon surgery
what is gastric balloon surgery

What is a gastric balloon procedure for weight loss?

The gastric balloon or intragastric surgery is an effective and extremely successful procedure for weight loss, especially for mildly obese individuals who are looking for weight loss alternatives.

The minimally invasive intragastric balloon procedure is reversible and is one of the most preferred procedures for weight loss in young adults.

During the weight loss balloon procedure, your doctor places a space-occupying device inside your stomach to reduce its capacity. The reduced capacity of the stomach ensures early satiety of an individual after a meal thereby reducing overeating.

The intragastric balloon procedure is deemed as one of the most effective yet safest procedures for weight loss. 

The efficacy and safety of the procedure are reflected by its 99.7% success rate. 

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What are the different types of gastric balloons used for weight loss?

Mainly there are six different types of gastric balloons which include:

Orbera intragastric balloon is an FDA-approved single silicone-made spherical balloon that is inserted orally into the upper part of the stomach. 

A heliosphere balloon is a single spherical high-volume-capacity, air-filled, gastric balloon that is inserted into the stomach using endoscopy.

People who have got this type of intragastric balloon must refrain from scuba diving and travelling in unpressurized aeroplane cabins.

Spatz3 intragastric balloon is a spherical saline-filled silicone balloon that is attached with a thin catheter that enables easy addition or removal of saline according to the tolerance and desire of the patient.

The ReShape Duo integrated dual intragastric balloon system has two independently filled silicone spheres which are joined by a central, short, non-communicating flexible silicone shaft. This type of intragastric balloon helps in decreasing the chance of intragastric balloon migration into the intestines and also it ensures that the balloons do not deflate accidentally. 

Ellipse gastric balloons are made from a thin polymer film. This type of gastric balloon are well compressed, inside a small, swallowable vegetarian capsule which is attached to a thin catheter.

Obalon gastric balloons are FDA-approved devices that contain a series of three individual balloons which can be administered orally within a month. 

When is an intragastric balloon procedure suggested?

Intragastric balloon procedure is a medically approved minimally invasive procedure indicated for people who are looking to lose weight and maybe having the following underlying conditions:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea- difficulty breathing during sleep-.
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • High Blood pressure
  • Marriage 
  • Professionals
  • post-pregnancy

Besides these conditions, gastric balloon surgery is often suggested for people who have failed to lose weight despite making requisite lifestyle changes.

gastric balloon surgery
ideal candidate for gastric balloon surgery

Who is an ideal candidate to undergo a gastric balloon procedure?

An intragastric balloon has emerged as a viable option to lose weight for people who are unable to lose their body fats despite exercising and diet control. However, not everyone is an ideal candidate to undergo the procedure. 

You can undergo an intragastric balloon procedure only if:

  • Your BMI (body mass index) is somewhere between 30 and 40
  • You lead a healthy life and exercise regularly 
  • You have no history of previous stomach or oesophagal surgery

Intragastric balloons are not advisable for obese individuals who lead inactive and sedentary life.  

What happens during the intragastric balloon treatment?

During the intragastric ballooning procedure, the gastric balloon is placed in the stomach cavity through the mouth. Once the intragastric balloon reaches the stomach cavity it is then filled with sterile saline.

The inflated balloon is generally placed in the fundus or the upper section of the stomach to decrease the food intake volume for weight loss. 

Generally, the inflated balloon is removed from the stomach after about 6 -12 months or when the weight loss goal is achieved. Typically your doctor might use an endoscope while removing these intragastric balloons.

The intragastric balloon procedure has emerged as the best solution for losing weight for individuals who otherwise find it difficult to lose weight by exercise. The gastric balloon procedure has assured success rate and better outcomes. 

gastric balloon surgery
gastric balloon surgery

What can you expect after the intragastric balloon procedure?

Within a few months after the intragastric balloon procedure, you are likely to experience about a 15% decrease in your body weight. The weight loss after an intragastric procedure is evident.

However to get the results of the intragastric procedure you must ensure to lead a healthy life and eat healthy food. You may not benefit from intragastric treatment if you lead a sedentary life and eat junk and unhealthy food.

How to choose the best hospital for intragastric balloon procedure?

Once you have chosen a country for the procedure it is equally important to choose the best hospital to undergo the procedure. When choosing a hospital you must ensure that the hospital has a well-dedicated unit and trained staff for performing intragastric balloon treatment.


Also, you must ensure that the hospital is NABH and JCI certified.

best hospital for gastric balloon surgery
best docor for gastric balloon surgery

How to choose the best doctor for intragastric balloon treatment?

Choosing a doctor is very crucial but before selecting a doctor for your treatment kindly ensure:

  • That your doctor is board certified
  • Holds expertise in performing the procedure that you want to undergo
  • That your doctor has a team of well-trained healthcare professionals who can manage any complications that may arise after the procedure.

How much does gastric balloon surgery cost in India?

The cost of gastric balloon surgery in India is quite affordable. Typically gastric balloon surgery usually costs around USD 3500 to 5,000 put in inr . The surgeon will however suggest a to undergo investigation and pre-operative evaluation to understand the overall health of the patient. This will help to determine whether the patient is the right candidate for the surgery.

The cost of a comprehensive investigation and evaluation ranges from USD 500-to 800.

Intragastric balloon surgery is a great solution for individuals who are looking to lose weight without undergoing metabolic surgery which changes the natural digestive process of the body. You can be assured of weight loss through a lesser intake of food and a significant lifestyle change.

gastric balloon surgery cost in India

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gastric balloon surgery surgery rate

What is the success rate of gastric balloon surgery in India?

The gastric balloon surgery procedure is a safe procedure with a high success rate of 99.7% in India. India does not just offer you world-class treatment with a high success rate but it also offers you affordable treatment while ensuring that you receive world-class treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. How much weight can I lose by undergoing a gastric balloon procedure?

You can expect to lose about 20-30% of excess weight over 6 to 12 months. This weight can be sustained for a lifetime if the patient has disciplined him/herself to lead a healthy life.

2. Does gastric balloon procedure require post-procedure hospitalization?

As the intragastric balloon procedure is done endoscopically, it is done on a day-care basis. A wait of a couple of hours for the sedation to wear off is all that’s needed. However, be sure to not drive immediately after the procedure.

3. When can I resume my work after gastric balloon surgery?

You may feel nauseated for a couple of days after the gastric balloon surgery. However, you can resume work after a week’s rest. Ensure to make the diet changes immediately post-surgery as prescribed by your doctor.

4. Can intragastric balloons affect my ability to do the daily activity?

The balloon in your stomach, other than making you feel full even after a few bites of food, does not affect or hinder you in any way.

5. Are there any side effects of intragastric balloon surgery?

The initial days post-procedure are not going to be easy. You can expect to feel nauseated and heavy in the stomach. Your doctor will prescribe you certain medications and supplements to help you ease into the new lifestyle changes. However, the nauseated feeling is temporary and will subside in a few days after the surgery. In case, the discomfort persists, please see your surgeon at the earliest.

6. How is an intragastric procedure done?

The intragastric balloon procedure is a minimally invasive procedure in which saline filled silicone ball is inserted inside the stomach using an endoscope to decrease the volume of the stomach. Typically this is an outpatient procedure generally performed by sedating the individual. 

7. Can I eat normal food soon after the procedure?

Commonly a liquid diet is often advised for the first few weeks after the procedure. However, you can start eating normal food a week after undergoing the procedure.


Intragastric balloon hospitals in India

The best hospitals in India are well-equipped to perform endoscopic gastric ballooning. Intragastric balloon hospitals in India also have a comprehensive team of specialist to provide the patient with complete care to provide a full recovery. The list of best intragastric hospitals in India are as follows:

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