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Best Cancer Treatment in India 1.Fortis Hospital Mulund Mulund, Mumbai No. of Beds : 261 2. Apollo Hospital Belapur, Mumbai No. of Beds : 500 3. BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital Delhi NCR Number of Beds : 650 4. Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital Vile Parle West, Mumbai Number of Beds : 350 5. Fortis Raheja Mahim, … Continue reading best cancer treatment in india

Startling statistics reveal that certain genetic abnormalities, like the FLT3-ITD mutation, can increase the risk of relapse and poorer treatment outcomes in leukemia patients. What is the link between genetics and leukemia?  Genetics plays a significant role in the development and progression of leukemia.  If you have genetic abnormalities or mutations, there will be an … Continue reading Is leukemia hereditary? Understanding genetic links

Imagine your DNA as a unique puzzle, and blood cancer heredity as one of the pieces that fits into your family’s health picture.  Many people wonder whether blood cancer can run in families and whether it is hereditary.  In this blog, we will explore the intricate relationship between genetics and blood cancer. We’ll address common … Continue reading Is Blood Cancer in Your Genes? Exploring Hereditary Risk Factors

Can bone marrow transplants offer a permanent cure for blood cancer

Can bone marrow transplant cure blood cancer?  This question has kept many intrigued. The increasing number of new blood cancer cases has left healthcare professionals overwhelmed. While getting diagnosed with blood cancer can change your life both physically and emotionally. The rapidly evolving nature of blood cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming.  While some symptoms of … Continue reading Can bone marrow transplants offer a permanent cure for blood cancer?

Blood cancer treatment BMT

Blood cancer is a complicated disease from diagnosis, treatment and prognosis point of view, a careful review by the expert oncologist is needed to tackle the deadly disease. Affordable bone marrow transplants in India are giving a new ray of hope to blood cancer patients across the globe. Overview Do you know about bone marrow … Continue reading 9 POINTS TO KNOW ABOUT BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT IN TREATMENT OF BLOOD CANCER

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