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Cerebral Palsy

Stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy treatment in India for getting significant improvements.

Do you also still believe that there is no cure for Cerebral Palsy?

During one of the orthopedics surgical camps, which MedicoExperts organized in Nigeria, we met a family who approached us to correct the bone deformation. There was a big waiting queue, and the family with the kid was also waiting for their turn in the queue.

The kid was really getting restless. 

Understanding the discomfort of the mother, the organizing team requested other patients in queue to allow the family to meet the doctor before their turn.

The kind and gentle Nigerian crowd accepted the request, and that was the beginning of a new relationship of MedicoExperts with the family.

On thorough examination, the case turned out to Cerebral Palsy case rather than just a simple bone deformity that could be corrected through orthopedic procedures. During the interaction, we identified the cause, which was a lack of oxygen during delivery.

The umbilical cord was strangulating the kid during the delivery, and he had a narrow escape.

The well-to-do and otherwise happy family has almost lost all the hopes that their kid will ever walk. The mother, who was a working lady before delivery, had to quit her job due to a seemingly restless and helpless kid. The kid, when he met, was 12 years old and couldn’t do anything on of his own.

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The family has met many doctors earlier and got the same response that the condition is untreatable. However, the family was determined to do something, and that determination pushed the family to visit MedicoExperts surgical camp.

During our meeting with the family, we explained that as per the established Medical sciences protocols, the condition is untreatable, and only bone deformity correction will not help the kid in any significant way. 

However, we also explained that stem cell research has shown the ray of hope for such disorders. And if the family wishes to explore, MedicoExperts would help with its own impaneled stem cell experts.

The determined family who was keen to give a good life to the kid took just fifteen minutes to decide.

MedicoExperts India team started guiding the family and arranged the online video consultation, shared the experiences of past patients, helped them to arrange answers of all of their concerns and questions, helped them in the logistic arrangements as treatment was only possible in India, and guided the family on all subsequent steps.

What’s the outcome?

You need to see this video.

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So, let’s move forward and discuss the different aspects of Cerebral Palsy and how stem cells can treat this condition. Let’s start with What cerebral palsy is?

Cerebral Palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy?

The word “cerebral” implies something related to the brain. The word “palsy” indicates some problems with body movement.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is, therefore, a disorder of movement and posture that is noticed during the infant stage or early childhood, and this disorder is due to some damage to the brain.

The risk of cerebral palsy increases with premature birth. However, A child can also get cerebral palsy during delivery complications and even after birth from very serious jaundice, or an injury or disease affecting the brain later in infancy.

When a Brain Injury might have happened?

Your kid’s brain might be got injured in one of the following stages.

  • Prenatal Period – Conception to the delivery
  • Perinatal Period – Just before and after the birth
  • Postnatal Period – First two (and some say five) years of life. This typically happens due to severe jaundice.
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What causes Cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy (CP) is typically the result of abnormal brain development or some kind of damage to the developing brain. This damage happens either before a child is born or during delivery or in early infancy. 

Few major known causes of Cerebral palsy are as follows.

  • Maternal infections are the severe infections that mother got during pregnancy that affect the developing fetus.
  • Fetal stroke is attributed to disruption of blood supply to the brain during pregnancy.
  • Bleeding into the brain in the womb or as sometimes when the baby is just born.
  • Lack of oxygen to the brain is due to difficult labor or delivery.
  • Infant infections are severe infections that impact the brain and create inflammation in or around the brain.
  • A traumatic head injury during infancy, such as fall hitting brain, road accidents, or at times physical abuse.
  • Gene mutations are genetic disorders that might result in Cerebral Palsy.

What are the types of cerebral palsy?

Based on mobility limitations and affected body parts, The CP can be differentiated in following types. Moreover,  each type can vary in severity, symptoms, and treatment.

The most common type of CP is Spastic CP. 80% of the CP patients are Spastic in nature.

Spastic CP impacts the muscles and make them stiff, resulting difficulty in walking. This is due to weakness in muscles.

The symptoms are found in the entire body or just one side of the body.

Dyskinetic CP patients can’t control their body movements and have involuntary, abnormal movements in the arms, legs, and hands. In some cases movements are jerky and in others the movements are slow. 

Further, in a few cases, patients are not able to control the tongue and it comes out of the mouth involuntarily, resulting in difficulty in swallowing and talking.

Please visit to know more about – Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy

This CP impacts the muscle tone and make them overly relaxed. The body parts like arms and legs move very easily and patients are not able to control them. They can’t keep their body, including the head straight. 

In most of the cases patients are not able to speak, eat and walk.

Please visit to know more about – Hypotonic cerebral palsy

People with this form of CP usually have problems with balance, coordination, and motor functions. They can’t keep the objects in their hands and hence can’t write.

Please visit to know more about – Ataxic cerebral palsy

In some cases, patients have symptoms that are a mixture of different types of CP. This is called mixed CP.

What are the symptoms of Cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy may affect the entire body or maybe mainly restricted to one limb or one side of the body. With time, the brain disorder that causes cerebral palsy does not change, so the symptoms usually do not get worse with age.

However, some symptoms may become apparent as the child gets older. Muscle shortening and muscle stiffness may worsen unless aggressively handled.

Cerebral palsy-related signs and symptoms may differ significantly. The symptoms commonly noticed include

  • Muscle tone variations, such as being either too rigid or too floppy
  • Dragging or withering movements, tremors and involuntary actions
  • Stiff muscles and exaggerated (spasticity) or normal (rigidity) reflexes
  • Balance deficiency and coordination of muscles (ataxia)
  • Delayed in motor skills such as crawling, sitting, or pushing up on arms or finer motor skills like picking items, etc.
  • Leaning on one side of the body, dragging one leg or use of one hand
  • Excessive drooling, trouble in eating or sucking, or difficulty in swallowing
  • Delays in the development of speech or problems in talking and learning
early symptoms of cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy-related brain defects may also lead to other neurological issues, including

  • Seeing and listening difficulties
  • Intellectual disabilities and seizures
  • Oral diseases
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Abnormal perceptions of contact or pain
  • Condition of mental health

Conventional cerebral palsy treatment in India

Cerebral palsy can be treated by a traditional approach with therapies or newer innovative approaches can be used to treat the patient. There are treatments available to assist cerebral palsy individuals to be as active and independent as possible. The treatments could include


Exercise and stretching methods to assist physical capacity and hopefully enhance motion

Speech therapy:

To help with communication and speech, and difficulty in swallowing

Occupational therapy:

Where a therapist defines and indicates methods to make everyday activities simpler for you or your child


To relieve stiffness and related issues

Orthopaedic surgery:

Selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery (cutting nerve fibre) to treat movement or growth problems in some cases

Best cerebral palsy treatment in India

The current advanced treatment options available help patients to a great extent to manage the symptoms and effectively repair the brain damage. Therefore, for patients suffering from cerebral palsy globally, sophisticated and new technological therapy options are regarded.

Advanced regenerative medicine therapy like stem cell therapy is gaining recognition as a standard treatment protocol to treat patients with autism spectrum disorder.

To expedite stem cell therapy, specialist doctors in India are combining newer oxygen therapies with stem cell therapy to bring about positive outcomes.

Stem cell therapy minimizes symptoms, prevents complications in the future, and maximizes the independence of function.

This mechanism repairs and regenerates the tissue that has been damaged, restoring operations in the impacted region and resulting in clinical improvements.

Stem cell therapy plays a major role in improving the quality of life overall.

This efficient strategy to treating cerebral palsy relies on stem cell capacity leading to enhanced metabolism and immune system. Stem cell therapy provides a positive and remarkable result for the brain and its system.

The use of autologous bone marrow and stem cell therapy has led to significant and effective improvements in patients with cerebral palsy.

The therapy is simple, secure, and effective because it works at the neurological level. It brings a new autonomous life to the children and restores them to the lost association with society.

Together with advanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) technology, stem cell therapy has become the largest possible combination that stands to benefit cerebral palsy therapy. HBOT is used to treat people with cerebral palsy.

HBOT offsets reduced blood flow by increasing oxygen content in plasma and body tissue and can even normalize concentrations of ischemic tissue oxygen. HBOT mobilizes stem cells of human bone marrow that can help regenerate neurodegenerative diseases. Based on these results, symptoms are assumed to be enhanced by HBOT in patients with cerebral palsy.

Initial HBOT treatment findings show that aggressive behaviour and tantrums are improved. Children enhance their communication with a marked enhancement of direct eye contact with effective verbal command comprehension.

Ozone therapy for the treatment of cerebral palsy is used as an alternative therapy combined with stem cell therapy to enhance the body’s oxygen intake and use. This results in an increase in brain function and activity. Ozone therapy is one of the most powerful ways to drastically and rapidly flood your body with additional oxygen.

Not only does ozone itself have incredible healing capacities, but for centuries this fact has also been well documented. The mechanism of action of ozone therapy in the treatment of cerebral palsy is to reduce intestinal and brain inflammation and improve immune function and circulation in the brain.

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Procedure for stem cell therapy for CP

Stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy treatment in India is a simple and completely safe procedure that requires only injections and no surgery is involved. In Stem cell procedure, Adult stem cells are taken from the bone marrow of the patient and injected back into the patient after processing them in a specialized stem cell laboratory.

The procedure involves 3 steps.

Step1: Bone Marrow Aspiration:

In this process, a needle is inserted into the hip bone to extract the bone marrow. This is done under local anesthesia so that the patient does not experience pain. 

Step 2: Stem Cell Separation:

The bone marrow which is taken in step 1 from the patient is sent to the Stem cell laboratory, where the stem cells are separated from the remaining cells of the bone marrow by the density gradient method.

Step 3: Stem Cell Injection:

A lumbar puncture is done using a very thin needle through the L4-L5 space of the spine, after giving local anesthetic and the stem cells are injected into the cerebrospinal fluid.

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Prerequisites for cerebral palsy treatment in India

Minimum age: 2 years onwards

Hemoglobin: 10 gms onwards

Success rate of stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy in india

Most cerebral palsy patients can live long, happy and normal lives after cerebral palsy treatment in India. Patients notice improvements in bowel and bladder control along with motility and independent activity.

85% of our patients showed drastic improvement after undergoing stem cell therapy in India with significant improvement in cognitive functions.

Our patient data indicates that over 73% of cerebral palsy patients have benefited from stem cell treatment with HBOT treatment.


Now let’s check the cost of stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy in India.

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Cost of stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy in India

The cost of stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy treatment in India starts from 2000 USD per cycle and depends on the condition of the patient, the protocol adopted by the treating specialist, and the chosen doctor.

A stay of 10 to 30 days in India is to be expected to undergo the treatment. In some rare cases, the stay can be extended to 45 days as well. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) costs range from 50 USD to 90 USD per session.

For better outcomes, either ozone therapy or HBOT will be combined based on the protocol of the selected stem cell specialist. The super-specialist doctors in India also employ the use of ozone therapy along with stem cell therapy for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. Is cerebral palsy genetic?

Cerebral paralysis is not genetic; it is a disease that can sometimes result from a birth-related brain injury, but most doctors are uncertain about its cause. However, it is not a disease passed through DNA. Cerebral palsy, in fact, cannot be carried through the DNA similar to other injury such as a broken bone or a laceration.

2. Is cerebral palsy a disability or a disease?

Cerebral palsy is a disease characterized by different disabilities. Cerebral palsy can be triggered by brain injuries and deprivation of oxygen, but as stated earlier, it is not an infectious disease or a disease that can be transmitted genetically.

3. Is cerebral palsy a muscular disorder?

Many people see how difficult it is for individuals with cerebral palsy to balance and coordinate their motions. Cerebral palsy is a brain injury that affects the brain, the part of the brain that controls motor function. Because the brain regions that regulate the muscle system are dormant, it creates inactivity, spasticity, or absence of muscle coordination that results in damaging components of the motor control centre.

4. Is cerebral palsy a degenerative condition?

There is no degenerative cerebral paralysis. Doctors understand when a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, their disability will not get worse over time. Instead, a child’s cerebral palsy situation can enhance with continuous practice and periodic sessions with a variety of experts in health care, including speech and language therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, and orthopaedic surgeons along with latest technology of Stem cell therapy.

5. What challenges will my child face with cerebral palsy as an adult?

Although medical progress has come a long way, as adults, there are still many problems that children with cerebral palsy will face.

Of course, the severity of the disease and how well each individual respond to distinct types of therapy will rely on medical challenges of the patient and the treatment opt for him/her.

6. What is the current status of Stem cell therapy from the regulatory framework?

The stem cell-based therapy is in the research phase and not yet formally approved by ICMR. However, the application of stem cells, popularly known as bone marrow transplants, in blood-related disorders is approved by ICMR.

7. Which is the best cerebral palsy treatment in the world?

The most effective or best cerebral palsy treatment in the world will vary depending on the specific needs and symptoms of the individual.

Stem cell therapy along with a combination of therapies, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, are often used to help improve muscle tone, movement, and communication skills.

Medications may also be used to manage associated conditions such as seizures and spasticity. Surgical options may also be considered in some cases to help improve mobility.

5. What challenges will my child face with cerebral palsy as an adult?

Although medical progress has come a long way, as adults, there are still many problems that children with cerebral palsy will face. Of course, the severity of the disease and how well each individual respond to distinct types of therapy will rely on medical challenges of the patient and the treatment opt for him/her.

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