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Pituitary Tumor Treatment

Advanced pituitary tumor treatment in India with the highest success rates

Did you know that pituitary tumors are 12 to 19 percent of all primary brain tumors?  Pituitary tumors affect your health and can cause vision loss by creating pressure on the optic nerves and permanent hormone deficiency. 

With the advanced technology in diagnosis and surgery and the skills of neurosurgeons, the success and survival rates of pituitary tumor surgery have improved very significantly in the last decade.

Let’s understand from the experience of Mr. Samuel Kebede, from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Samuel is a 42-year-old head of an international marketing agency. Samuel has two sons, one daughter, and a wonderful wife. Samuel’s hobby is creating paintings and outings with the family on the weekends. 

Three years back, Mr. Samuel Kebede started observing continuous headaches and weakness. Samuel’s vision was also deteriorating and his glasses number also increasing. Initially, Samuel ignored the symptoms assuming that it was due to work pressure. When Samuel started noticing the rapid vision loss, Samuel decided to consult a nearby doctor. 

Samuel went for the consultation and the doctor after physical examination suggested doing a blood test and MRI. The MRI reports detected a tumor of 1 cm in the pituitary gland. The doctor suggested to Samuel to consult a neurologist. Samuel and his wife Precious were in shock with the tumor news.

pituitary tumor treatment in India
best pituitary tumor treatment in India

Samuel’s elder son Eric started researching the best treatment at a reasonable cost for his father and his research came to a conclusion that India was the best fit for treatment. Eric visited the MedicoExperts website and left his inquiry on behalf of his father. 

MedicoExperts team got connected with Samuel and after receiving all the reports arranged the online video consultation with one of the senior neurosurgeons from its panel. During the consultation, the neurosurgeon clarified all the doubts of Samuels and explained in detail regarding the surgery. Samuel, after understanding all the details, decided to come to India for the treatment.

After 23 Days, Samuel along with his wife Precious came to India. Samuel was admitted to the hospital on the same day. Pre-evaluation tests were performed and found out that it was a benign adenomas pituitary tumor of size