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Ayurvedic Medicines for Erectile Dysfunction: Top 16 Herbs to Get Back Your Vigor

16 Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction

Are you silently struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED) and want a way out?

We completely understand that it is hard to share such intimate details even with friends and family.

But you do not need to fight this alone.

If your not-so-happening intimate life is shattering your confidence and peace of mind, you must know that Ayurvedic medicine for erectile dysfunction can help you regain your vigor.

Moreover, you should not ignore this for long as it will start hampering your self-esteem, and self-confidence, and start hampering your day-to-day life due to additional stress and anxiety.

Nature has gifted us some amazing herbs that Ayurveda uses to give us numerous health benefits including sexual wellness. 

Before we start discussing about most potent 16 herbs in Ayurveda, you should know ED and its causes.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

About Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

In simple terms, Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where a male is not able to get proper erection or keep the erection of penis that is sufficient enough for intercourse.

Once in a while difficulty in erection is not a problem. It commonly happens with males depending upon the mood, stress or a situation.

But if this inability to get an erection or keep having an erection is a regular affair, you need to take it seriously and start looking for a solution.  

What is Erectile Dysfunction?
What are the reasons behind erectile dysfunction?

What are the reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction?

The causes of ED are both mental and physical. 

Some of the physical causes of ED are:

  • Aging
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • High Cholesterol
  • Sleep disorders
  • Clogged blood vessels and many more.

On the other hand, the mental causes of ED are:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues

This means that besides aging most of the causes are lifestyle-related.

Why should you choose Ayurvedic Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

You should choose Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction because it uses a holistic approach while treating it. 

Ayurveda is based on ancient Indian wisdom and its practitioners have practiced it for centuries. It uses the goodness of herbs and natural remedies to treat your body and mind. 

When you opt for Ayurvedic treatment you need to keep these important points in mind. 

  • One of the benefits of using Ayurvedic treatments for erectile dysfunction is its ability to keep you sexually active up to the age of 65. It helps you keep your energy and vigor intact until your later years. 
  • Conventional medications have many side effects. But Ayurveda boasts little to no side effects. So you can use Ayurvedic medicine without any worries about side effects.
  • The goal of Ayurveda is to treat the root cause of any illness. This approach helps it offer sustainable results over time.
  • For the same reason, you need to have patience while you undergo Ayurvedic treatment. Mostly because these treatments work slowly to address your ailment, which may have developed over the years. 
  • So instead of expecting quick fixes, you need to commit for at least 3 to 6 months to see significant improvement in your energy levels and vigour. 

Ayurveda follows a time-tested approach and provides a natural and effective option for managing ED. So, be patient and get the best result you are looking for. 

Why should you choose ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction?
Best ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction

Best Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction

For Ayurvedic treatment, practitioners of this field use herbal medicines, diet, yoga, massage, Panchkarma, and meditation to heal you mentally and physically. 

The entire Ayurvedic treatment process involves herbal medicines along with yoga and the right lifestyle choices. 

That’s why, in the case of ED, if the treatment is done by a qualified and experienced professional and if all the recommendations are followed, you will treat it successfully without much hassle.

Moreover, To treat ED effectively, you have to address the mental and physical causes of it.

And Ayurveda does that very well.

In 80% of the cases, the Ayurvedic medication with herbal and potent herbs along with massage of the Penis with specialized medicated Ayurvedic oil gives good relief. In 15-20% of the cases advanced Ayurvedic Solution Vajikarana would be required.

16 best Ayurvedic medicine for erectile dysfunction

Ayurvedic medicine uses some excellent herbs that have immense health benefits and medicinal value. Let’s learn about 16 of them that are beneficial for erectile dysfunction.

The name Ashwagandha is the Hindi translation of “ Horse smell” and this herb Ashwagandha possesses the smell of Ashwa (Horse). This herb is also popularly known as Indian Ginseng. 

Ashwagandha helps reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps improve testosterone levels and male fertility. It increases the sex hormones that are involved in testosterone production. 

An increase in testosterone will improve your sex drive and help treat ED.

Safed Musli improves sexual activity by increasing the testosterone levels in your body. It has aphrodisiac potential and no side effects, which makes it an excellent herb for ED. 

Safed Musli root extracts protect your sperm from damage caused by diabetes and reduce oxidative stress that damages your sperm quality. 

Shatavari has anti-stress properties that will give you relief from stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are two major causes of erectile dysfunction. 

And this herb can help you stay away from them. 

Gokhru is an herb that is used to treat erectile dysfunction in Ayurveda. It also boosts the libido of men. It enhances sexual desire and lack of sexual desire is one of the causes of ED. 

Kaunch beej works as an aphrodisiac and increases sexual desire. It boosts male sex drive and stamina. 

Vidari kand is another herb that enhances men’s sexual drive. Adding vidarikand to your diet will help you maintain a healthy sexual life and it will reduce sexual problems like delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, thanks to its aphrodisiac (Vajikarna) properties.

Javitri maybe your kitchen staple, but do you know that it can help you fight ED?

It is great for managing male sexual disorders. It also increases sexual activities in men.

Shilajit raises testosterone levels which boosts your sex drive and decreases fatigue. It also increases your sperm count. 

This herb is another testosterone booster that you should include in your diet. An increase in your testosterone levels increases your sexual desire too. 

As we have already said one of the major causes of ED is stress and anxiety. The nutrients in moringa reduce your stress levels and increase your sex drive. It is one of the best herbs to fight erectile dysfunction. 

Cloves have aphrodisiac properties that improve your libido and help fight erectile dysfunction. Research has shown that it reduces stress and increases the sexual drive in men. 

Jaiphal is another kitchen staple that can do wonders for your sex life. It enhances sexual activities in men and initial research on male rats has proven it. 

As per research, abhrakbhasma boosts the production of sperm and improves the structure of testicular tissues. Additionally, It is excellent for treating heat stroke that can impact fertility.

In short, this herb can enhance male fertility by boosting your sperm count. 

Hing has aphrodisiac properties and sperm-boosting quality. Hing has a strong impact on male reproductive health. 

Bala beej can delay ejaculation time and improve sexual performance as per Ayurveda. It also strengthens your reproductive organs. 

Salam Panja improves your sexual activities and performance. It is also considered as a herbal cure for sexual dysfunctions. 

It is an excellent idea to add all these herbs to your diet. But you need to get them fresh. Also, you might have to put a lot of effort into getting them all and then use them in your daily diet. 

In that case, you can think of adding an ayurvedic medicine that has all these herbs together and gives the benefits of all of them. 

To help you out, MedicoExperts has gone ahead and crafted ReGain+ using all these wonderful herbs. It increases your energy levels, boosts your physical strength, and reduces stress and anxiety. 

By doing so, it helps you fight erectile dysfunction and regain your sexual vigor and stamina. 

But as said before, apart from medicine, Ayurvedic treatment includes massage, yoga, meditation, and lifestyle changes. When you combine all these methods consistently and religiously, you get maximum benefit in terms of improvements. 

Ayurvedic massage oil for erectile dysfunction

Some oils in Ayurveda can help you further accelerate your improvement and improve your sexual activity. Let’s check two of the most amazing oils for erectile dysfunction. 

But before learning about them, we would like to emphasize the fact that you should never consume these oils and before using them you must consult a certified aromatherapist first. 

Ashwagandha oil is great for treating diseases related to semen and uterus. It can also be used in treating male and female infertility. It improves your testosterone levels and the quality and quantity of your semen. 

Musli, as discussed earlier in the herb section, has aphrodisiac and spermatogenic properties. Massaging your genitals with Musli oil definitely helps you in your fight with Erectile Dysfunction.

The most popular among Ayurvedic practitioners is multi herb oils which carry the properties of 49 herbs.

This oil helps you maintain your penile muscular tone and increases the duration of your erection to give you and your partner ultimate sexual pleasure. 

It will also improve your sexual stamina, helping you last longer in bed. Other benefits of it are it boosts your libido and sexual desire. 

It’s very difficult to find really good quality oils enriched with 49 herbs. Firstly,  it’s difficult to arrange 49 herbs, and, second, the process of preparing this oil is complex and takes 3-5 days, and then it comes up with a natural aroma and texture.

To help you out and ease up your life, MedicoExperts has gone ahead and crafted ReGain+ Stamina booster oil which is enriched with 49 herbs. You can check these herbs at the following link  ReGain+ Stamina booster oil.

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Yoga asanas for erectile dysfunction

Here are some asanas that will help you relax and increase blood circulation, which will help you fight ED.



This yoga asana is also called seated forward bend. It strengthens your penile muscles which is the cause of erectile rigidity. Now, let’s learn how to do it: 

Steps to follow to do this asana; 

  • Sit straight, keep your legs forward, and then stretch together.
  • Point your feet towards the ceiling.
  • Breathing in, and stretching both arms in an upward direction together.
  • Breathe out bend towards the toes and keep erect your spine.
  • Hold the big toe of your feet along with the thumb and index finger.
  • Now bend forward so that your forehand touches the knees.
  • Hold this position for approximately 10 to 20 seconds
  • Slowly come back to your normal sitting position.


Kumbhakasana is also called as plank pose. This yoga pose will strengthen your upper body and boost your stamina, provided you do it regularly.

Here’s how you should do it: 

  • Lay down flat on your stomach on the floor.
  • Keep hands in line with your shoulders.
  • Push your body with your hands and raise the buttocks in the air.
  • Do not bend your body.
  • Hold onto this position as much as you can.
  • Slowly get back to the normal position.


This asana is also known as standing forward bend and it helps you improve your digestion and strengthen your abdominal organs. It stimulates blood circulation through your pelvis and strengthens the muscles of your lower body. 

Follow these steps to do it:

  • Stand straight with your hands on your hips
  • As you exhale, bend forward and bring your fingers to the floor in front of your feet
  • Slowly go back to your normal position



Naukasana or boat pose improves blood circulation and it stimulates your sex hormones.

Following are the steps for it: 

  • You need to lie down on the floor on your back and place your arms by your sides.
  • Now, place your arms by your sides.
  • Then, raise your chest and feet in the air.
  • Try to keep your spine as erect as possible.
  • Hold the same position for a few seconds.
  • Return to the original position.



Dhanurasana or the bow pose is excellent for improving the male reproductive system. It will help you with erectile dysfunction and also other issues like premature ejaculation. In short, it will improve your sexual life. 

You need to follow these steps to do this asana:

  • Lie down on the floor on the stomach.
  • keep your arms by your sides.
  • Fold your knees and stretch & lift your upper body.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds.
  • Return to your original position.

These yoga asanas are some easy home remedies that you can do to treat ED and take control of your sex life. Additionally, you should consult an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner and undergo some other beneficial Ayurvedic treatments that will speed up your improvement. 

Let’s learn about some of these treatments. 

Other Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Ayurveda

Two treatment methods in Ayurveda help you treat ED: Panchkarma and Vajikarana. Let’s learn about them in detail:

Pancha karma means 5 karmas. It is done to cleanse your body of all the unwanted waste to restore your overall well-being. Uttarabasti is part of this pancha karma process which cures your genitals and urinary tract of all diseases and problems.

Let’s learn how it is done in 5 processes:


In this procedure, you need to vomit to clear your end of the stomach and respiratory tract.


This process clears your stomach of all toxins.


In this process, ayurvedic oils and concoctions are used. The oil enema lubricates the rectal area and takes out all the lipid waste through the anus. There are three types of Vasti and Uttarbasti is one of them. It is helpful in urine and genital-related issues for both men and women.


In this process, you will be given medicated substances and it will be given through Nasal instillation. This process clears the respiratory tract and your nose.


Raktamokshana derives its name from Rakta meaning ‘blood’ and mokshana meaning ‘liberation’. This treatment literally ‘releases’ impure blood from the system.

Vaji in Sanskrit means horse, which is a symbol of sexual performance and potency. The goal of vajikarana is to give you the vigor and energy of a horse.

As per Charaka, if this method is done correctly you can attain a strong physique and great strength. It will improve your potency and boost your sexual vitality which will be as good as an 8-year-old horse. 

But Ayurveda warns that a person younger than 17 and older than 70 should not have Vajikarana preparations. 

Most importantly, there are hundreds of vajikarana preparations and you should have them only with the guidance of an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner.  


Opting for ayurvedic medicines for erectile dysfunction is a great idea to treat it. 

But getting help from the right Ayurvedic practitioners and maintaining consistency in following the recommended steps are the only ways you can ensure that you treat ED completely and get a happy and healthy sex life. 

If you are shy to go to the doctor, you can, as a first step, take Ayurvedic herbs and oil for three to Six months. 75-80% people get benefited by this first step only. An additional benefit is these herbs are natural and don’t have any side effects.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which medicine is best for erectile dysfunction?

You might get confused when you see so many medicines available in the market that promise to treat ED, but only a few of them can successfully treat ED. 

While buying you should opt for a medicine that has the above-mentioned 16 herbs. Moreover, you should buy medicine from reputed brands as they never compromise on the quality of the herbs.  

The reason why we recommend Ayurvedic medicines and supplements is they are herbal and plant-based and have no side effects. 

Moreover, The ideal way is that you should consult an experienced Ayurvedic doctor before choosing the medicine. 

Q2. Why is my husband not getting erect?

There can be many issues that have caused your husband’s erectile dysfunction. 

Age can be a major factor in it. Because as men grow older the risk of erectile dysfunction increases. 

Some other underlying health issues can cause ED at any age. Some of these issues are heart disease, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. 

It could also be due to a high level of continuous stress and anxiety.

Another reason could be Lifestyle choices such as smoking and lack of physical activities.

If your husband has any or a combination of these issues immediately reach out to an experienced Ayurvedic doctor, urologist, or endocrinologist. 

Q3. How can I regain erectile strength?

You can regain erectile strength by following some easy steps. 

Begin with Opting for a healthy diet, quitting smoking, being active, and doing yoga and meditation to keep your body and mind happy and healthy. 

Apart from that, you need to consult a doctor or specialist and follow all their recommendation. These days you can do the consultation online. 

If you follow these steps, you will be able to regain your erectile strength. 

Q4. What cures erectile dysfunction permanently?

If you are thinking that curing erectile dysfunction is a process that happens instantly, you are wrong. 

First of all, you need to consult the right doctor and get a side-effect-free medicine or supplement. 

To accelerate the improvement, you need to make lifestyle changes, do yoga and meditation, and have a healthy and nutritious diet. 

Apart from that, if there is a health condition you need to treat it first.

If you follow all these steps religiously, you will be able to say goodbye to ED. 

Q5. Which is the best Ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction?

We have already emphasized the importance of choosing a medicine that is safe and has no side effects. ReGain+ is one such medicine. 

It has the goodness of all the herbs mentioned in our blog. It will energize you and boost your stamina so that you last long in bed and satisfy your partner and yourself.

For best results Use the above-mentioned 16 herns medicine Regain along with the massage with Regain oil which is enriched by 49 herbs.