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Breast Plastic Surgery

Complete Guide to Breast Plastic Surgery in India

Breast plastic surgery

Enhance your femininity for a more enthralling appeal with breast cosmetic surgery procedures. Gain back your confidence and get rid of any discomfort that arises because of how your upper body looks. Breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery is a great option for women who are looking to make a difference in how their breasts look.

Gynecomastia surgery is a process that men opt for when they want to be liberated from heavy feminine breast and get firmer pecs. Breast cosmetic surgery in India is coupled with the surgical expertise of highly-skilled and expert cosmetic surgeons and best hospitals for cosmetic surgery in India that ensures the patient is provided with the finest care.

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Types of breast plastic surgery in India

Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty or commonly referred by patients as a boob job requires the use of breast implants and fat transfer to increase breast size.

This procedure can also restore the loss of breast volume following weight loss or pregnancy, achieve a more rounded breast shape, or boost the asymmetry of the natural breast size.

Other than this, breast augmentation also helps the women achieve more confidence and enhances her self-image. Breast implants consist of a silicone shell filled with either saline (a solution for saltwater) or silicone gel. The cost of breast augmentation in India starts from USD 2500.

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Breast changes frequently occur due to factors such as age, pregnancy and breast-feeding, weight gain or loss, and hormonal fluctuations that eventually lead to changes in breast size and shape.

Often known as Mastopexy, breast lift is a cosmetic procedure done to reshape the breast. Excessive skin is removed during this process, and breast tissues are restructured to lift the breasts. This helps improve a woman’s self-image and confidence.

Breast lift procedure redesigns, reshapes and rejuvenates the breast to give it a youthful and perky look. At times, breast lift is either combined with a breast augmentation or a breast reduction to provide better results. The cost of breast lift in India starts from 2500 USD.

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Breast reduction surgery is often performed in women with large, heavy breasts who have severe discomfort due to the weight of the breasts, including neck pain, back pain, or numbness or weakness.

Breast reduction is also known as reduction mammoplasty also aids to lessen the dark skin surrounding the areola (nipple). The cost of breast reduction in India starts from 2500 USD.

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The elasticity of the tissue due to age, pregnancy or displacement of the implant may cause the breasts of a patient to lose their natural look.

Despite the best techniques and efficiency during a breast augmentation procedure, changes can occur within the breast or implant that can cause a patient to seek a breast revision procedure.

The aim of corrective or revision surgery is to fix issues that arise during or after breast reconstruction surgery that impair your quality of life or health.

Breast revision surgery or corrective surgery may resolve problems that occur after breast reconstruction surgery, such as discomfort, breast distortion or implant displacement.

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You don’t have to let gynecomastia make you feel insecure about yourself. Gynecomastia is an increase in male breast tissue due to an imbalance of the hormones in the body.

With gynecomastia surgery, you can restore a naturally masculine appearance to your chest with the help of a skilled, qualified cosmetic surgeon.

Advanced techniques provide quick surgery, swift recovery, and nearly invisible marks. Gynecomastia is common among men and boys during various developmental stages and in tandem with certain medical conditions.

Best Cosmetic Surgery Hospital’s in India

The top hospitals for cosmetic surgery in India are fitted with the latest infrastructure, technology and team of expert cosmetic surgeons who are dedicated to provide the finest patient-centric care. The list of best cosmetic surgery in India are as listed below:

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