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Breast Lift

Get perky and firm mammary glands with breast lift surgery in India

Are you dissatisfied with your boobs? 

Studies suggest that around 70% of women are dissatisfied with their breast size. While younger and thinner women were concerned about their small breasts, older and heavier women were worried about their drooping melons. 

Sometimes the dissatisfaction about the breast size can make a woman conscious as it did for Abby, a 38-year-old museum curator from London.

Abby felt conscious about the drooping boobs that she even found it difficult to undress in front of her partner. Distressed by her appearance, Abby finally decided to do something to fix her saggy boobs. 

While looking for ways for saggy breast treatment, she came across MedicoExperts. After going through our breast lift surgery page, Abby contacted our team for breast lift surgery in India

Breast lift surgery in India
Best Breast lift surgery in India

Once our team received her query, we arranged a video consultation for Abby with the team of our empanelled doctors. After the video consultation, Abby felt more confident about getting the treatment done. 

Abby flew to India and met one of our empanelled doctors, who confirmed Abby’s eligibility for breast lift surgery. Once the doctor determined Abby’s eligibility for the treatment, she underwent breast lift surgery.

Soon after the treatment, Abby saw significant results, which helped her regain her youthful perkiness and feminine confidence.

Like Abby, you too can enhance your physical appearance with breast lift surgery. But first, let us understand what breast lift surgery is;

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What is breast lift surgery?

Generally, every woman desires perfect curves. However, sometimes with age, your melons can droop and become saggy. These saggy boobs can sometimes lower your body satisfaction that you do not feel comfortable revealing them to your partner even while having sex. 

While beautiful breasts are not restricted by their size, you can opt for breast lift surgery to have a beautiful, proportional breast shape that addresses your unique needs.

Breast lift surgery or mastopexy helps you restore a firmer, fuller, and aesthetically pleasing breast shape. Mastopexy, help to improve your appearance while ensuring to restore your youthful appearance.

During a breast lift surgery, your cosmetic surgeon removes the stretched or excess skin and helps in reshaping the breast tissue, while elevating the nipple & areola into a more forward position. Thereby, creating a better proportioned, and natural-looking breast for you.

What is breast lift surgery
What are the different grades of breast ptosis

What are the different grades of breast ptosis?

Medically a sagging breast is referred to as breast ptosis. Typically the breast ptosis can be graded into:

Grade1: The nipple and the fold of the breast are at the same level

Grade2: The nipple has descended below the breast fold, however, the nipples are yet pointing upward.

Grade 3: The nipple is pointing downwards and it has descended below the breast fold.

Glandular ptosis: The nipple is above the breast fold, but the mammary gland (breast) sags below the fold

What are the different types of breast lift procedures?

We understand how much you are trying to fix your saggy boobs to enhance your appearance. But sometimes your fears about the safety of this procedure may delay your decision. Especially when breast lift procedures involve invasive surgical intervention. 

But you do not worry about the safety of this procedure. Studies indicate the drastic rise in the demand for breast lift surgery among women.

Now let us understand some of the different breast lift surgery procedures:

Anchor breast lift surgery or inverted T or full mastopexy surgery helps women with sagging breasts by firming their muscles. During an anchor lift surgery, your surgeon makes three incisions.

The first incision is done on the rim or the outline of the areola. While the second is made vertically from the bottom of the areola to the natural crease of the breast. Whereas, the third is made horizontally along the inframammary fold or the natural crease of the breast.

The periareolar or doughnut lift mastopexy helps to correct mild or moderate sagging. During periareolar mastopexy, your doctor makes an incision around the areola while removing the extra skin.

Periareolar mastopexy is ideal for women who have unevenly placed nipples which makes their breasts appear crooked or uneven.

Vertical breast lift surgery or lollipop mastopexy helps medium-sized breasted women with mild or moderate sagging. During the vertical breast lift surgery, your surgeon removes the excess skin while lifting the remaining skin to give your breast an attenuated look.

Crescent breast helps women with mild sagging. During crescent breast lift surgery, your surgeon makes a half-moon incision on the top part of the areola.

After making the incision, your doctor removes the excess tissues and skin, which helps to give a firmer and fuller appearance to your juicy melons.

Why should you undergo Breast lift surgery?

Did you know female breasts are one of the secondary sexual traits that attract a lot of male attention? Studies suggest that men find women with firmer and perkier boobs more attractive. 

Apart from looking more attractive to men breast lift surgery also helps you:

  • Achieve firmer, fuller, and well-shaped boobs that make you appear younger.
  • Rejuvenates your breast profile after childbirth or due to ageing.
  • Correct your breast asymmetry 
  • Correct the position of the nipple
Why should you undergo Breast lift surgery
How can you benefit from Breast lift surgery

How can you benefit from Breast lift surgery?

We know you are still speculating about undergoing breast lift surgery. Do not let your shyness overpower your desire to get younger-looking boobs.

Everyone has the right to look beautiful and enticing. With breast lift surgery take a step towards it. Trust our empanelled doctors and let go of all your fears and inhibitions that might have held you till now to undergo breast lift surgery. 

Breast lift surgery is a simple procedure that is proven to effectively enhance the size, shape of your juicy boobs. 

Bid adieu to your droopy and saggy boobs with our breast lift surgery. Trust our qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons who vouch for the safety and efficacy of breast lift surgery.

If you feel that mastopexy won’t alone be good for you, share your concerns with your doctor. Generally, doctors couple breast lift surgery with other contouring procedures for enhanced aesthetic perfection.

Give yourself a mommy makeover with breast lift surgery and enhance your appearance, personality, and confidence.

What to expect after a breast lift?

We know that you might be super excited to see your firmer boobs and trust us you don’t need to wait for long to see the results of the surgery. The results of a breast lift procedure are immediate, therefore you’ll be able to see a plumpy butt right away. 

However, it may sometimes take a while for you to realize the full effects of breast lift surgery.

Usually, a breast lift is a painless procedure however many women may experience swelling, soreness, numbness, and mild pain in their breasts for a few weeks after the procedure. 

Typically, after the procedure, your doctor will advise you to avoid straining, bending, lifting heavy things or doing anything that can apply pressure on your boobs.

Your doctor may also advise you to refrain from any sexual activities for a few weeks after the surgery.

What to expect after a breast lift
Are you a good candidate for breast lift surgery

Are you a good candidate for breast lift surgery?

We live in a world where everyone is under constant pressure to look attractive as social media has insidiously trespassed into our personal spaces.

Thanks to various cosmetic procedures that have now enabled women to get plummy curves without working hard. Although several women have gained from breast lift surgery, there are a few women who might not be eligible to undergo this procedure.

 You may be a good candidate for mastopexy surgery if you:

  • You have healthy breast tissue which can be determined by mammography.
  • Do not smoke. If you smoke your doctor may advise you to refrain from smoking for a few weeks before and after the procedure.
  • You have an active lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight.
  •  Do not take certain medicines that can decrease blood clotting time.

Finally, it is your cosmetic surgeon who will decide your candidature for breast lift surgery after evaluating your medical history.

How to choose the best cosmetic surgeon for your breast lift surgery?

It is crucial to find a good cosmetic surgeon because your cosmetic surgeon is the one who will be responsible to tweak your appearance for the rest of your life. 

While selecting a plastic surgeon for your breast lift surgery, you must ascertain:

  • The doctor is a board-certified doctor.
  • Opt for a cosmetic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable and find the doctor trustworthy.
  • Validate your doctor’s experience in the specific procedure that you want
  • Choose a cosmetic surgeon whose aesthetic sense appeals to you
How to choose the best cosmetic surgeon for your breast lift surgery
How to choose the best hospital for your breast lift

How to choose the best hospital for your breast lift?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure performed by a trained cosmetic surgeon. While we take immense pain in choosing a cosmetic surgeon, we often neglect to choose a good hospital to undergo the procedure.

Choosing a good hospital for a breast lift is essential. When choosing a hospital you must look for a hospital that offers you world-class healthcare services.

Also, opt for a hospital that has a dedicated unit for cosmetic procedures and post-care.

Which is the best country for your breast lift surgery?

We often consider western countries for cosmetic procedures. But sometimes undergoing cosmetic procedures in western nations can cost you a bomb.

However, contrary to many western nations, the breast lift surgery cost in India is almost half.

The availability of world-class treatment and appropriate post-operative care at a reasonable price has attracted several people across the globe to India for their treatment. 

The Indian healthcare system has recently garnered a lot of popularity globally because of our well-trained doctors. Besides the doctors, India also has well-trained operative and post-operative care teams. These teams ensure efficient handling of complex cases at an affordable cost.

Which is the best country for your breast lift surgery

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How much does breast lift surgery cost in India?

The breast lift surgery cost in India is extremely affordable and comes with the most proficient board-certified cosmetic surgeons and state-of-the-art hospitals in India.

The expertise of cosmetic surgeons ensures that you get exactly what you desire. For a realistic and successful outcome, the cosmetic surgeon would suggest undergoing a comprehensive evaluation.

The cost of the pre-operative evaluation is USD 500-800 (38138 – 61021 INR). Depending on the choice of the technique recommended, the chosen cosmetic surgeon, and the chosen hospital, the cost of breast lift in India can vary.

The cost of breast lift in India ranged between 2500-3000 USD (190690 – 228828 INR).

breast lift surgery in India
Success rate of breast lift surgery in India

What is the success rate of breast lift surgery in India?

While you are trying to make things saucy between you and your partner, sometimes your droopy boobs can meek things up. 

To rekindle the spark you might be considering breast lift surgery, but while you are considering it at the back of your mind you might be thinking about the success rate of the procedure.

Rest assured through the expertise of the best board-certified surgeons you can expect wonderful outcomes with successful scar healing and natural coverage. 

The success rate of breast lift cosmetic surgery in India, across hospitals and cosmetic surgeons are with little to no complication about 99 percent.

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Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. How can you get rid of saggy breasts?

With age, breasts tend to lose their elasticity in several women causing saggy breasts. However there are a few exercises and lifestyle changes that can help you reverse saggy beats, Breast lift surgery has emerged as a viable option to help you get rid of saggy breasts.

4. Can breast lift surgery helps to reduce cup size?

Breast lift surgery can help you lift your breast and you may notice a reduction in cup size. However, it does not mean that your breast size will get reduced.

3. Can I breastfeed after breast lift surgery?

According to the CDC, breastfeeding can be difficult for women who have undergone breast lift surgery. If you wish to breastfeed in the future, talk to your doctor about it.

2. Are there any side effects of breast lift surgery?

Although there are no long-term complications a few women may experience swelling, pain, and numbness around their nipples for a few weeks to a few months.

5. Can I go braless after breast lift surgery?

Doctors may advise you to wear a well-fitted bra after your procedure. If you go braless after the breast lift surgery there is a high possibility for the gravity to rework on your juicy boobs making them sag again.

6. How long will the breast lift last?

The results of breast lift surgery are long-lasting. You will be able to see new you if you maintain your weight and have a healthy lifestyle.

7. What is the recovery timeline like?

After the surgery is completed, there would be dressings or bandages applied on your incisions. You would need to wear an elastic bandage or surgical bra. This kind of bra will help to reduce the swelling after surgery and will give support to breasts as they heal. In certain cases, there may be a small tube in each breast to help drain blood and fluid for the first couple of days. The stitches will be removed in one or 2 weeks.

8. Will I maintain nipple sensation post my breast lift?

The cosmetic surgeon will not touch the nerves of the areola region; hence the sensation will be maintained.

Best Hospitals for Breast Lift in in India

In India, all the top and best hospitals are well-furbished with the newest technology and most appropriate infrastructure to opt cater to the needs of the patients. The best hospitals in India also have dedicated teams of experts and specialists who ensure complete patient care. The list of the best hospitals for breast lift in India are as follows:

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