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Tummy Tuck

Get a flat tummy post-pregnancy with tummy tuck surgery in India

Do people around you often consider you pregnant even after months since you delivered your child?

Post-delivery many women struggle hard to lose their post-pregnancy belly.  Irrespective of natural or cesarean delivery, women usually tend to see a drastic change in their tummy and waistline size after childbirth.

While several women gruel hard in the gym for hours to get a flat tummy not many to achieve it. But have you ever wondered of ways to achieve a perfect waistline and a flat stomach without grueling hard in the gym?

Yes! You can get a flat stomach after childbirth without sweating much at the gym. The advancement in cosmetic surgery has now made it easier for women to achieve a flat tummy after childbirth.

tummy tuck surgery in India has facilitated several women to regain their body shape after their childbirth. With tummy tuck you do not just get a flat stomach,

but this surgery helps you regain your lost confidence to flaunt your flat stomach in your favourite bodycon dress despite delivering a child. 

Let me introduce Vijaya from Jaffana who changed her looks and the way the world perceived her by undergoing tummy tuck surgery.

Vijaya, a 35-year-old Manager of a reputed hotel chain was struggling hard to get a flat tummy after her C-section. Despite working hard Vijaya was not able to achieve the perfect figure. Being in hospitality,

Viaya was under constant pressure to look good. While she was sweating for hours in the gym to get the perfect flat tummy, her efforts were hardly visible. Dejected 

Vijaya turned for surgical intervention to achieve a perfect tummy to avoid any embarrassment while attending clients. That is when Vijaya thought of tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy Tuck Surgery in India
Best Tummy Tuck Surgery in India

Vijaya started looking for clinics that offered tummy tuck surgery, and that is when she came across to Medicoexperts website and contacted our team.

After receiving Vijaya’s request our sales team arranged a video consultation for Vijaya with the team of our expert tummy tuck empanelled doctors. 

The doctors helped Vijaya understand the procedure and the results of the treatment. After the consultation, Vijaya was confident about undergoing the treatment, and she decided to fly to India to get the surgery done.

Once Vijaya reached India, MedicoExperts team ensured the smooth admission in the hospital on the same day. The doctor took the medical history of Vijaya to confirm her eligibility for the surgery.

Pre-procedure investigations were performed to ensure that she is absolutely fit for the procedure.

Vijaya underwent the treatment without any hiccoughs.

After the procedure, Vijaya was surprised to see her tummy. She couldn’t believe that this is the same tummy with which she was admitted. More than anything else, she felt confident and was happy to get her dream waistline. 

Like Vijaya, you can get the perfect waistline post-pregnancy you desire without sweating hard with tummy tuck surgery.

Let us first understand what tummy tuck surgery is,

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What is tummy tuck surgery?

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a surgical intervention in which the cosmetic surgeon corrects the weakness of your abdominal muscles and removes the redundant lower abdominal skin. With tummy tuck surgery, your surgeon can help you get a waistline you had always swooned for.

The procedure provides high patient satisfaction with improved self-image.

We know your desire to get the perfect waistline, especially when you wish to wear your bodycon dress. While tummy tucker underwear can help disguise the extra-abdominal bulge, it can be uncomfortable

What is tummy tuck surgery - abdominoplasty
Why is tummy tuck surgery done

Why is tummy tuck surgery done?

It is not uncommon for women who have delivered Tummy tuck can help you achieve your much-desired flat tummy that can affect your overall appearance.

Your waistline plays an essential role in your physical appearance. Sometimes excessive fat accumulation, poor elasticity of the skin, or weakened connective tissue in the abdomen can affect the appearance of your waistline. 

If you hate your stretch marks or the excess skin hanging down on your lower abdomen, you are surely not able to wear dresses where you can flaunt your flat tummy.  

Who should consider tummy tuck surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery  is indicated in people who:

  • Lost too much weight recently
  • Underwent abdominal surgery 
  • Pregnant women, especially if they underwent C-section
  • Have poor skin elasticity due to ageing

Generally, tummy tuck surgery is coupled with other body contouring procedures, like breast augmentation surgery.

Let us now understand the different approaches your doctor may take for tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy Tuck Surgery in india

What are the different types of procedures used for tummy tuck surgery?

The different approaches or types of tummy tuck procedures are as follows:

The traditional tummy tuck helps women with stretch marks and saggy skin post-pregnancy.

Generally, your doctor may combine a traditional tummy tuck with liposuction to achieve better results. 

During a traditional tummy tuck surgery, your surgeon makes a hip-to-hip circling single incision around the navel.

Mini Tummy Tuck surgery or partial abdominoplasty is a minimally invasive approach to achieve that flawless waistline.

During Mini tummy tuck surgery, your doctor makes a small incision in the lower abdominal region below the navel, aiming at the fat deposits in the lower abdomen area. 

A mini tummy tuck has helped several individuals looking to lose excess weight.

During circumferential tummy tuck surgery, your doctor makes a 360-degree incision around the stomach area. 

A circumferential tummy tuck is generally performed for both men and women who have recently lost drastic weight and are struggling with excess, loose, sagging skin.

During this procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will remove the excess skin and tighten the muscles to provide a taut and firm looking abdomen.

This type of abdominoplasty is meant to remove the excess skin and fat from the flanks along with the front part of the abdomen to contour the abdominal area. Thereby, covering the extended and bigger area of the tummy.

If you have loose skin around your abdomen that does not respond to diet or exercise, you could consider a tummy tuck. 

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a suitable option for both men and women who seek to tighten the skin of the abdomen for a more toned look.

Tummy tuck surgery also helps people who have undergone drastic weight loss and have loose saggy skin.

This procedure flattens the belly by extracting extra fat and skin and tightening the abdominal wall muscles.

What is the difference between tummy tuck surgery and liposuction?

These days a lot of people opt for various cosmetic procedures to enhance their overall appearance. There has also been an increase in the number of people going for procedures like liposuction and tummy tuck to lose weight without dieting and exercising. 

Although both liposuction and tummy tuck surgery are invasive methods that aim to help you lose weight, there are differences between both surgical methods.

While a tummy tuck is best suited for older adults who have loose skin and cartilage, liposuction is suggested for younger adults with elastic skin.

Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty helps in removing large amounts of fats that got accumulated in the abdominal area. Whereas, liposuction removes fat from different areas of the body in individuals who are slightly overweight and not obese.

Liposuction may sometimes result in loose and saggy skin on the contrary abdominoplasty corrects loose and saggy skin.

What is the difference between tummy tuck surgery and liposuction
Who is the ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery

Who is the ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery?

A flatter stomach interests almost everyone. While we all dream of achieving a toned and tight midsection many of us fail to achieve it through diet and exercise. 

Tummy tuck surgery has come to the rescue to help people who are unable to achieve that perfect waistline despite dieting and exercising regularly. 

However, not everyone can undergo tummy tuck surgery. The ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery is someone:

  • Has a history of pregnancy, or abdominal surgery 
  • Who has lost a lot of weight lately
  • Having loose, or droopy skin
  • Who wishes to remove fat while ensuring tight skin for an improved contour

Abdominoplasty is contraindicated for young slightly overweight adults having elastic skin.

Before abdominoplasty your surgeon may suggest you:

  • Avoid smoking for at least four weeks before your surgery, and during recovery to fasten healing.
  • Abstain from certain medicines that can increase bleeding
  • Lose weight before the procedure
  • Seek help from your family and friends for a few days after the procedure.

What can you expect after tummy tuck surgery?

Good things always come for a price which is true for tummy tuck surgery too. While you get a perfect waistline after the surgery, people undergoing tummy tuck surgery must be cautious for at least the first six weeks. 

Your doctor might advise you to wear a supportive abdominal garment to prevent any fluid build-up at the site of the surgery. The abdominal garment also supports the abdominal muscles post-surgery.

Also, your doctor may advise you to avoid positions that can strain at the incision site for at least eight weeks post the procedure. 

After six to eight weeks when your doctor removes your bandage you can see a slimmer and toned abdomen.

tummy tuck surgery in India
How will you look after your abdominoplasty surgery

How will you look after your abdominoplasty surgery?

While you have taken a step closer to discovering a new you with abdominoplasty surgery you might be excited to know how you will look after the surgery.

Typically after the surgery, you can see a significant change in your waistline. Your abdomen appears more toned and slim. 

However, if you want lasting results after the procedure your doctor may advise you to avoid gaining weight after the procedure.

How to choose the best cosmetic surgeon for tummy tuck surgery?

While you desire a toned and slim figure to enhance your personality, it is crucial to choose a good cosmetic surgeon. 

You must select a cosmetic surgeon after doing a lot of research because the cosmetic surgeon you choose will alter your appearance for the rest of your life.

While choosing a cosmetic surgeon for your abdominoplasty, you must ensure:

  • Your doctor is board certified.
  • Confirm your doctor’s experience in the specific procedure that you want
  • Choose a doctor whom you trust and are comfortable with
  • Consult a doctor whose aesthetic sense appeals to you
How to choose the best cosmetic surgeon for tummy tuck surgery
How to choose the best hospital for abdominoplasty surgery

How to choose the best hospital for abdominoplasty surgery?

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. Although many people may consider it a trivial cosmetic procedure, this is not true. The abdominoplasty procedure usually lasts for 2-3 hours.

Considering the expertise required for the surgery, you must look for a hospital that offers world-class healthcare services.

Apart from providing world-class facilities, you must also ascertain that the hospital has a dedicated unit for cosmetic procedures and post-care.

Which is the best country for your tummy tuck surgery?

While western countries have equally advanced cosmetic procedures, the cost of tummy tuck surgery in these nations may hurt your pocket. 

However, unlike many western nations, the tummy tuck surgery cost in India is almost half.

The access to world-class treatment and efficient post-operative care at a pocket-friendly price has attracted many multinational citizens to India for their treatment. 

The Indian healthcare system boasts of well-trained doctors. Along with the doctors, India also has specialized and well-trained operative and post-operative care teams. These teams are capable of handling complex cases at an affordable cost.

Which is the best country for your tummy tuck surgery

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tummy tuck surgery in India

What is the success rate of tummy tuck surgery in India?

Did you know tummy tuck is the fifth most common type of cosmetic surgery? Well, the trending and popular tummy tuck surgery can help you get rid of excess skin and loose skin in the stomach region. 

Tummy tuck surgery in India is a successful and low-risk procedure. The expertise and proficiency of the cosmetic surgeons and the state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology in the best hospitals significantly contribute to its high success rate in India. 

The success rate of tummy tuck surgery in India is above 95 percent across super-specialist hospitals in India.

How much does tummy tuck surgery cost in India?

India is the home to some of the leading cosmetic surgeons across the globe. With the state-of-the-art infrastructure in hospitals across India and the expertise of the best cosmetic surgeons,

the cost of tummy tuck in India is only a fraction of what it would cost in countries like the US, UK, Canada, etc.

Typically, the cost of tummy tuck in India ranges between 2500 to 4500 USD (190401 – 342722 INR). 

The cost of tummy tuck surgery varies depending upon the type of tummy tuck procedure you choose. Tummy tuck surgery cost also depends on the expertise of the cosmetic surgeon, hospital facility, and the city in India where you prefer to get the procedure done.

How much does tummy tuck surgery cost in India

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Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. Will my stomach become flat after abdominoplasty?

Usually, people who have undergone abdominoplasty get flat tummy after the procedure. However if there are fluctuations in weight the effects of abdominoplasty can get reversed. 

2. Does tummy tuck exercises help?

Exercise helps in shedding overall weight however sometimes exercise cannot help in losing fats from some pockets of the abdomen. People who are unable to lose weight despite dieting and exercising can benefit from the tummy tuck surgery.

3. What is an hourglass tummy tuck?

An hourglass tummy tuck is a tummy tuck technique that gives you a flat abdomen, along with an hourglass shape. Usually, to achieve an hourglass figure your cosmetic surgeon combines three different procedures:

  • The traditional tummy tuck.
  • Liposuction from the abdomen, flank, sides, and back.
  • Transfer the extracted fats to the hips and boobs.

4. What are the possible complications of a tummy tuck procedure?

After surgery it is normal to experience pain and swelling, however, this can be managed through medication prescribed by the surgeon. You may experience soreness, numbness, tiredness, and bruising post-surgery.

5. What possible outcomes can I get from this procedure?

A tummy tuck can remove loose, excess skin and fat, and tighten weak fascia. A tummy tuck can also remove stretch marks and excess skin in the lower abdomen below the belly button. However, a tummy tuck won’t correct stretch marks outside of this area. If you’ve previously had a C-section, your plastic surgeon might be able to incorporate your existing C-section scar into your tummy tuck scar.

A tummy tuck can also be done in combination with other body contouring cosmetic procedures, such as breast surgery. If you’ve had fat removed from your abdomen (liposuction), you may decide to have a tummy tuck because liposuction removes tissue just under the skin and fat but not any excess skin.

6. When will I be able to see the final results?

You will start to notice a difference after the swelling subsides and the drains are taken out. Complete abdominoplasty is considered as an invasive procedure and hence your body needs time to heal and you will reap the benefits of this procedure.

7. How long do the results of a tummy tuck last?

The results can last for many years. If you have no significant weight gain or pregnancies after your tummy tuck then the changes will be relatively permanent. With age, there will be some relaxation of the tissues but not to the extent before the surgery.

Best hospital for tummy tuck surgery in India

The best tummy tuck surgery hospitals in India are world-renowned and have international standards of protocol and patient care. The MedicoExperts associated hospitals in India are JCI, ISO, and NABH accredited and have a high quality of healthcare coupled with the latest technologies and surgical innovations. The list of the associated best tummy tuck hospitals in India are

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