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Gastric Band

Due to unhealthy lifestyle choice, excess weight is a major concern that is causing serious health complications like hypertension, sleep apnea, weight loss, etc. Gastric band or laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAGB) is a restrictive form of metabolic surgery. By means of restricting the amount of food consumed, this surgery ensures weight loss. By virtue of the best hospitals, exceptionally skilled bariatric surgeons and cutting-edge infrastructure, gastric band in India provides patients with the best and most cost-effective surgical solution. There is a 99.7% success rate amongst all MedicoExperts patients who vouch for affordability, success and sustainability of the surgery, and also the expertise of the bariatric surgeon.

Gastric sleeve surgery

Gastric band surgery

Lap band or laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAGB) is the procedure in which an inflatable silicone band is positioned around the upper portion of the stomach. The band results in restricting the amount of food consumed which results in weight loss. This kind of metabolic surgery is minimally invasive, reversible and adjustable as per the requirement. The bariatric surgeon adjusts the band to regulate the rate of weight loss by restricting the quantity of food that the stomach can hold.

In gastric band procedure, the bariatric surgeon places an adjustable silicone band around the top side of the stomach. The band squeezes the stomach to form an hour glass shape with a small upper pouch, and this newly formed pouch can hold relatively much lesser quantity of food. By means of a device which is placed under the skin, the bariatric surgeon injects or removes saline or sterile salt water to either tighten or loosen the band. Gastric band procedure does not change the natural digestive process of the body unlike in other metabolic procedures.

Gastric band surgery ensures about 30-40% loss of excess weight. Because the outlet or pouch is smaller compared to the size of the original stomach, food remains longer in the pocket and you also feel satiated for a longer time. Gastric band procedure warrants faster recovery and also improvement in overall health.

Gastric band in India

Benefits of undergoing gastric band in India

Gastric band surgery has many benefits; however, you can be assured of success and positive outcome when choosing India to undergo this surgery. Some of the key benefits for choosing India for undergoing lap band are as follows:

  • 99.7% success rate amongst all MedicoExperts patients
  • 40-50 per cent loss of excess weight in a span of 12-16 months
  • Relatively cost-effective compared to countries like US and other European countries
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure and world-class amenities in all top hospitals
  • Multi-faceted team of expert bariatric surgeons, specialists and dieticians

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Treatment cost


Gastric band surgery cost in India

As a result of the advancement in science and technology, India is become the first choice for any patient to undergo any kind of surgery. India not only offers cheaper rates as compared to its western counterparts, but also has some of the finest bariatric surgeons and world class amenities to provide a complete patient-centric care. The best bariatric surgeons in India have international expertise and years of experience to handle complex cases and bring about best results.

Gastric band surgery cost in India starts from 6800 USD and varies depending on the chosen hospital and surgeon. The cost of complete medical investigation and evaluation ranges between 500-800 USD. This complete medical investigation enables the surgeon to gauge the health of the patient and to also determine where he/she is the right candidate for the chosen surgery.

Criteria for undergoing a lap band

In order to be eligible to undergo lap band surgery the bariatric surgeon will carefully evaluate the medical condition of the patient. If the patient is healthy enough to undergo the surgery and all efforts to naturally lose weight have been in vain, only then is the surgery proposed.

The general criteria for undergoing gastric band surgery are as follows:

  • A BMI of 35 or higher
  • A BMI of 30-35 but with obesity related diseases like chronic joint pains, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

Gastric band patient testimonials patient testimonials

Gastric band being a reversible and adjustable surgery has shown significant benefit to the patient. In general, patient can expect to lose about 40-50% excess weight over a span of 12 months. The bariatric surgeon will adjust the lap band to control the rate of weight loss. With permanent lifestyle changes, a well-balanced diet and exercise, the patient will find great success after undergoing gastric band surgery. Here are some of the patient testimonials:

Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. Can I get pregnant with lap band?

It is safe to be pregnant with a lap band, as the band can additionally aid in monitoring the amount of food consumed which results in excessive weight gain during pregnancy. However, it is essential that you speak with your doctor to avoid any complications.

2. Is the post-surgery consumption of vitamins and supplements life-long?

As a gastric band surgery is not mal-absorptive as other metabolic surgery, there is no prolonged need to consume supplements. The surgeon will recommend the vitamins and supplements that you need and will also specify how long you will have to take them.

3. How often can a gastric band be adjusted? Is there a limit?

There is no limit to the number of times a band can be adjusted in a gastric band surgery. Generally, patients require about 3 adjustments in the first year, however, the surgeon will monitor your weight loss and make the adjustments accordingly.

4. Are there any indicators of when I need to adjust my gastric band?

Your bariatric surgeon will assist you to decide when it is time to make the band adjustments. However, if you notice you are not losing weight, or are feeling hungry and craving food, then you need to tighten the band. You may need liquid removed if you have symptoms such as swallowing trouble, night cough, regurgitation, acid reflux, or heartburn.

You should feel satisfied after eating a tiny portion of food when your band is effectively and efficiently tuned, and you should still be able to tolerate most foods. Speak with your surgeon if you are unsure.

5. How do the gastric band weight-loss findings compare with the gastric bypass outcomes?

Many surgeons revealed that in the first year, patients with gastric bypass lose weight quicker. However, at five years, many patients with gastric band have accomplished weight loss similar to patients with gastric bypass. Focus on long-term weight loss and remember that gradually losing weight while reducing the risks associated with obesity and improving your health is important.

6. After surgery, how long will it take to recover?

If, as is most common, gastric band surgery is conducted laparoscopically, patients typically spend less than 24 hours in the hospital. It requires about a week for most patients to get back to job. Recovery may take longer in the event of open surgery or complications.

7. Do I need to be cautious with the port of access below my skin?

You won’t have any activity constraints depending on the access port after a good procedure. It is put under the skin in the abdominal wall and should not cause pain or restrict any practice once the incisions have been cured. There should be no discomfort or painful sensation, if you experience discomfort, it is recommended you see your doctor.


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