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Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Best Hymen Repair and Penis Enlargement with Surgery

Gone are the days where considering or even discussing about cosmetic genital procedures was considered to be a taboo. Today, cosmetic genital surgery is not just a norm but also a widely considered branch of cosmetic surgery. It is all about feeling confident about how you look and feel down south. Just like a facelift is done to the face to feel younger and rejuvenated; cosmetic genital procedures are all about genital rejuvenation.

Cosmetic genital surgery in India

With the advancement in cosmetic surgery, it is possible to not just get back tightness but to even regain lost virginity. Doesn’t matter what is your motivation to consider, a hymen repair procedure can successfully help a woman reclaim her lost virginity.

A penile enlargement procedure is very apt for men who are not satisfied with their size and wish to add a few inches. Cosmetic genital surgery is highly successfully in making both men and women feel extremely good about themselves with a feeling of self-satisfaction and well-being.

Cosmetic genital surgery, is like any other surgery to performed to enhance your assets. With the precision and expertise of a cosmetic surgeon you can be completely confident about your entire body. Whether for heightened sexual pleasure or for social norms and obligations, whatever be your reason, with utmost confidentiality and privacy you can avail the best cosmetic genital surgery in India.

Cosmetic genital surgery in India

Our cosmetic surgeons understand your inhibitions and anxiety. With utmost professionalism and proficiency, you can be guaranteed to feel rejuvenated. With MedicoExperts you can be assured of privacy, safety, unmatched treatment quality and the best results. Our best cosmetic surgery hospitals in India also have the associations of the best cosmetic surgeons who are proficient, internationally trained and extremely professional.

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Types of cosmetic genital surgery in India

Do not be embarrassed if you are experiencing loose or sagginess in the vagina. There is a solution for that. With vaginoplasty that increases tightness and sensitivity, a woman can feel sexier, more confident and even experience more pleasure between the sheets.

Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation or designer vagina aids a woman feel rejuvenated and much more confident in her own skin. Clinically, vaginoplasty is a procedure focused at surgically restoring a vagina which has become slack or loose from vaginal delivery or ageing.

Some surgeons have recently introduced laser technology to replace the conventional scalpel for vaginoplasty. The cost for vaginoplasty in India starts from USD 1800.

For more information visit – Vaginoplasty in India

Doesn’t matter what the reason for you ruptured hymen be, with hymen restoration surgery, you can now reclaim what’s lost. Chosen either because of cultural reasons, religious reasons or personal preference, this procedure plays a huge part in empowering a woman to make her feel confident and self-satisfied.

Hymenoplasty, also referred to as revirgination or virginity repair, is the procedure in which the surgeon will create a new hymen using tissues from the vagina’s lip. At times, the surgeon will consider stitching the hymen back together if there any remains of the hymen.

The cost of hymenoplasty in India starts from USD 1200.

For more information please visit – hymenoplasty in India

Get the most aesthetic and perfect to you nether region you wished for with labiaplasty. You no longer have to bear the discomfort and pain you experience during physical activity, exercise or sexual activity. With labiaplasty, you can now cosmetically reduce the size of one or both of the inner labia — the lips that surround the vaginal opening.

Labiaplasty is sought after when one labium is noticeably longer than the other and is aesthetically unpleasant, or when the length of one or both labia makes intercourse or other physical activity uncomfortable or painful due to excessive skin rubbing or stretching.

Labiaplasty involves removing excess tissue and carefully modifying the labia minora (inner protruding genital tissue) in order to restore a relaxed and desirable shape and size.

Labiaplasty is perhaps the most well-known female genital cosmetic procedure. This procedure is also at times combines with vaginoplasty to tighten the vagina.

For information on visit – Labiaplasty in India

Men who wish to look bigger, now have a permanent solution to surgically lengthen the penis. Known as penile enlargement or penile lengthening surgery, this is the surgical intervention to cosmetically increase or lengthen the penis.

Men choose this procedure either for increased sexual pleasure for the partner or purely for aesthetic purposes. In the procedure, a small cut at the base is done to separate the ligament that connects the penis to the body.

This results in the penis being stretched further away from the body. This procedure is also known as enlargement phalloplasty.

For information please visit – Penile lengthening in India

Penile girth enhancement or girth enlargement phalloplasty increases the width of the penis. The surgeon may attach strips of fat under the skin of the penis (dermal fat grafting) or inject fat into the penis (fat transfer or fat transplant) using fatty tissue extracted (removed) from another part of your body.

This procedure is opted by men who are looking for thickness. The aim of girth enhancement procedures is to maximize both the flaccid and erect diameter of the penis while retaining a natural length and normal sensory and erect function.

For details please visit – Penile girth enhancement in India

If you experience in the scrotum during exercise, intercourse or ejaculation, then there is a cosmetic procedure to help you overcome that pain. Scrotum reduction or scrotum lift or scrotoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that extracts the excess skin from the scrotum to improve comfort and appearance.

Due to genetics, normal ageing, trauma, or injury, the skin around the male scrotum can be stretched and loose, which can contribute to discomfort, pain, and self-consciousness. Slack or saggy testicles is a natural part of the ageing process and does not necessitate that there is any cause for medical concern.

This procedure removes excess skin from the scrotum that makes it look less saggy.

By the grace of innovation in cosmetic surgery, men who had either absence of testicles due to birth defect, infection or injury, or it had to be surgically removed, can now receive testicular implants.

Testicular implant is the procedure where artificial prosthesis or implant is placed inside the scrotum.

An implant is sized to match the normal testicles, or sized to fill the scrotum to restore symmetry when both testicles are missing.

Testicular implants, filled with saline are placed inside the scrotum. To provide a natural look and feel, they are soft to the touch.

Best cosmetic surgery hospitals in India

The top hospitals in India are well-equipped with the latest infrastructure and cutting-edge technology to provide the finest patient-centric care. The best cosmetic surgery hospitals in India have a comprehensive team of expert cosmetic surgeons, specialists and doctors to provide a holistic treatment. The list of best cosmetic surgery hospitals in India are as follows:

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