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Cosmetic Surgery

Best Cosmetic Surgery in India for a New You

Cosmetic surgery is all about redefining and enhancing the God given assets through the expert hand of a cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic surgery can also help you find your inner beauty, refresh your appeal and boost your confidence. Medically, cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery that focuses on the enhancement of the aesthetic aspects of the body.

At times, the terms cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are used interchangeably. The difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is that, plastic surgery refers to a form or function being surgical corrected or restored, while cosmetic surgery only focuses on the cosmetic modification without changing any functionality.

Plastic surgery can be broadly classified as cosmetic surgery and reconstruction surgery (corrective surgery).

The goal of plastic surgery is to improve the appearance and self-image of patients through reconstructive as well as cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery has the great potential of correcting and enhancing one’s bodily aspects to provide a boost of confidence in the individual.

cosmetic surgery in india

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Cosmetic surgery in India

Over the past decade, cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery) in India has undergone a drastic change. The number of patients opting for cosmetic surgery has also gradually increased.

One can either opt for a facial rejuvenation through facelift or sculpt the body with liposuction or get sexual rejuvenation through vaginoplasty or phalloplasty, the possibilities are endless. The multitude of options offered in cosmetic surgery helps you get the perfect body you always desired.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery in India offers affordability without comprising the quality of the surgery. The best cosmetic surgeons in India are board-certified, have exposure to the international quality standards of surgery and have an expertise in dealing with cosmetic and corrective procedures.

They are also members of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which is renowned association for all cosmetic surgeons. The best hospitals for cosmetic surgery in India are fully equipped and have a dedicated team of specialist, experts and medical professionals to cater to every need of the patient and to provide comprehensive care and approach.

We, at MedicoExperts, believe in providing both men and women with an opportunity to enhance their aesthetic appearance by offering them an array of safe and effective cosmetic and corrective procedures through the intervention of the best cosmetic surgeons in India at the best hospitals.

Cosmetic surgery procedures

An individual can opt for one or a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures depending on their personal requirement. Cosmetic surgery can be done on several parts of the body, including the face, breast, buttocks, genitals, etc. For better understanding, cosmetic surgery procedures are broadly grouped as follows:

Cosmetic surgery of the face is gaining popularity for the significant effect it has on improving the facial appearance and charm.

Facial cosmetic procedures are popularly done to rejuvenate the facial features, improve aspects of the face and to provide a youthful look.

An individual can opt for any of the facial cosmetic surgery procedures listed below to perfect the aspects of the face:


  1. Lip augmentation
  2. Facelift
  3. Eyelid surgery
  4. Browlift
  5. Ear surgery
  6. Neck lift
  7. Chin augmentation
  8. Neck liposuction
  9. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery
  10. Neck contouring
  11. Double chin removal treatment
  12. Cheek enhancement
  13. Hairline lowering

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The cosmetic surgery procedures that are done to varied parts of the body like the abdomen, arms, calf, thighs, buttocks, etc. are clubbed under body cosmetic surgeries.

Body contouring or full-body cosmetic surgery also refers to surgical procedures that enhance the skin and tissue appearance following significant weight loss.

The list of body cosmetic procedures are as follows:

1. Tummy tuck
2. Liposuction
3. Butt lift
4. Butt augmentation
5. Thigh lift
6. Arm lift
7. Body contouring
8. Lower body lift
9. Calf implant

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Surgical intervention on the mammary glands or breasts is known as breast cosmetic surgery. Breast cosmetic surgery is either done to enhance small breasts or to reduce the size of the breasts.

The surgery is done for either aesthetic reasons or medical reasons, for example, breast reduction done on heavy breasts that add strain to the back and neck causing chronic pain.

Breast reduction surgery is also done in men. Male breast reduction surgery or gynecomastia is surgery to correct the enlarged breasts in a male. The types of breast cosmetic procedures are as follows:

1. Breast augmentation
2. Breast lift
3. Breast reduction
4. Breast revision
5. Areola reduction surgery (Nipple correction surgery)
6. Gynecomastia

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Genital cosmetic procedures are performed to rejuvenate or correct the genital parts in both male and female. Female genital procedures can be done to restore or enhance sexual function, correct damage or fix congenital disorders.

Female genital procedures are also known as cosmetic gynaecology or vaginal cosmetic procedures. Procedures like vaginoplasty have seen technological advancement like the vaginal probe-CO2 and radio frequency.

As opposed to female, male genital procedures are not commonly known. The best-known procedures are those linked to penis enhancement which usually involve two types of surgery, i.e. penile elongation surgery (penis enlargement/lengthening) and penile girth enhancement. Scrotal reduction and testicular implants are other lesser known possible treatments.

The types of genital procedures that you can opt for are as follows:

  1. Vaginoplasty (Vaginal tightening)
  2. Hymenoplasty
  3. Labiaplasty
  4. Penile enlargement (lengthening) surgery or phalloplasty
  5. Penile girth enhancement
  6. Scrotum reduction
  7. Testicular implants

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One cannot stop the signs of ageing but can definitely turn back the clock by opting for non-invasive surgical methods. These procedures help to repair the damaged skin, pores, wrinkles, saggy skin, eye bags, etc. and provide the individual with a rejuvenated and fresh look.

Anti-ageing treatments in India include procedures like anti-wrinkle injections, dermabrasion, vampire facelift and more.

These procedures can be done by either using injections or by laser treatment. Laser skin treatment removes not only wrinkles and lines caused by sun damage and facial expressions, but also acne marks, folds and creases around the nose and mouth, and even precancerous and benign superficial growths on the face.

The anti-ageing procedures you can opt for are as follows:

  1. Anti-wrinkle injections
  2. Dermal filler / dermabrasion
  3. Nano-fat grafting
  4. Thread lift
  5. Vampire facelift
  6. Skin lightening & brightening
  7. Skin tightening
  8. Laser hair reduction

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Hair is the crown jewel of beauty and hair problems cause a lot of distress and low morale.

Hair problems like thinning, hair fall, premature greying etc. are caused due to environmental and other reasons. With hair rejuvenation procedures you can regrow and regain the hairs lost lustre and volume.

The hair rejuvenation procedures one can opt for are hair transplant, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss and stem cell hair therapy.

  1. Hair transplant
  2. Platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair loss
  3. Stem cell hair therapy

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Enhance and redefine the complete body with a series of cosmetic procedures that will help you regain your pre-pregnancy charm and body.

Mommy makeover is a personalized combination of cosmetic surgery procedures that will aid you to counter the effects of pregnancy. Mommy makeover tightens the stomach’s skin and muscle, restores the form and fullness of your breasts, and removes stubborn deposits of fat.

Mommy makeover could be a combined package of a number of cosmetic surgery procedures.

The list of cosmetic surgeries that one can combine in a mommy makeover package are:

1. Liposuction

2. Tummy tuck

3. Body lift

4. Breast augmentation

5. Breast lift

6. Breast reduction

7. Vaginoplasty

8. Labiaplasty

9. Facial rejuvenation

10. Varicose vein

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Reconstructive or corrective procedures are plastic surgery performed on damaged body structures caused by treatment of cancer or disease, congenital defects, or trauma.

It not just corrects but also provides a much more aesthetic appearance to that body part.

The types of reconstructive or corrective surgery procedures are as follows:

  1. Breast reconstruction
  2. Burn repair surgery
  3. Congenital defect (Cleft Palate, Extremity Defect Repair)
  4. Lower extremity reconstruction
  5. Hand surgery
  6. Scar revision surgery

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Best hospital for cosmetic procedures in India

The top hospitals in India are equipped with cutting-edge technology and the latest innovation to provide the best cosmetic care. Here is a list of the best cosmetic surgery hospitals in India:

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