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Kidney Cancer

Advanced kidney cancer treatment in India with highest survival rates

Kidney cancer is the ninth common cancer that occurs in men and the fourteenth common cancer in women according to WCRF

Detection of cancer itself is a matter of great concern. However, with the advance kidney cancer treatment in India  the survival rates are also increasing. 

Let me introduce you, one of our patients Becky from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Becky is a 48-year-old, project manager in a reputed MNC in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Backy is a father of 2 boys and a wonderful wife Lucy. 

Three years back, Becky used to often felt tired while doing his daily routine work and also had lower back pain on one side. Becky went to the nearby doctor for a checkup and the doctor prescribed him some medicine and asked him to take some rest. Medicine lowered the pain but after some time the condition became the same. 

One day Becky saw blood was coming out while he was urinating. He went to the hospital and met a urologist. The Urologist suggested doing a blood test, urine test, and ultrasound. Ultrasound reports detected an unusual lump in the kidney. The doctor suggested CT scan to Becky for further verification. Becky did the test and sadly, the tests confirmed that he had kidney cancer.

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Becky and Lucy were both in shock after listening to the news of cancer. The doctor recommended visiting an oncologist for a further line of treatment.

Becky’s son Benny researched information regarding kidney cancer and the best possible treatment for it. While searching Benny got in touch with MedicoExperts for kidney cancer treatment in India and left his inquiry.

MedicoExperts patient care executive got in touch with Benny and Benny sent all the reports of his father to MedicoExperts to get the personalized treatment plan. 

MedicoExperts also arranged the online video consultation for Becky with the head of the tumor board who is himself an uro oncologist. The doctor after discussing with his board prepared a tentative treatment plan and had one more call with Becky.

The doctor explained the treatment plan and also shared that Becky would go under thorough evaluation before zeroing down the treatment plan. Becky decided to come to India for the treatment.

After 15 days, Becky comes to India for treatment with his wife Lucy. Becky was admitted to the hospital immediately after arrival. As planned, a thorough evaluation including PET SCAN was performed. The investigations concluded that cancer was limited to the kidney only.

Surgery was needed to remove the kidney. The doctor told Becky three options for the surgery that was open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgery. After understanding all the options, Becky chose robotic surgery.

Surgery was performed and the infected kidney was removed successfully. The doctor also recommended a few cycles of chemotherapy after the surgery.

After completion of Chemotherapy,  reevaluation was performed. The results were positive in favor of Becky.  

Becky and Lucy were very happy with the outcome and thanked the doctors and MedicoExperts.

It could be your story as well.

Before understanding the different kidney cancer treatment options. Let’s understand what kidney cancer is.

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What is kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer occurs within the cells of your kidneys. Your kidneys are two bean bag-like organs, each the size of your