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Different Urological Conditions: An Introduction


The field of medicine that focuses on the disease and treatment of the urinary tract in both male and female is known as urology. The urinary tract is the system that produces, stores, and extracts the body’s urine. Disorders or diseases treated in urology include conditions of the kidneys, the ureters (tubes which attach the kidneys to the liver), the adrenal glands, and the urethra (the pipe which carries urine out of the bladder). Urology also includes the medical management of conditions such as urinary tract infection, enlargement of the prostate, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, kidney stones and urinary incontinence.
Urologists may need to work hand in hand with oncologists or radiotherapists for certain conditions such as urinary tract cancer. The urologist will consult with nephrologists dealing with kidney problems, gynaecologists dealing with the female reproductive system, and endocrinologists dealing with endocrine system conditions and hormone disorders to provide a more comprehensive treatment approach.

urology treatment in india

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urology treatment in india

Urology treatment in India

Urology or urologic surgery in India has evolved to include minimally invasive and robotic procedures that ensure quicker recovery and much better outcomes. The top urology hospitals in India have a comprehensive team of urologist, experts and specialists to provide complete care to patients.

The best hospitals in India are equipped with cutting-edge technology, the latest innovation and also follow the international standard of patient care protocols.

The best urologists in India are adept in delivering successful outcomes by employing the latest surgical innovations like robotic surgeries, minimally invasive procedures, laser therapies, etc.

Types of urology treatment in India

Based on the condition of the patient, the urologist will suggest the best treatment options. Urology treatment in India covers all the conditions of the urinary tract in both the male and female, along with male infertility issues. The types of urology treatment in India are as follows:

urology treatment in india
urology treatment in india

Chronic kidney diseases are caused by a number of causes. High blood pressure has an adverse effect on the kidney causing irreversible damage. The function of the kidneys eventually deteriorates to the point where the kidneys are no longer able to do their job properly, Dialysis is recommended in such situations.

Urologic oncology addresses genitourinary malignancies such as kidney tumours, adrenal glands, thyroid, liver, ureters, testicles, and penis. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of the urinary tract and male reproductive organs cancers. Robotic prostatectomy is the advanced surgical intervention done to successfully treat prostate cancer while sparing the delicate nerves that are essential to sexual functions. To know about robotic prostatectomy in India,

Varicocele is the medical condition where the veins of the scrotum are enlarged. Varicocelectomy is a procedure carried out to remove the swollen veins. This procedure helps restore the flow of blood to the reproductive organs. A varicocele is similar to varicose veins that occur in the legs. A varicocele repair procedure is suggested when the condition causes infertility, testicular atrophy and pain. The aim of the procedure is to seal the infected vein in order to redirect the blood flow to normal veins.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate enlargement is a medical condition often seen in older men. An enlarged prostate gland can cause unpleasant urinary symptoms, such as blocking out of the bladder urine stream. It may also cause problems with the bladder, urinary tract, and kidney. There are several effective treatments for the enlargement of the prostate gland which includes medications, minimally invasive procedures and surgery. Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), laser therapy for prostate enlargement, embolization, etc are some of the treatment procedures to treat prostate enlargement.

Erectile dysfunction is the medical condition where the penis cannot reach enough rigidity to actively participate in sexual intercourse. This is often a symptom of a disease that is underlying, while sometimes stress and mental health are also causes of this condition. There are different treatment choices for erectile dysfunction (ED) depending on the cause and extent of your erectile dysfunction and any underlying health conditions. Please visit to know about erectile dysfunction treatment in India.

Endourology is the minimally invasive procedure to treat kidney stones. The procedure is performed using endoscopes which are inserted into the urinary tract. It may be called a kidney stone, ureteral stone, or bladder stone, depending on where a stone is located. Endourology is also done for conditions including prostate surgery, stone removal surgery, and simple urethral or ureteral surgery. Lithotripsy is the surgical intervention used to treat kidney stones. It is the medical procedure in which the hardened masses known as renal and kidney stones are removed. Lithotripsy or extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) means breaking stones. This involves sending shock waves to break down the stones of the kidney into tiny pieces that can exit the urinary tract naturally.

A renal transplant or kidney transplant is done when there is kidney failure. The causes of kidney failure can range from diabetes, damage to the urinary tract to autoimmune diseases. A kidney transplant is only done for patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Please visit to know more about kidney transplant in India.

Paediatric urology deals with the treatment of urological problems in children that are too complex for non-specialized paediatricians. It includes the treatment of genitourinary problems in children including undescended testicles (cryptorchidism), poorly developed genitalia, and vesicoureteral reflux.

Best hospital for Urology treatment in India

The top hospitals in India are equipped with cutting-edge technology and the latest innovation to provide the best urology care.

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