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Best liposuction surgery in India to get rid of unwanted fat

Does your excess weight make you look older than your actual age?

Often people who are obese feel that they look older than their actual age because of their weight. While some people shed those extra kilos through diet and physical exercise, some find it difficult to do so. If you are also looking for ways to lose weight surgically, try liposuction.

Liposuction has helped several men and women achieve a perfect and toned physique by removing stubborn body fat. With the fat-removing liposuction surgery, you can lose those extra kilos. 

Do not let people body shame you for your extra kilos, with liposuction surgery, get rid of your unwanted fats like Serena from Florida did.

Serena, a 35-year-old lawyer, was a fitness freak. Since teenager Serena indulged in sports and rigorous exercise, however after meeting an accident while diving in the sea, Serena was injured, and her movement got restricted for a few months. Although Serena got discharged from the hospital after a few months, Serena was not able to walk without her crutches.

It took about a year for Serena to recover completely from the accident. The accident had left Serena depressed and the only thing that helped her feel better was food. 

liposuction surgery in india
best liposuction surgery in india

Once Serena recovered completely she felt bad to see the shape of her body. Her body was still fragile to bear vigorous exercise.

Despite making necessary lifestyle changes, Serena was not able to lose weight. Serena felt very conscious to go around as if people were staring and making fun of her. 

Desperate to get a toned physique Serena started looking for surgical options to lose weight. While searching for clinics that offered liposuction she shortlisted a few clinics. But the cost of liposuction in Florida was a bit too much for Serena.

Disheartened Serena started looking for clinics that offered liposuction at an affordable price. While browsing Serena came across the MedicoExperts website and dropped her query with us.

Once our sales team received her query, we contacted her to check for her availability for a video consultation.

After confirming the availability of Serena we arranged a video call for Serena with one of our empanelled board-certified doctors.

After the video consultation, Serena was sure to undergo the procedure and booked a flight to India.

Once Serena reached India we ensured hassle-free hospitalization for her. After hospitalization, the doctors conducted some pre-evaluation tests for Serena.

Based on the results of the pre-evaluation test the doctors confirmed Serena’s eligibility for undergoing the procedure.

Serena underwent the procedure without any hiccoughs. Once the procedure was over Serena was thrilled to see the transformation.

After the procedure, Serena was not able to believe that it was her body. 

Serena was overjoyed to get her toned physique back. Like Serena, you too can get a well-contoured and toned physique by liposuction.

Firstly, let us learn more about liposuction,

liposuction in india

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liposuction in india, best liposuction in india

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is an innovative cosmetic approach that helps you get rid of unwanted fat to help you achieve a sculpted body by reshaping it. 

Liposuction is often termed as ‘lipoplasty’, ‘lipectomy’, ‘liposculpture suction’, or simply called ‘lipo’.

Liposuction has helped several people to tone and enhance the contour of their bodies.

Before opting for liposuction, you must understand that liposuction is a surgical approach to cause weight loss and it must not be treated as a treatment for obesity. 

Liposuction mainly helps in removing stubborn fat deposits from specific body parts. 

The procedure has rewarding results for both males and females.

Why should you undergo liposuction?

We all desire a well-toned physique. At times your obesity can make you appear unattractive to other people and your partner. But sometimes our sedentary lifestyle can result in the deposition of fats which are difficult to get rid of, by exercise and diet. 

With liposuction, you can easily get rid of fat deposition in the abdomen, upper arm, buttocks, hips, thighs, chest, calves, chin and neck. Occasionally liposuction helps in removing fats from the breast. 

With liposuction you can achieve:

  • Significant weight loss
  • Improved physical appearance with prominent body contour
  • Confidence boost
  • A perfect physique that was difficult to achieve through exercise and diet
why should you undergo liposuction, best liposuction in india
benefits of liposuction, liposuction surgery in india

How can you benefit from liposuction?

It can sometimes be too difficult for you to decide about undergoing liposuction. We know you are still in a double state of mind about undergoing liposuction. Sometimes it is the taboo associated with it or it may just be your fear of undergoing surgery.

Everyone deserves to look attractive and confident about their body and it is now your turn to achieve a perfect and attractive body. Overcome your fears and inhibitions about liposuction and achieve a perfect body.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that is proven to effectively sharpen your body contour. 

Say goodbye to your fat deposits with liposuction, while you confidently embrace your new well-contoured body.

Trust the cosmetic surgeons who claim the safety and efficacy of liposuction.

If you feel that liposuction won’t alone be good for you, talk to your doctor. Generally, doctors couple liposuction with other contouring procedures, like butt lift surgery, for enhanced aesthetic perfection.

What are the different procedures used for liposuction?

You can get your much-desired physique by undergoing liposuction. Based on your aesthetic desire and the target area your surgeon can suggest to you one (sometimes more than one procedures) the following procedure:


It is one of the traditional approaches for liposuction, during which your doctor draws out fat from your body with a vacuum. This procedure involves the removal of unwanted fatty deposits from specific body parts.


This is the most popular form of liposuction done under local anesthesia. In this procedure, several liters of a saline solution with a vessel constrictor i.e epinephrine is pumped below the skin area that is to be suctioned. The fat is then suctioned out through small suction tubes.

Also called powered liposuction, is characterized by the usage of a specialized cannula with a mechanized system that rapidly moves back and forth, allowing the surgeon to pull out fat more easily.


During this technique, your doctor removes fat by targeting small areas. This technique helps in removing superficial and deep fat deposits to help you achieve a perfect body contour. 

The Vaser Hi-Definition technique helps you achieve the washboard abs look without grueling hard in the gym.


This is also known as ultrasonic liposuction. In this, the cannula is energized with ultrasound which makes the fat melt away after coming in contact. The ultrasound vibrations burst the walls of the fat cells. This emulsifies or liquefies the fat, making it easier to suction out.

This method is suitable for fibrous areas, such as the male breast, back, and in areas where liposuction has been done before. This procedure is often coupled with suction-assisted liposuction (tumescent liposuction) to remove the liquefied fat.


This is also known as Wet Liposuction in which the powerful water spray is used to break up the fat and displace it for suction. The solution used is similar to the one used in the tumescent procedure but in limited amounts.

In addition, there is an alternate procedure called Super-wet Liposuction which is very similar to this type except for the fact that in this the amount of solution pumped is equal to the amount of fat to be removed.


It is also known as laser-guided lipo. It is a minimally invasive procedure and requires the use of tumescent fluid.

In this, a small tube is inserted through a small incision to deliver laser energy and heat into the fat that is under the skin.

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What is the difference between laser liposuction and vaser liposuction?

VASER liposuction uses an innovative technology that uses an emulsification process during which your doctor uses ultrasound energy to liquefy fats. The liquefied fats are then removed from body parts without damaging the surrounding structures. During Vaser liposuction your doctor delivers ultrasound sound energy at the tip and on the sides of the probe, thereby, targeting a larger area.

Whereas, laser liposuction uses heat energy from fiber-optic lasers that help in melting the fat cells. The melted fat is then suctioned out from the body. During laser liposuction the lasers are targeted at the tip of the probe, thereby targeting a smaller area.

 Based on the target area your doctor will suggest a suitable liposuction procedure.

laser liposuction vs vaser liposuction

Who is the ideal candidate for liposuction?

We all desire a perfect body but sometimes it is difficult to that toned physique despite exercising and following a restricted diet. Although liposuction has helped several people to attain a well-contoured body type not everyone can undergo liposuction. 

You are an ideal candidate for liposuction if: 

  • Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is not more than 30% of your normal BMI.
  • There is a frequent change in body weight
  • You have minimal skin laxity
  • You do not smoke.

What to expect after liposuction?

It is quite normal for you to be thrilled to see the effects of liposuction. However, you might need to wait for a few days to see the results of the procedure because it takes some time for the fat to settle in its position.

Soon after liposuction people may experience some pain, discomfort, swelling, and bruising. Although these symptoms can easily be managed by some pain killers as advised by the doctor. 

To reduce the swelling your surgeon may place temporary drains to ensure fluid drainage. 

Usually, after liposuction, your doctor may advise you to avoid indulging in strenuous exercise for a few months after the procedure.

The results of liposuction usually last long only if you maintain a steady weight. 

liposuction procedure 2
best country for liposuction

How to choose the best country for liposuction?

For years several western countries like the UK, and the US have attracted many towards their advanced cosmetic procedures, but the cost of liposuction in these countries might cost you a lot.

Unlike, western countries, the cost of liposuction in India is almost half. The affordable prices and world-class treatment facilities in India have attracted many to India.

Also, India is the home to some of the world’s best cosmetic surgeons who offer specialized care along with their well-trained operative and post-operative care teams, who can handle complex cases.

How to choose the best hospital for liposuction?

Liposuction is an invasive treatment that requires the expertise of an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Apart from experienced cosmetic surgeons you also need efficient post-procedure care. 

Therefore, you must choose a hospital that offers world-class healthcare services with effective post-care. You must ensure that the hospital you have chosen has a dedicated unit for cosmetic procedures and post-care.

best hospitals for liposuction
best cosmetic surgeon for liposuction

How to choose doctors for best liposuction in India?

Choosing a good cosmetic surgeon for your procedure is necessary because your doctor plays a crucial role in your post-procedure appearance. 

While you select a doctor with utmost care you must ensure:

  • The doctor you have selected is board certified
  • The experience and expertise of your doctor for liposuction
  • Your doctor is trustworthy and you are comfortable with them
  • Choose a cosmetic surgeon whose aesthetic sense appeals to you

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What is the success rate of liposuction in India?

The complication rate of liposuction in India is around 4-5% which is significantly low. The low complication rate indicates the efficacy and higher success rate of liposuction in India.

The high success rate of liposuction in India has attracted many to India for their treatment.

success rate of liposuction in India
liposuction cost in India

How much does liposuction cost in India?

India is one of the most affordable places for top-notched cosmetic surgeries across the globe. Getting a liposuction procedure in India is a fraction of what it costs in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, or other Western countries.

Affordable Liposuction costs in India certainly make it one of the most popular destinations in the world and thus a greater number of people are opting for India as their preferred tourism destination for cosmetic surgery.

The cost of a Liposuction procedure in India may vary based on the type of procedures to be performed as well as the expert surgeon, hospital facility and the city in India where you choose to get the treatment done.

The approximate costs of Liposuction procedures in India:

Cost of pre-evaluation tests

400 – 600 USD (30546 – 45819 INR)

Cost of the procedure

1000 – 2500 USD (76366 – 190916 INR)

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Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. How long will I take to recover from my liposuction procedure?

Recovery time varies from person to person and by the quantity of fat extracted from the body. Recovery time also depends on the process used for liposuction.

Within a few days, most people are able to return to work and can completely resume their normal lifestyle in two to three weeks.

2. How long does it take to finish a liposuction procedure?

Depending on the area or areas treated, liposuction normally takes one to four hours to complete. Typically, it is performed on an outpatient basis, but in some cases, an overnight hospital stay might be recommended. 

3. Are there any risks of Liposuction?

As in every surgical procedure, potential side effects are associated with liposuction. These, however with our technique, are rare and minor. They involve bruises in the surgically treated areas, swelling, temporary numbness, and pain. These are all mild side effects, are temporary, and can be taken care of easily.
Worldwide experience has shown that liposuction is incredibly safe. Serious complications that have been documented with traditional liposuction under general anesthesia, such as blood clots, infection, or allergic reactions, are extremely rare.

4. When can I see the results of liposuction?

About 50 percent of the outcomes will be noticeable the very next day. Within one to three months after surgery, most patients will see 90 percent of their overall liposuction outcomes. After 6 months, complete results can be seen.

5. Will liposuction improve the fat stomach I acquired after my last baby?

Yes. Typically, liposuction offers exceptional abdominal improvement after childbirth. In addition, liposuction offers a better and more natural look than a tummy tuck for the vast majority of patients.

6. How much weight will I lose after liposuction?

With liposuction, patients need not expect to lose a drastic amount of weight. Only the amount of fat removed, around 2-3 Kgs, is equal to the weight loss.

However, liposuction can yield substantial changes in aesthetic appearance because fat is removed from cosmetically important areas. While liposuction should not be considered a weight-loss procedure, it may produce substantial cosmetic improvements in suitable patients.

7. Will fat cells grow back again after liposuction?

Liposuction permanently eliminates fat cells. The fat cells that are replaced by liposuction can never return, but new fat cells can grow if the patient gains a substantial amount of weight. 

With a moderate weight gain, by storing more fat inside the current cell, existing fat cells essentially get larger. Therefore, it is important to remember that after liposuction, patients do not gain more weight.

8. How does tummy tuck differ from liposuction?

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a major surgical operation involving general anesthesia which requires the removal of fat by liposuction and resection, plus a significant skin excision.

Liposuction of the abdomen of many patients (but not all) will also provide similar or better results than a tummy tuck. Abdominal liposuction is becoming much more common than tummy tucks since liposuction is safer and causes less scarring compared to tummy tucks.

9. What can I expect if I get pregnant after liposuction?

Pregnancy does not alter liposuction outcomes significantly. If a woman has liposuction and becomes pregnant afterward, gains weight gives birth, and eventually loses the pregnancy’s excess weight, then her initial changes in liposuction will return.

10. Is liposuction a good option for you?

Liposuction is a good option for people who fail to achieve their desired body contour despite exercising and following a healthy diet. Liposuction can help you get rid of fats from your abdomen, thighs, hips, and calves.

11. What is chin liposuction?

Chin Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure in which fat pockets that are present in the chin are removed to enhance your appearance.

12. Does liposuction cause scarring of the neighboring tissues?

Liposuction can cause minimal scarring on the body externally. Besides external scarring liposuction can also cause internal scarring. The internal scar prevents the deposition of fats in those areas.

13. Are there any side-effects of liposuction?

As in every surgical procedure, potential side effects are associated with liposuction. These, however with our technique, are rare and minor. They involve bruises in the surgically treated areas, swelling, temporary numbness, and pain. These are all mild side effects, are temporary, and can be taken care of easily.

Worldwide experience has shown that liposuction is incredibly safe. Serious complications that have been documented with traditional liposuction under general anesthesia, such as blood clots, infection, or allergic reactions, are extremely rare.

Best hospital for liposuction in India

Our associate hospitals are JCI, ISO and NABH accredited and equipped with the latest innovation and technologies in cosmetic surgery. These multi-specialty hospitals have strict patient-care protocols and follow western standards of excellence and healthcare. Some of the best hospitals for liposuction in India are as follows:

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