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reshape breast after breast feeding

Do you want to reshape your breasts after breastfeeding? 

Babies are one of the most beautiful gifts of God. While having a baby is a beautiful experience, many women are concerned about the physical changes their body goes through after childbirth and lactation.

One of the physical changes that a woman undergoes after breastfeeding is the change in the breast shape. 

Every woman desires to get their firm breasts back after breastfeeding. While firm and perkier breasts make a woman feel good about her body, saggy breasts can sometimes negatively affect their confidence. 

You can reshape your breasts after breastfeeding but with proper care and a few changes in your lifestyle you can get your perky breasts back. However, if you fail to get your desired breasts by lifestyle changes you can opt for a few non-invasive procedures too.

But before understanding the changes a woman needs to make to reverse her saggy breasts, let us understand why breasts sag and how to reshape your breasts after breastfeeding.

Why do Breasts sag after pregnancy?

Breastfeeding has no effect on the shape or volume of the breasts. Instead, as a woman’s breasts become heavier during pregnancy, the ligaments that support them stretch. Even if a woman does not breastfeed after pregnancy, the stretching of the ligaments may contribute to sagging breasts.

In other words, the natural increase in fullness during pregnancy and the subsequent decrease in weight has an impact on breasts. Breastfeeding keeps the breasts enlarging. Breasts gradually shrink back down after nursing. Any significant weight loss, for whatever reason, can have a similar effect.

How to tighten loose breasts after delivery?

“Post-pregnancy and breastfeeding effects on breasts can be corrected by adopting some tips. There are several non-surgical and surgical interventions, women may opt for getting back their breasts in good shape and looks.”

Let’s understand the 8 tips to Reshape Your Breasts After Breastfeeding

8 tips for a breast lift / Reshape Your Breasts After Breastfeeding 

1. Exercises for sagging breast after delivery

breast tightening exercises, Reshape Your Breasts After Breastfeeding

Exercise helps reduce fat stored in tissues, besides toning up the body and restoring strength. Exercise for chest muscles includes triceps dips and push-ups apart from bent-forward cable crossovers, pec deck machine reps, and barbell bench presses. However, reshaping will not be at par with the surgical methods. The results are better if skin elasticity is good and sagging is low.

2. Wear a new bra for sagging breasts after breastfeeding

Wear a new bra for sagging breasts after breastfeeding, bra for saggy breast

Well-fitted bra helps support your boobs which helps to reduce drooping. However, the outcomes depend on the right size, shape, and fabric to achieve desired support and comfort. Consultation with experts also helps in choosing the right fit.

3. Make healthy eating choices

food that prevents cancer

Weight changes have a significant impact on the appearance of your breasts. To avoid drooping of your boobs avoid crash dieting as it can affect the elastin and collagen in the boobs which can induce drooping. 

Also, you must cut your smoking and junk food consumption. Apart from that you must drink a lot of water and eat healthy food to get firm and toned boobs.

4. Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy)

Breast Lift Surgery - Mastopexy

Trained surgeons will consult the patient to understand her objective and expected outcomes after the surgery. Breast lift procedure refers to a surgical intervention to lift your nipples up against the chest wall by removing excess skin and tightening the tissues.

Generally, women choose this procedure after pregnancy and breastfeeding, to reshape flat, sagging, or enlarged breasts.

5. Laser treatment for sagging breast 

laser treatment for sagging breast

During laser therapy, the doctor administers high-energy beams to destroy dead skin cells while stimulating collagen production to enhance the elasticity of breast skin. This procedure requires no surgical intervention. Since no incisions are made there is no risk of developing scars.

However, for the best aesthetic results, you need to undergo the procedure regularly.

6. Aptos threading breast lift

Aptos threading breast lift

Aptos threading is an innovative non-invasive cosmetic approach that refers to the physical uplifting of the skin around the breast by using barbed Aptos threads. 

The results of this procedure may last for a few years.

7. Non Surgical Breast Lift – Caci bust treatment

Non Surgical Breast Lift - Caci bust treatment

During the caci bust treatment, your doctor transmits an electrical pulse through a hand-held device to tighten the muscles around the breasts. Once the chest muscle tightens you get more toned and uplifted boobs. The procedure is non-invasive but requires repeated sittings to achieve desired results.

8. Surgical Breast reduction post pregnancy

Surgical Breast reduction

Bustier women often complain of constant back and neck pain because of their heavy bust. But now you can get rid of this obstinate pain by performing breast reduction surgery

Typically, doctors suggest breast reduction procedures among women who are not planning more kids and have ceased lactating their babies.

However, you need to wait for a few months to see the result of this procedure.


By following the above-mentioned lifestyle changes including an exercise you can restore the tenacity of your breasts.

In case you are unable to do the lifestyle changes and exercises regularly, you can opt for minimally invasive breast lift procedures. If you want to read more about the breast procedures that have lasting effects, you can click the link cosmetic surgeries for breast

If you need any assistance in organizing a consultation with cosmetic surgeons to explore breast lift procedures, you may like to get in touch with us, we would be happy to assist you.
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