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reshape breast after breast feeding

Do you want to reshape your breasts after breastfeeding?  Babies are one of the most beautiful gifts of God. While having a baby is a beautiful experience, many women are concerned about the physical changes their body goes through after childbirth and lactation. One of the physical changes that a woman undergoes after breastfeeding is … Continue reading 8 TIPS TO RESHAPE YOUR BREASTS AFTER BREASTFEEDING

10 common breast changes to expect post childbirth and treatments thereof in India

During pregnancy, women begin to experience some bodily changes that may last post-child-birth also. Changes in breast shape and size are also evident after delivery, which are called structural changes. In case, women experience some unusual and serious changes in breast post-childbirth, they must consult with the doctor for correction and treatment. What happens to … Continue reading 10 Breast Changes After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

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