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Advance HBOT therapy in India

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the medical treatment using high-pressure oxygen to heal the body naturally by inhaling the 100% purest form of oxygen in the chamber where the atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled as per the advice of the doctor.

HBOT has been the most powerful and effective treatment method for injuries that occurs to tissues deprived of blood supply when blood flow is resumed. HBOT acts as a signal inducer of DNA to affect the growth tissue changes. The major effects in chronic wounding is the development of new blood vessels.

HBOT is used for a wide range of treatments as an overall medical care plan.

Under normal circumstances, oxygen is supplied by red blood cells only in the full body. Wherein with HBOT, oxygen is dissolved into all the body’s fluids, the plasma, the central nervous system fluids, the lymph, and the bone and can be carried to areas where oxygen circulation is blocked.

With the help of HBOT, extra oxygen reaches to all the damaged tissues helping the body to support its own healing process. The increased and purest form of oxygen advances the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria, reduces swelling and even allows new blood vessels to grow rapidly into the affected areas. It is a simple, non-invasive and painless treatment.

hbot therapy in india

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

What are the benefits of HBOT?

As very well known that the healing process in many parts of the body cannot take place without appropriate levels of oxygen in the tissue. Most illnesses and injuries occur, and often remains the same, at the cellular or tissue level because of the inadequate supply of the oxygen.

In many cases, such as circulatory problems; non-healing wounds; and strokes where the adequate amount of oxygen cannot be reach to the damaged area therefore the body’s natural healing ability is unable to function properly. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides this extra oxygen naturally and with minimal side effects.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves the quality of life of the patient when the medicine fails to work. Many conditions such as stroke, cerebral palsy, head injuries, and chronic fatigue HBOT has proven to be the most powerful and effective treatment option.



  • Helps in rehabilitation by stimulating production of the body's stem cells
  • Boosts immune system function
  • Decreases swelling and inflammation
  • Delivers oxygen to tissues up to 25 times of the normal levels
  • Helps in healing of the injuries much faster and effectively
  • Helps in the detoxifying of the body
  • Enhances the ability of the white blood cells to fight infection
  • Boosts regeneration of injured tissues
  • Reduces fatigue from chronic hypoxia
  • Stimulates brain & nerve cells recovery from injury (hypoxic penumbra)
  • Stimulates collagen production speeding up the wound healing process
  • Enhances the growth of new blood vessels

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Medical conditions treated by HBOT with Stem Cell

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to treat all the conditions which benefited from increased oxygen availability in the tissue, as well as infections where it can be used for its antibiotic properties, as the primary therapy, or in conjunction with other drugs.

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Recovery from Plastic Surgery
  • Decompression Sickness
  • Burns
  • Muscular Dystrophy

Different Types of Chambers of HBOT

There are basically two types of chambers:

  • Monoplace
  • Multiplace

Monoplace chambers are used to treat single person pressurized with 100% oxygen.

Multiplace chambers are used to treat multiple people at one time and oxygen is supplied through a mask or a hood.

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How should patients get prepare for HBOT therapy in India?

Patients are advised to wear only clean cotton clothing while entering in the chamber. No cosmetics, perfumes, hair preparations, deodorants, wigs or jewellery are allowed in the chamber.

The technician needs to know if any medications, including non-prescription drugs, are being taken by the patient, and patients are advised not to take alcohol or carbonated drinks for four hours prior to treatment.

In most cases, patients are advice to give up smoking and any other tobacco products during their treatment period, as they become an obstacle in the process of supplying oxygen to the body or the affected area.

Is HBOT safe?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is always advised by an expert and performed under trained medical supervision. Like the minor risks in all medical treatments, overall hyperbaric oxygen therapy is extremely safe.

Are there any side effects?

The most common side effect is barotrauma to the ears because of the change in pressure. To minimize this risk, patients are taught the techniques of proper clearing of the ears. Some patients may face changes in their vision during their treatment period, however these changes are minor and temporary.

HBOT therapy cost in India

Mostly the patients need multiple sessions likely to be 30-45 session, each of 60-90 minutes. Typically, One session per day is prescribed by the doctors.

Hyperbaric treatments average cost between 50-90 USD per session.

Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical procedure that facilitates the normal healing process of the body by inhaling and controlling 100% oxygen in a chamber where the ambient pressure is enhanced and monitored.

Extra oxygen can enter the affected tissues in this way, helping the body promote its own healing process. The increased oxygen promotes the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria, lowers swelling and helps new blood vessels to grow faster in the infected region.

2. How Many HBOT Treatments Are Needed?

Based on the condition being treated and the desired result, the exact number of treatments varies from patient to patient.

The number of treatments ranges from 20-60 sessions.

Each HBOT session lasts between 60 to 120 minutes, and sessions are normally performed 3 to 5 days a week until the complete schedule has been achieved.

3. How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy help?

Oxygen dissolves further in the liquid portion of the blood (plasma) during HBOT due to higher pressure, and its level rises 10-20 times the usual level. This oxygen enters all parts of the body, including those areas where it was not penetrated earlier because of insufficient blood supply or less hemoglobin.

4. What are the benefits of hyperbaric treatment?

It has long been understood that without sufficient oxygen levels in the tissue, the healing of certain parts of the body will not take place. Sufficient oxygen does not quickly reach the affected area in certain circumstances, such as circulatory complications and non-healing wounds.

This extra oxygen provided through HBOT has minimal to no side-effects. Therapy with hyperbaric oxygen increases the patient’s quality of life in many ways. Many conditions have constituted a promising result to hyperbaric therapy, such as stem cell therapy, PTSD and stroke.

5. What conditions does hyperbaric therapy treat?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to treat conditions that benefit from enhanced availability of oxygen, as well as infections where the antibiotic properties can be used.

6. Is HBOT Covered by Medical Insurance?

The majority of insurance providers have approved medical coverage for HBOT, but only for HBOT treatment for certain diseases that are medically approved. Whether you will receive the coverage also depends on your condition, medical need and cost. Obtain knowledge about the plans from your insurance provider.

7. What is the current status of Stem cell therapy from the regulatory framework?

The stem cell-based therapy is in the research phase and not yet formally approved by ICMR. However, the application of stem cells, popularly known as bone marrow transplants, in blood-related disorders is approved by ICMR.

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