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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery in India to improve and boost your self-confidence

Do you wish to turn heads around you for fuller and firmer melons even if you are not blessed with appealing breasts? 

Typically the size of the boobs is determined by genes that dictate the body where it stores its fat. While you cannot change the genetic codes, you can still get fuller, and firmer boobs with breast augmentation surgery in India.

You don’t need to feel conscious just because God has not gifted you the perfectly sized boobs. With advanced cosmetic surgery, doctors can help to achieve the curvaceous figure that you always desired. Breast augmentation surgery can help you achieve fuller and firmer boobs that definitely will call for a second look by any passerby. Turn down those cold stares that you get for your flat chest and become the show stopper of your neighbourhood like Kathy from Dublin did.
Let me introduce Kathy from Dublin who changed her world herself.

Kathy, a 28-year-old journalist, often felt low about her small and flat boobs especially while facing the camera. While she tried using different products to give her boobs an attenuated look there was hardly anything that could help her permanently.

Kathy was looking for a permanent solution that could help get more appealing boobs and that is when one of her colleagues suggested she undergo breast augmentation surgery.  She felt very positive that breast enlargement surgery could help her achieve her much desired fuller, firmer, and more appealing breasts.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in India
Best Breast Augmentation Surgery in India

Breast augmentation surgery had kept Kathy’s mind intrigued and she started to browse through the internet, for clinics that provided boob jobs. Kathy searched for a while before she found MedicoExperts and contacted us.

Once we received Kathy’s query our sales team arranged an online video consultation for her with our expert cosmetic surgeon from our list of empanelled doctors to help clear her doubts regarding breast enlargement surgery especially about breastfeeding after the procedure. The doctors gave her enough time to help her understand the procedure and its limitations.

After the initial consultation, Kathy felt sure about the procedure and flew to India to fulfill her desire of having juicy boobs.

Once Kathy reached India, the team of MedicoExpert ensured smooth admission for Kathy in the hospital for her boob job.  After confirming Kathy’s candidature for the breast augmentation surgery based on her medical history and the pre-evaluation test result the doctor operated on Kathy.

The doctor operated on Kathy and helped her get firm boobs with stunning cleavage. Kathy was delighted with the results and was surprised that her long-desired dream of getting juicy boobs were finally fulfilled. Kathy could not believe that her flat chest could look so appealing after the procedure. 

Like Kathy, you can also get perfect curves by undergoing breast enlargement surgery in India. 

Let us first understand what breast augmentation surgery is:

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What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons that has helped several women achieve fuller, and firmer boobs with stunning cleavage. 

Several women who have breast implant surgery feel that this surgery does not just enhance their look but also helps in elevating their self-confidence.

If you are concerned about your small cup size or if you have saggy breasts, try breast augmentation surgery to achieve well-portioned results that improve the symmetry and volume of your breasts.

What is breast augmentation surgery
Why should you go through breast enlargement surgery

Why should you go through breast enlargement surgery?

We know you are still doubtful about undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Sometimes your fear stops you, and the other time it may be your shyness. 

But don’t you think that you deserve to look beautiful and attractive? Trust us! It is now your turn to attract attention while you flaunt your curves.

Let go of your fears and inhibitions associated with breast enlargement surgery and warmly welcome a new woman with prominent curves. 

Boob job is a simple procedure that has helped several women achieve a desirable curvaceous body while boosting self-confidence.   

It’s already high time for you to say goodbye to your petite or saggy boobs.

How can you benefit from breast implant surgery in India?

Studies suggest men find women with big boobs more appealing. 

The sight of a female’s appropriately large boobs can activate the reward regions in male brains that can otherwise get activated by drugs, alcohol or good food? Generally, men find women with fairly large boobs more appealing.  

Apart from looking more appealing, big boobs also have several other benefits, like:

  • Help you to restore breast volume lost after pregnancy or weight reduction.
  • Big boobs help to enhance your fertility level
  • Achieve an overall body shape
  • Improve their appearance and helps to get an hourglass appearance 
  • Big boobs help women to stay afloat for long in the water
  • To defy signs of ageing by regaining the tenacity of your saggy boobs
How can you benefit from breast augmentation surgery

What are the different procedures for breast enlargement surgery?

While considering breast augmentation, you might have lots of doubts and questions. Especially, when it comes to choosing the treatment procedure for your breast augmentation surgery.

Your doctor will suggest the best procedure for breast enlargement surgery based on health, your body type, and the size of your implants.  

Typically the two most popular procedures for breast enlargement surgery are:

During fat transfer, your doctor will extract fats from different parts of the body like the abdomen, thighs, and hips with the help of liposuction. The extracted fats are later injected into breasts. 

Fat transfer is advisable for women who are not comfortable with foreign implants. However, a fat transfer breast enlargement procedure is not possible in women who do not have enough body fat. 

The effects of the fat transfer can sometimes be short-lived, especially in women whose body tends to reabsorb their body fat. 

Breast implants are available in different shapes, sizes, and textures. These breast implants help in augmenting breasts according to women’s desires or requirements. 

Breast implants are usually made up of either saline or silicone. 

Several cosmetic surgeons and FDA have approved silicone implants safe for cosmetic surgery. Also, silicone implants offer you a natural texture and feel.


Is a teardrop implant better for breast augmentation than the classic round implants

Is a teardrop implant better for breast augmentation than the classic round implants?

Once you make up your mind about breast implants, the first question that comes to your mind is which type of breast implant should you go for. 

Breast implants are available in different shapes and sizes based on your requirement. 

Generally, breast implants are available in two shapes: a circle and a teardrop or shaped implant. But have ever wondered which breast implant is good for you?

While both round and teardrop or shaped implants have their benefits, let us understand how you can benefit from them.

Round implant

  • A round implant provides fullness to your breast
  • Enhances your cleavage
  • Minimal risk of rotation of the implant.
  • More affordable
Round implant

Teardrop implant or shaped implant

  • This implant helps you achieve a natural-looking breast augmentation result
  • Helps to achieve a sloped contour 
  • Advisable for women with larger breast size 
  • Helps in rotating and lifting the nipple.
Teardrop implant or shaped implant
What to expect after your breast augmentation surgery

What to expect after your breast augmentation surgery?

Can’t wait to see your juicy melons! We know that you might be super excited to see your fuller and firmer boobs. 

But it may take a few weeks for you to see the results after the treatment. The implants or the fat graft needs a few weeks to settle. 

Soon after the procedure, several women complain of soreness and swelling, which can sometimes last for a few weeks. While you are healing, your doctor may advise you to wear a compression bandage or sports bra to support your breast. 

Visit your doctor regularly for a follow-up consultation. Based on the procedure used and your health condition, your doctor can extend your follow-up check-ups for up to, three to six months.

How will you look after your boob job?

You might be having some expectations about your body after the surgery.

However, it is necessary to keep your expectations realistic. Your doctor will explain your appearance after you undergo the suggested procedure. 

You must also be aware that ageing is a natural procedure, and your boobs may develop signs of ageing despite breast augmentation surgery. 

How will you look after your boob job
Are you a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery

Are you a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery?

Thanks to the different cosmetic procedures that have enabled every woman to flaunt their curves. Although many women have benefitted from breast augmentation surgery, not every woman can undergo this procedure.

You may be a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery if you:

  • Recently lost weight that has affected the natural shape of your breast
  • Wish to rebuild the breast after treatment for various conditions
  • Your boobs could use more curves while balancing your body shape
  • Have small or saggy boobs
  • Recently got pregnant and the shape of your boobs became disproportionate
  • If your boobs have become droopy after breastfeeding your child.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle

Women over eighteen years with stable mental health can undergo breast augmentation surgery in India.

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Which is the best country for your boob job?

Although the Western world may offer you equally advanced cosmetic procedures, the cost for these treatments there might cost you a lot. 

However, unlike many western nations, the breast augmentation surgery cost in India is almost half.

The availability of world-class treatment and efficient post-operative care has attracted many multinational citizens to India for their treatment. 

The availability of a few of the world’s cosmetic surgeons in India also attracts many people. 

The Indian healthcare system boasts of well-trained doctors. Along, with the doctors, India also has specialized and well-trained operative and post-operative care teams. These teams are capable of handling complex cases at an affordable cost.

Which is the best country for your boob job?
How to choose the best hospital for your breast augmentation surgery

How to choose the best hospital for your breast augmentation surgery?

When choosing a hospital for your breast augmentation surgery, we suggest you look for a hospital that offers world-class healthcare services and has a dedicated unit for cosmetic procedures and post-care.

How to choose the best cosmetic surgeon for your boob job?

While you desire a curvaceous figure to feel more confident choosing a good cosmetic surgeon for a boob job is essentially important. 

Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon requires lots of research. After all, the cosmetic surgeon you select will alter your appearance for the rest of your life.

While choosing a cosmetic surgeon for your boob job you must ensure:

  • Your doctor is board certified.
  • Confirm your doctor’s experience in the specific procedure that you want
  • Choose a doctor whom you trust and are comfortable with
  • Consult a doctor whose aesthetic sense appeals to you
How to choose the best cosmetic surgeon for your boob job
How much does breast augmentation surgery cost in India

How much does breast augmentation surgery cost in India?

Typically, the cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery in India usually ranges around USD 2500 – USD 3500 (190528 – 266740 INR).

Breast Augmentation Surgery cost in India varies according to the surgeon, facility, and city where you choose to get the surgery done.

What is the success rate of breast augmentation surgery in India?

Breast augmentation surgery does not have lifelong results. As women age, the effect of the boob job jobs starts to fade.  

The results of breast augmentation surgery may get affected because of significant weight fluctuations. Therefore it is essential to maintain a stable weight to keep your results looking their best.

The success rate of breast augmentation surgery in India is almost 99% across hospitals. Especially when the surgery is performed by a qualified, experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

What is the success rate of breast augmentation surgery in India

Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. Are there any side effects of breast augmentation surgery?

Long-term complications of breast augmentation surgery are not common. However, a few women may experience back pain, change in nipple sensation, and pain in the breast.

3. Why are breast implants placed below the muscle?

There is very strong scientific evidence in medical literature to demonstrate that if put below the muscle, breast implants appear more natural and feel healthier. It also does not obscure mammography and there is good evidence-based research to confirm that if placed below the muscle, the implants remain softer longer by a large margin.

2. Can trans women undergo breast augmentation surgery?

Trans Women can undergo breast augmentation surgery to enhance their look. However, before the surgery, the doctor may advise them for some hormone therapy that can help them benefit the most from the treatment.

4. Will I experience changes in nipple sensation or feeling?

After breast augmentation surgery, most women will have a loss of feeling or sensation. This lasts 6-12 months for most of them, before returning to normal. However, 15% of women have irreversible changes in the feeling of the nipple.

5. How soon can I resume exercising?

It is recommended that patients immediately after surgery start to walk. Women should not, however, conduct any vigorous physical activity for six weeks after the surgery.

Physical exercise, including weight lifting, cycling, jogging, and other forms of intense activity, can cause implants to shift position or cause problems with wound healing that may change the appearance of the breasts after surgery.

6. How soon can I get back to work?

This relies on the work and the physical demands of it. Some general recommendations are: for the first 1-2 weeks, upper arm gestures, such as reaching, should be avoided.

For 6 weeks after the operation, lifting something heavier than 5 pounds should be avoided. This restriction on lifting can prevent some females from returning to work.

7. How much pain can I expect?

The discomfort from breast augmentation surgery is usually in the mild range and in the first 1-2 weeks after the surgery, it can generally be well managed with medication. It is imperative to ensure that after surgery, extreme or untreatable pain can mean infection or another complication.

8. Can I breast feed after augmentation?

Indeed. The positioning of the implant below the breast tissue does not affect the ability of the breast to produce milk, as it is a sub-glandular placement.

9. Will I need additional surgeries?

For augmentation patients, occasionally additional operations may be needed. If you face any complications during your augmentation, such as implant rupture or capsular contracture, additional surgery may be recommended.

Moreover, implanted breasts will age like any other part of the body and certain women will opt to have further procedures in the future to fix the effects of gravity and aging.

10. Will insurance pay for my breast augmentation?

Medical insurance encompasses procedures that are not cosmetic in nature but those that are reconstructive. Usually, breast implants inserted solely for esthetics or breast enlargement are not compensated by insurance firms.

Usually, implants are covered for women who have or are being treated for breast cancer, or for implants in the breast who have had cancer or reconstruction of the breast. Otherwise, insurance does not cover most breast augmentations.

11. Will breast augmentation increase my risk of breast cancer?

This is one of the questions most commonly asked by women contemplating this surgery. Several studies have shown that women who receive implants do not have an elevated risk of breast cancer.

Moreover, implants should not hinder breast cancer diagnosis. Numerous studies, as well as data from the National Cancer Institute, indicate that having implants does not prevent breast tumors from being detected by the patient or their doctor.

Finally, patients with breast implants who get breast cancer are as likely as women without implants to achieve remission or to be cancer-free for 5 years.

Best hospital for breast augmentation surgery in India

Our associate hospitals are JCI, ISO and NABH accredited and equipped with the latest innovation and technologies in Cosmetic Surgery. These multi-speciality hospitals have strict patient-care protocol and follow western standards of excellence and healthcare. Some of the best hospitals for breast augmentation surgery in India are as follows:

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