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Brain Tumor Treatment

Best and Advance Brain tumor treatment in India

Knowing that you are diagnosed with a brain tumor is, beyond a doubt,  very shocking and scary. The news itself is a life-changing event for patients and their loved ones.

This scary feeling is absolutely natural.  Since the brain is a very sensitive organ that controls all our body functions. Moreover,  brain tumor treatment with surgery is a complex and each aspect of the surgery needs to be taken care of at a very critical level and any mistake can be life-threatening. 

But with the advanced technology in diagnosis and surgery and skills of neurosurgeons, the success and survival rates of brain tumor surgeries have improved very significantly in the last decade. 

Let’s understand from the experience of Mr. Alex, from Zanzibar, Tanzania. 

Alex is a 36-year-old owner of a hotel. Alex has a beautiful daughter and a wonderful wife. Alex love’s to play with his 3-year-old daughter. 

Two years back, Alex started observing continuous headaches and weakness. Initially, Alex ignored these symptoms assuming that its due to work pressure. When Alex started noticing the hearing loss, Alex decided to consult a nearby doctor. The doctor prescribed medication and suggested he take a rest for a few days. 

Alex followed the doctor’s advice but failed to change his condition. Based on suggestions from his friend, Alex decided to consult a neurologist. The neurologist examined Alex and suggested he do an MRI. Alex followed the advice. The MRI reports confirmed a 2 cm meningioma brain tumor. The neurologist suggested consulting the neurosurgeon for surgery.