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Category Archives: Hymenoplasty

This blog is about the hymenoplasty surgery, who can opt for it and recovery. While it is traditionally a procedure done for medical reasons, more and more women are going under the knife for aesthetic and ‘feel-good’ reasons. Hymenoplasty Hymenoplasty, with its multifarious benefits is an easily doable surgical procedure. Increasingly, more and more women … Continue reading Hymenoplasty Surgery : What, Why and For Whom?
This blog gives a brief introduction of Hymenoplasty, its benefits, post-surgery care and the cost of the procedure in Nigeria. Hymenoplasty surgery is a simple, temporary, cosmetic, out-patient procedure which a female patient can opt for health, aesthetic, personal or cultural reasons. Hymenoplasty Surgery What is It and Who Can Opt for It?             Going … Continue reading Hymenoplasty Surgery : A Wonderful Gift A Woman Can Give Herself
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