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ReGain+ For Men 300gm (For 1 month) | Helps for Strength, Stamina and Testosterone Booster


ReGain+ For Men 300gm (For 1 month) | Helps for Strength, Stamina and Testosterone Booster

(130 customer reviews)


  • Boost stamina & energy
  • Enhancing blood circulation in the penile leads to better and sustained erection during intercourse
  • Improve quality & quantity of sperms
  • Reduces stress and its related health problems
  • Help in increasing libido
  • It strengthens the penile tissue and enhances penile erection
  • Improve testosterone levels
  • Enriched with With Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Kaunch, Gokhru, Shatavari, Jeshthamadh & Vidarikand

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Key Benefits of ReGain+

For mood uplifting and boosting libido

ReGain Ayurvedic sex medicine

Improves Vigor & Vitality

ReGain+ helps in increasing vitality and stamina in men. It also improve the testosterone levels which can improve the performance of a man

ReGain+ Ayurvedic sex medicine

Cure Premature Ejaculation & Erectile dysfunction

ReGain+ is a ayurvedic medicine helps in managing premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction as it strengthens the penile tissue and enhances penile erection

ReGain+ Ayurvedic sex medicine

Increases Quantity and Quality of Sperms

 ReGain+ has strong spermatogenic properties which enhance quantity and quality of sperms

ReGain+ Ayurvedic sex medicine

Boost Libido

ReGain+ helps hormones stimulation  for increasing libido

ReGain Ayurvedic sex medicine

Helps in Stress & Anxiety

ReGain+ is helps to calm the mind. Ashwagandha, one of the content of Mix powder is helps reducing common symptoms of anxiety

ReGain Ayurvedic sex medicine

Improves Energy & Stamina

ReGain+ improves the testosterone levels which further enhances blood circulation resulting improves energy & stamina

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Product Details

In Ayurveda, many herbs are used for treating erectile dysfunction. But out of all, 7 herbs are frequently used for sexual wellness including treating issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculations.


Good quality, organic herbs when mixed in the right proportion and consumed in the right way and at the right frequency, the results will come. Moreover, Ayurveda is a science that works on root cause correction, so don’t expect quick results from it. However, with patience and consistency, you can definitely expect sustained results from Ayurvedic Herbs.

ReGain+ is a unique combination of good quality, organically farmed herbs such as Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Kaunch, Gokharu, Shatavari, Jeshthamadh, and Vidarikand helps in curing premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.  Regain + thus has adaptogenic and aphrodisiac properties along with Stamina and energy-building factors.



ReGain+ improves testosterone levels, which helps in enhancing blood circulation to the men’s genitals for better and sustained erections during intercourse.



Key Ingredients

ReGain ashwagandha powder

Ashwagandha Powder

Ashwagandha is also called Indian ginseng or winter cherry. It has aphrodisiac properties and is used to improve ( libido ) sexual desire.  Ashwagandha also helps to reduce anxiety and stress and boosts testosterone in men.


Safed Musli Powder

Safed Musli treats erectile conditions like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction due to its aphrodisiac and adaptogenic properties. Safed Musli improves testosterone levels which help with energy building and Stamina nourishment.

Shatavari Powder

Shatavari is known for improving sexual function by increasing blood circulation and helps to fight erectile dysfunction. It is also used for improving the quantity and quality of sperms.


Jeshthamadh Powder

Jeshthamadh is commonly known as licorice. It helps to improve blood flow which cures erectile dysfunction. Jeshthamadh or licorice helps to improve the testosterone levels which can improve the performance of a man. It also improves libido

Regain Kaunch-powder-for-premature-ejaculation

Kaunch Beej Powder

Kaunch beej powder helps in Libido (sexual desire) as well as boosts sperm quality and quantity. Kaunch beej powder enhances blood circulation to the reproductive organs which promote sexual desire in men.

VidariKand Powder

Vidarikand due to its spermatogenic property increases both the quantity and quality of semen in males that increase count and mobility. Taking Vidarikand helps in maintaining a healthy sexual life and reduces sexual weakness like delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction due to aphrodisiac (Vajikarna) property.


Gokhru Powder

Gokhru / Gokhura powder improves sperm motility (sperm movement) and enhances sperm production. Gokshura increases intracavernous pressure which helps penile erection. It also boosts the production of testosterone.

Additional information


300gm (1 month), 600gm (2months), 900gm (3months)

130 reviews for ReGain+ For Men 300gm (For 1 month) | Helps for Strength, Stamina and Testosterone Booster

  1. Ghansham Gupta

    Having this powder has really helped improve my energy and stamina.

  2. Ashish sharma

    Nice product

  3. Gajre Sarvesh

    Natural ReGain+ Powder. Good in taste. Got result in 3 months of pack

  4. Gupta Dharmesh

    Yes, Igot results in 2 months. I will recommending this ReGain+

  5. Kachre Kanchan

    ReGain+ good for stamina.. feeling energetic

  6. Sham rajpal

    Product is really effecting my body and health this is very usefull

  7. Gautam Jadhav

    I am using this product before my workout and its help me alot. It gives strength, increase natural Testosterone. I recommend this product.

  8. Arbaz Shaikh

    Excellent product

  9. Zakir Shaikh

    This product have purity, originality and i love it’s disability. It’s dissolve easily. Tast is good and it’s very helpful to get energetic.

  10. Rohit Jadhav

    It’s rich in antioxidants and other important vitamins. The taste is bitter but it’s worth it because of its benefits . I suggest taking it will lemon and honey to balance the taste.

  11. Pinto kavin

    MedicoExperts given me very nice service. Guided me very well, how to eat ReGain & what to do

  12. Rakesh bansode

    Increased testosterone levels. Helps lot me in muscle development.

  13. Ved vyam

    Parcel sent through Tirupati. They delivered me in 4 days. But Regain is very good.

  14. LaxmiKant zanjar

    ReGain+ given me visible result in 2 months. Feeling Full of energy.

  15. Sagar thombre

    3months and boom. Power pack ennergy

  16. Zishan sh

    Started with honey & milk. 1 month and got visible energy increment

  17. Firoz k

    Need to eat powder 2-3 months. But it works

  18. Piyush sonam

    ReGain is pure Ayurvedic & natural. Good in taste

  19. Sandeep Shinde (verified owner)

    Pure Ayurvedic ReGain+

  20. Rajkumar sharma

    Excellent result within a week

  21. Sandeep Shinde (verified owner)

    Pure & natural

  22. Shubham Samra

    4* for pure ayurvedic product. 1 star less for 4days delivery

  23. Sarvesh sangam

    Really works

  24. Pradip Zende

    Got product after 4days. Need faster delivery

  25. Soham Kedare

    Amazing just in 2 month I started feeling energetic.

  26. Sharif Khan

    Completed 3month course. Now I am happy

  27. faizal shaikh

    I like the taste. I mixed powder with honey. Started showing results after 1 month

  28. Sarvesh

    Contacted to customer care department. They guided me well

  29. Shakti kapadia

    Taken 4 days to deliver through tirupati courier. But product is good.

  30. Somesh kaple

    Taste is nice with honey. Very nice service, guided me well.

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