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Total Hip Replacement

Healthcare in India is a perfect amalgamation of high-end infrastructure, affordable treatment, and best hip replacement surgeons at your disposal. Hip replacement surgery methods have evolved with technological development. Today, for hip replacement surgery, medical professionals use the robot assisted technology for precision and accuracy.

Robot assisted hip replacement surgery

Advance Treatment

Introducing Robot-assisted hip replacement surgery

Robot-assisted hip replacement surgery is a comparatively less complex procedure that benefits from the precision of the robot to successfully replace the damaged hip joint. This procedure is made possible thanks to the surgical innovations and advancements adopted by all top hospitals in India.

This procedure enables the surgeons to provide a personalized surgical experience for patients depending on their specific diagnosis and anatomy. It is minimally invasive and bone sparing, with minimal trauma and faster recovery. Robot-assisted hip replacement in India is cost-effective and this extremely advanced technique can be opted for in the best hospitals in India.

Advantages of Robot Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Smaller incisions
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Accurate placement of the implants
  • Lesser damage to surrounding tissues
  • Increased implant longevity

Hip replacement

Benefits of Total hip replacement in India

Orthopaedic surgery in India is affordable when compared to its western counterparts. India has a pool of orthopaedic surgeons and world-renowned hospitals with the latest in technology and medical advancements for the benefits of the patients. The orthopaedic surgeons are adept in performing delicate surgeries with expertise and precision.


Some acclaimed benefits of undergoing hip replacement in India

  • The cost for hip replacement surgery in India starts from 5000 USD as opposed to starting at 15000 USD in countries like the US, UK and the European countries.
  • About 50-70% savings in treatment with travel and stay
  • More than 96% success rate with instant relief from pain
  • Highly qualified hip replacement surgeons with years of relevant experience
  • Multi-speciality hospitals dedicated to comprehensive and complete patient care
  • Special privilege treatment packages at associated hospitals for our MedicoExperts patients

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Treatment cost

Treatment Cost

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India

For a medical tourist, the cost for hip replacement surgery without insurance is extremely high. The cost for hip replacement surgery in India is quite affordable to them which brings not only reasonable savings but also an international standard of surgery with exceptional care and proficiency.

At MedicoExperts, we are committed to offering unique negotiated prices to our patients without bargaining with medical services and outcomes. You can be ensured of quality treatment at a very decent price in great state-of-the-art facilities furnished with top-notch infrastructure.

The cost of hip replacement surgery in India starts from 5000 USD. The cost of the surgery depends upon the type of surgery, the material of the implant and the surgical approach.

The orthopaedic surgeon would suggest for a medical evaluation to determine the extent of the damage to the joint and other medical factors. Based on this evaluation report and the condition of the patient, the hip replacement surgeon will recommend the best treatment plan for the patient.

All about knee replacement surgery

Medically known as knee arthroplasty, a knee replacement surgery is a surgical intervention in which the damaged or impaired part of the knee is replaced with artificial components. Knee surgery is recommended when there is a pain, difficulty in routine movement, swelling or degenerative changes.

Reasons to undergo hip replacement surgery

Hip replacement surgery, also known as hip arthroplasty is the surgical process to replace the damaged hip joint with a prosthetic implant to restore mobility and provide relief from pain. The cause for the hip joint to deteriorate could range from osteoporosis to bone tumour, however, the result is the same – chronic unbearable pain.

The main factors contributing to hip joint damage are:

  • Osteoarthritis – After 50 years of age, the joint begins to naturally wear out causing pain and difficulty in movement. This condition is called osteoarthritis.
  • Fracture or injury to the joint – An accident that results in a fracture or injury to the joint resulting in damage to the hip joint which makes everyday activities difficult.
  • Inflammatory Arthritis – Inflammatory arthritis is caused by an autoimmune disease like Rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis which triggers inflammation and thickening of the synovial membrane resulting in pain and rigidity.

Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Types of Hip Replacement Surgery in India

A hip replacement surgery is only indicated if the condition is acute and no other alternative treatment like therapy or medication has brought any relief to the patient. If the patient is experiencing prolong and acute pain, stiffness in hip joint, and difficulty in walking, then a hip replacement surgery is suggested to help ease the pain.

The reasons to undergo knee replacement surgery may differ from individual to individual, and is generally done by elderly individuals however, even youth and young adults may be recommended to undergo the surgery if the impairment calls for it. The common reasons for pain and discomfort are as follows

Total hip replacement is one of the most cost-effective and successful medical procedures. In this procedure, the damaged bone and cartilage are separated and substituted with prosthetic parts.

In this procedure, only the top of the femur bone is replaced with an implant. Before suggesting this surgery, the doctor may use other alternative techniques such as pain-alleviating medication, injecting anti-inflammatory agents and steroids, physical therapy and strength training, installing hip braces, etc.

If the patient is a young adult who is not morbidly obese, the orthopaedic surgeon will recommend hip resurfacing surgery as opposed to total hip replacement surgery. It is specifically intended to re-align rather than replace the worn-out hip joint.

If the patient is suffering from a degenerative bone disorder like osteoporosis and has damage on both the hips, then this surgery is suggested. In this procedure, both the affected hip joints are replaced with prosthetics.

Patients with a worn-out prosthesis will need revision hip replacement surgery. Also, revision hip replacements are done to handle complications such as infection, dislocation, or bone fractures around the replaced hip.

In this sort of surgical operation, a single long incision is produced by the doctor to replace the damaged bone by inserting components of the new prosthesis. Either a single incision measuring 3-6 inches is done outside of the hip or two incisions, one 2-3 inch over the groin and another 1-2 inch over the buttock is done to execute this surgery. Minimally invasive surgery has shorted recovery time and lesser hospital stay as compared to traditional hip replacement surgery.

Procedure for Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery success rate in India

The success rate of hip replacement surgery in India is over 95 per cent. Most of the individuals undergoing hip replacement surgery encountered pain relief. It is estimated that the patient will be pain-free for the next 25 years to come. Total hip replacement surgery is one of the most successful and cost-effective medical interventions.

It is expected that about 90-95% of patients can have their total hip replacement functioning 10 years after the surgery, while about 85% can expect the functionality of the total hip replacement functional 25 years later.

It is observed that patients have found improvement in mobility and freedom from chronic pain.

Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. How long will I be in the hospital for my hip replacement surgery?

In general, a hospital stay of 3-6 days is to be expected. Pain medications will be administered to manage the pain after the surgery. Depending on the recovery, rehabilitation and overall health of the patient, it could take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to make full recovery after the surgery.

2. What material is the hip implants made of?

The implants are actually three different prostheses for a complete hip substitute: the stem, the ball, and the socket.

  • The stem is constructed of metal, generally titanium or chrome-cobalt. This is placed inside your thighbone.
  • Usually, the ball is made of polished metal or ceramic and fits over the stem.
  • Usually, the socket is a combination of a plastic liner and a chrome-cobalt or titanium backing.

3. Will the new hip implant start the metal detectors at the airport?

The delicate screening machines used at the airport will detect but can also recognize the implant efficiently. It’s best to say that you’ve had a hip replacement for airport security. The machine operator will understand that it is not an unlawful metal object outside the body, but an implant. You may ask the office of your doctor if they can provide a card identifying you have obtained a metal-containing hip implant.

4. How should I prepare for my hip replacement surgery?

5. How do I sleep at night to keep my hip safe and comfortable?

It should assist to maintain your hip comfortable and stable by placing a pillow between your legs. Depending on what makes you most comfortable, you can sleep on your back or on either side.

6. After surgery, what activities should I refrain from doing?

Keeping your new joint moving is essential. You should gradually return to ordinary activities, though. Your joint replacement care team will instruct you to prevent particular positions that might stress your new joint. Refrain from high-impact activities and consult your surgeon before taking part in a fresh exercise routine or sport that is physically demanding.

7. If you have a hip replacement that is minimally invasive, is the range of movement lost?

After minimally invasive surgery, hip movement is the same as standard hip replacement. Total hip replacement surgery is performed to alleviate pain and return patients to an ideal function level. The method of rehabilitation guarantees that patients perform particular exercises to enhance movement variety and strengthen leg and hip.


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