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Imagine a weight loss solution that doesn’t involve surgery or long recovery times. What if we told you there’s a groundbreaking option that’s changing the game? Are you tired of traditional diets and ready for a weight loss solution that’s making waves in the world of healthcare? In the United States, the battle against obesity … Continue reading A New Approach to Weight Loss: Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

best bariatric surgeon

Best Bariatric Surgeon In India Here is a list of the best bariatric Surgeon in India. 1. Dr. Adarsh Choudhary M.B.B.S (1978), M.S. (1981), FRCS (2004) Dr. Adarsh has an extensive experience of 39 years in this field, however he has an into to experience of 44 years. 2. Dr. Rajesh Khullar MBBS, MS – … Continue reading Best Bariatric Surgeon In India

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Effective Weight Loss Procedure

Obesity has become a matter of concern for the majority of people across the globe. Life-threatening obesity leads to numerous diseases and ultimately reduces the life expectancy of people. However, with the advancement in the healthcare industry, it is possible to treat obesity with different weight-loss surgeries. In recent times, gastric sleeve surgery in India is increasingly … Continue reading GASTRIC SLEEVE SURGERY IN INDIA – AN EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO TREAT OBESITY

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