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Facelift Surgery

Best facelift surgery for an youthful and nice face

Do you stand in front of the mirror and desire for a youthful, healthy facial complexion? 

We know how much you desire to get your youthful glow back. While you don’t shy away from splashing out on skincare products to reinvigorate your beauty, sometimes you may fail to attain the desired results. 

While you fail to achieve the youthful glow by cosmetic products, why don’t you try a facelift instead and turn back the age clock like Christine Dombrowski from London did.

Christine, a 52-year-old nurse from London, felt she had lost her facial charm while managing her work and home. She felt that with her glow, her confidence had also faded. 

As Christine’s twenty-fifth marriage anniversary was approaching, Christine thought to work on her face to get her glow back. 

While browsing different clinics that offer facelift surgery in India, Christine came across the MedicoExperts website and contacted our support team. We arranged a video consultation for Christine with our team of empanelled doctors.

Facelift Surgery in India
Best Facelift Surgery in India

After the initial interaction, Christine felt sure to undergo facelift surgery. She booked her flights to India and contacted us to help her get the earliest bookings for the procedure. 

After reaching India, Christine visited her doctor, who examined her and took her medical history. Once the doctor confirmed Christine’s eligibility to undergo the procedure, the facelift surgery was done for Christine.

Christine recovered completely from the facelift surgery after two weeks she was happy with the initial results.

After a few months, her skin looked younger and tighter. Christine was happy with the results and thanked us for making her look younger and more desirable. 

Her husband thanked us for helping us realize the dream of his wife and said it was the best anniversary gift for her.

Like Christine, you too can break the ice and take a step closer to realizing your dream of looking young.

Let us now understand about facelift surgery,

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What is facelift surgery?

We know your desire to undergo a cosmetic procedure to enhance your look.  But sometimes your inhibitions about the safety of this procedure may delay your decision. Especially when a few facelift procedures involve invasive intervention. But rest assured about its safety. Studies indicate the drastic rise in the demand for ageing facelift surgery among women. 

Facelift surgery is a surgical procedure that has evolved over years. The facelift procedure is designed to help you restore youthfulness especially for your lower face and neck. During the facelift your doctor tightens the skin of the face and the neck to improve visible signs of ageing. 

To reduce the recovery time, your doctors may suggest you pair facelift surgery with other facial procedures. 

What is facelift surgery,facelift surgery in india

What are the different types of facelift surgery procedures?

Now that you know about what is a facelift let us understand about some of the different facelift surgery procedures:

Your doctor treats skin ageing through a deep plane facelift by working on the tissues and muscles of the face and neck to help them regain the skin’s elasticity. Especially around your nose, jaw, chin, and mouth. 

The effect of a deep plane facelift usually lasts up to fifteen years.

If you are looking for a non-surgical facelift procedure to attenuate your looks you are in for a thread lift. During thread lift surgery, your doctor treats the different layers of your skin and tightens the skin around the forehead, eyes, nose and mouth. 

Usually, your doctor will administer you with local anesthesia during this procedure.

Your doctor may suggest you undergo invasive endoscopic facelift surgery to help you get rid of your saggy cheeks.  

During the mid-facelift procedure, your doctor treats the areas around the cheeks, and sometimes the doctor may lift your cheekbones to help you achieve a younger look.

Liposuction helps remove excess fat from your facial region, thereby giving you a chiseled look.

What are the benefits of facelift surgery?

Despite splashing a fortune in various skin care procedures sometimes you may fail to plump up your slacken facial muscles.  Usually, after failing to get the desired result from various skin care products you may think of facelift surgery. But you might be thinking how you can benefit from a facelift surgery?

 Here are a few ways in which facelift surgery can help you enhance your look:

With facelift surgery you can easily reverse the adverse effects of ageing, prolonged exposure to sun, smoking, and stress on your skin.

Are you embarrassed because of your saggy and wrinkled skin? With facelift surgery you can easily correct your saggy and wrinkled skin into a radiant and glowing face. 

Is the excessive skin around your face and chin or jowls bothering you? You can get rid of your annoying jowls easily with the facelift surgery and get a tighter, slimmer jawline.  

Get rid of your obstinate deep wrinkles with facelift surgery. During facelift surgery your doctor catalyses the production of collagen to reverse ageing.

Bid adieu to your dull face and warmly welcome a radiant and youthful you with facelift surgery.  The results of facelift treatment have improved over the years. Thereby, helping you in reinvigorating a natural-looking youthful appearance.

Why should you undergo facelift surgery, facelift surgery in india

Why should you undergo facelift surgery?

You might be thinking why should you undergo a facelift? Well we believe that every woman deserves to look good and attractive and a facelift surgery can help reverse your ageing process thus enabling you to get a flawless, radiant face like countless women who underwent the facelift surgery. 

By the help of a facelift surgery you can efficiently reversing the following signs of ageing:

  • Saggy facial and neck skin
  • Deep wrinkles, and fold lines 
  • Jowls developing on the jaws and cheeks
  • Excessive fat deposit and loose skin on the face and neck.

Are you a candidate for Facelift Surgery?

Are you excited to get a facelift? We know that you have been looking forward to getting this procedure done for a long time and now you have finally decided to undergo it. But before your facelift surgery you must check your eligibility for the procedure. 

The ideal candidate for a facelift procedure is someone who:

  • Does not smoke
  • Has good skin elasticity and bone structure
  • Is over 18 years old with stable mental health
  • Has realistic expectations from the treatment
  • Has good health with no underlying disease like diabetes, cancer, blood pressure etc.
  • Has lost her youthful contours
Are you a candidate for Facelift Surgery, facelift surgery before and after
How long does it take to recover from Facelift Surgery, facelift surgery in india

How long does it take to recover from facelift surgery?

Trust us, we know how excited you are to see the result of the facelift surgery. The wait time after the procedure can be overwhelming but trust us the wait will be worth it.  

Calm the butterflies fluttering in your stomach for four weeks to see the results . 

Usually, women do not experience any discomfort or pain while healing after the facelift procedure, a few women have reported experiencing mild pain and swelling during the first few days. However, the pain and swelling subside within a few days. 

By the third week, your doctor will remove the stitches and you can experience full healing by the end of the fourth week.

How to choose the best cosmetic surgeon for your facelift surgery?

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon can be difficult especially when you live in a world that is flooded with advice and opinions from various sources such as the internet, media, friends, and family. 

Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon requires lots of research because the doctor you select will alter your appearance for the rest of your life.

While choosing a cosmetic surgeon, you must ensure that the doctor has the necessary certifications. Apart from certifications, you must also assure about his experience and expertise.

How to choose the best cosmetic surgeon for your facelift surgery

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How to choose the best hospital and best country for facelift surgery

How to choose the best hospital and best country for facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery uses the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon to perform the procedure skillfully. 

When choosing a hospital for your facelift surgery in India look for a hospital that offers world-class healthcare services.

We at MedicoExperts strive to help you find hospitals that have been accredited by NABH and JCI. 

We do not just help you find the best hospital, we also ensure you get the procedure at the best price. Unlike the USA or the UK, which offers advanced cosmetic procedures, India has emerged as a leading destination for many people across the globe because of the availability of world-class treatment at affordable prices.

How much does facelift surgery cost in India?

The cost of facelift surgery in India depends on several factors like:

  • The expertise of the doctor
  • Facelift procedure selected
  • The nature and texture of the skin concerns
  • The treatment facility selected

Facelift surgery cost in India ranges between 2800-3500 USD (214925 – 268657 INR).

India offers exceptional quality cosmetic surgery that is at par with international standards. The cost of facelift surgery in India is only a fraction of what it would cost to undergo the same procedure in the US, UK, Singapore, etc. The affordability and expertise of cosmetic surgeons available in India attract many. 

facelift surgery cost in India
Success rate of facelift surgery in India

What is the success rate of facelift surgery in India?

Facelift surgery makes a difference in the aesthetic appearance of the patient. After undergoing facelift surgery in India by an expert cosmetic surgeon, the patient will notice a significant difference in their facial appearance.

They will have younger, taut and more rejuvenated facial features. With the expertise of the best cosmetic surgeons in India, you can rest assured of the highest success rate for facelift surgery in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. Are the results of facelift treatment permanent?

The effects of facelift surgery in India are long-lasting, however, the results are not permanent. Typically, the effect of the facelift treatment can last for about ten years. The facelift treatment starts to fade with age because facelift treatment can reverse ageing, but the procedure cannot stop the ageing process. 

However, by leading a healthy lifestyle, you can retain the results for long.

4. Can I pair Facelift surgery with other cosmetic procedures?

Yes! You can get a cosmetic procedure like a brow lift or eyelid surgery along with facelift surgery. By coupling other cosmetic procedures with facelift you reduce the extra recovery time while ensuring consistent results across your face.

3. Is there any right age to get a facelift?

Usually, people think that only older adults can undergo facelift surgery. However, anyone who is above eighteen years and has stable mental health can undergo facelift procedure to attenuate their face. 

2. Is facelift surgery safe?

Facelift surgery is a safe procedure. However, we recommend you consult a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon for your treatment.

5. What are the major reasons to undergo facelift surgery?

The leading reason for folks to consider facelift surgery is aging, the signs of which becomes more obvious and visible as the years advance. People may desire for a facelift surgery for the following reasons;

  • Sagging skin of the middle part of face.
  • Loose skin and excess fat of the neck that appears as a double chin.
  • Deepening of the fold lines around the lower eyelids which extends along the edge from nose to mouth.
  • Displaced fat.
  • Jowls developing in the cheeks and jaw.

6. What can I expect from my facelift surgery?

You can expect satisfying results after your facelift surgery. You may look younger and fresher than before. Post-surgery, you can expect to get a very smooth and firm skin on your face with a well-defined jowl and neck line.

7. How long is the surgery for a Facelift?

Surgery is usually preformed as an outpatient or overnight stay and usually takes about two to three hours.

Best Facelift Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals in India

The best facelift cosmetic surgery hospitals in India are completely furnished with the best specialists, dedicated team of experts and professionals who are focused on providing the patients with comprehensive care. The list of top hospitals for facelift surgery in India are as listed below:

Why MedicoExperts?






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MedicoExperts is a Global virtual hospital which is established to offer quality healthcare services at affordable pricing without compromising the success rates of the treatment.
MedicoExperts is having a network of highly experienced super specialist doctors and well equipped hospitals across the globe and offering second opinion through online video consultation and surgical interventions through its empanelled super specialist doctors at its network hospitals in 17 countries from 3 continents.
By the virtue of its approach and model, MedicoExperts is successfully achieve to deliver

  • Latest and most advanced treatments with success rates of international benchmarks.
  • Multiple cost options depending upon the hospital facilities, with the same doctor.
  • Treatment option in multiple cities/state/countries.
  • Trust and peace of mind.

Most suitable for patients who are looking for:-
  • Planned Surgeries and treatment from most experienced doctors and at multiple cost options as per hospital facilities with best possible outcomes.
  • Second Opinion from expert doctors.
  • Complex cases involving multi specialities
  • International patients looking for treatment from Indian doctors

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