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Browlift Surgery

Defeat your aging process with eyebrow lift surgery

Do people around you often assume that you are tired?

Sometimes it can be embarrassing for you to hear that you look tired despite it being early morning. While managing work and running errands we generally tend to overlook the early signs of ageing like droopy brows, but the onlookers can spot these signs and may often assume that either you are tired, angry or sad. 

While you cannot prevent ageing, you can defy these early signs of ageing by using cosmetic surgery to lift the brows. Eyebrow lift surgery helps in stabilizing and lifting the outer brow thereby contributing to the fullness of the upper eyelid.

Let me introduce you to Andrea, a restaurant manager from Scotland, who defied the early signs of ageing with eyebrow lift surgery.

Andrea, a 46-year -old restaurant manager was passionate about her job and loved to serve her customers. She loved meeting new people and wished to stay in the customer service domain. However, ageing caught on to her and her eyebrows began to droop which made her look tired almost every time. Her colleagues and customers frequently assumed that she was tired. 

Andrea’s employer also felt that she was tired of handling this profile for so long and suggested her a back office job. Andrea knew that in the restaurant business she needs to look youthful and presentable to her guests. But doing a back office job was not acceptable for Andrea. On the advice of her employer Andrea joined the back office team but she yearned for her last position.

Browlift surgery
Browlift surgery

However, instead of getting disheartened, Andrea knew that it was time to fight back against these signs. Andrea started searching for cosmetic clinics to fix her ageing signs and she found a cosmetic surgeon in Glasgow. But Andrea was not sure about getting treated by the doctor as she felt that the doctor’s aesthetic approach was not matching to hers. 

Andrea started looking for cosmetic clinics that offered brow lift surgery. While searching online Andrea came across to MedicoExperts and left her query with us. Our sales team contacted her and arranged an online consultation for her with one of our brow lift surgery expert doctors from the list of our empaneled doctors.

During the video consultation, the doctor answered her queries of Andrea’s and cleared her doubts. Andrea felt confident about undergoing the brow lift surgery and flew to India to get the procedure done.

Once Andrea reached India MedicoExperts ensured hassle-free hospitalization for her. Soon after the hospitalization, the doctors suggested some pre-procedure tests to confirm Andrea’s eligibility to undergo a brow lift surgery. 

After the doctor confirmed Andrea’s eligibility for the brow lift surgery she underwent the procedure. Within a few days, Andrea could see the effects of the surgery and she was very happy to see how the surgery turned out for her.

Andrea said,” I can’t believe this, I feel that I look much younger than I did before the procedure.”

Like Andrea, you too can reverse the ageing clock for you with brow lift surgery.

Let us understand more about brow lift surgery.

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What is a brow lift surgery?

A brow lift is a surgical approach that helps men and women to reverse early signs of ageing by raising the skin of the forehead thereby lifting your saggy brow, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. 

With brow lift surgery undo the signs of ageing from the upper part of your face while giving you a younger, more alert appearance. 

Generally, brow lift surgery is coupled with other procedures like a facelift to give you better results.

what is Browlift surgery
why browlift surgery done

Why is brow surgery done?

Almost everyone has a desire to look young, and attractive, but it is not easy to dodge the signs of ageing naturally. Droopy eyebrows and eyelids are one of the most common early signs of ageing because the skin and soft tissues around the eyes lose their elasticity.

To correct the drooping of eyelids you can undergo an eyebrow lift surgery. The eyebrow lift can brighten your eyes while ensuring you achieve an alert and youth look.

What are the different procedures used for eyebrow lift surgery?

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind once they think of any procedure is what are the different approaches they can take to achieve the desired result. 

Well! If an eyebrow lift surgery is on your bucket list you must be aware of the following different procedures that your doctor may suggest:

Endoscopic brow lift surgery is a minimally invasive procedure to correct your droopy eyelids. During an endoscopic brow lift, your surgeon makes a few small incisions of about 3-4 inches just behind the hairline.

During an endoscopic brow lift, your surgeon inserts small tubes that carry a camera and other surgical tools. The camera helps the surgeon manipulate surgical instruments to remove the excess fat and tissue. 

Once the fats are removed your surgeon re-drapes the skin and muscles of the forehead thereby giving you a natural and more youthful brow.

A temporal brow lift or the limited incision brow lift is usually coupled with eyelid surgery. 

During temporal brow lift surgery, your surgeon makes an incision of about 1 inch just above the temple behind the hairline. Through these incisions, your surgeon repositions and lifts the tissue of the outer brow area.

The Coronal Brow lift procedure is an invasive approach to correct your drooping eyelids. During coronal brow lift surgery, your doctor makes a long incision just behind the hairline. The incision extends from ear to ear. 

Through the incision, your doctor removes the excess skin, fat, and tissues while repositioning the skin and brow muscles. 

Typically, during a brow lift surgery, the surgeon removes the underlying excess fat and muscles followed by alteration and re-draping of the skin. This entire procedure helps to give a smooth, wrinkle-free forehead and elevated eyebrows.

Are you a candidate for a brow lift?

A younger face attracts everyone however not every person is eligible for a brow lift surgery. Doctors usually avoid brow lift procedures if:

  • You had a brow lift surgery earlier
  • You are on medications that delay blood clotting
  • You smoke

If you are not eligible for a brow lift you can use some non-surgical methods like cosmetic fillers, or chemical peels to enhance your brows.

are you candidate for brow lift
browlift surgery

Do the results from eyebrow lifts last long?

While you think about undergoing an eyebrow lift in the back of your mind you might be constantly thinking about its longevity.  

Well, like your body, your face keeps getting older. However, by taking good care of the face after the procedure and by avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun you can enjoy the good results of brow lift surgery for long.

What can you expect after the surgery?

Soon after the procedure one may experience pain, swelling, numbness, and itching at the site of the procedure. However, the pain and swelling can easily be managed within a few days after the procedure.

After the procedure, your doctor may advise you to avoid strenuous exercise for two weeks. Also, your doctor may advise you on when you can start doing your daily chores like bathing and washing your hair.

browlift surgery

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best country for browlift surgery

Which is the best country for your eyebrow lift surgery?

Western countries have always attracted many people for various advanced cosmetic procedures. However, undergoing eyebrow lift surgeries in these nations may hurt your pocket.

Unlike western nations, the brow lift surgery cost in India is almost half.

The access to world-class treatment and efficient post-operative care that specializes in handling complex cases at a pocket-friendly price has attracted many multinational citizens to India for their treatment.

How to choose the best hospital for brow lift surgery?

Eyebrow lift surgery uses the experience and expertise of a cosmetic surgeon to perform it skillfully. 

When choosing a hospital for your brow lift surgery in India look for a hospital that has a dedicated unit for cosmetic surgery and post-care. 

MedicoExperts strive hard to help you find hospitals accredited by NABH and JCI while ensuring that they have a well-dedicated unit for cosmetic procedures.

best hospital for browlift surgery
best cosmetic surgeon for browlift surgery

How to choose the best cosmetic surgeon for browlift surgery?

In your pursuit to achieve a younger-looking face, you may consider cosmetic surgery. However, it is crucial to choose a good cosmetic surgeon for your eyebrow lift surgery.

While selecting a cosmetic surgeon for your brow lift surgery, you must ensure:

  • The doctor you choose is board certified.
  • Has extensive experience in the specific procedure that you want
  • Consider a doctor with whom you feel comfortable and safe
  • Consult a doctor whose aesthetic sense appeals to you

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What is the success rate of eyebrow lift surgery in India?

When performed by a skilled and experienced doctor the success rate of brow lifts is high. The brow lift surgery ensures that you revive your youthful look that is in symmetry with your face. 

A good cosmetic surgeon ensures balance and enhances the attractiveness and harmony of the entire face. 

After a successful brow lift in India, you can expect a smoother facial appearance that looks sharp, firm, and rejuvenated.

best cosmetic surgeon for browlift surgery
How much does eyebrow lift surgery cost in India

How much does eyebrow lift surgery cost in India?

Typically the eyebrow lift surgery cost in India ranges between 2200-2500 USD (165797 – 188406 INR). However, the cost for the treatment depends on the choices made by you like your surgeon, facility, and city where you choose to get the surgery done.

To ensure perfect outcomes, the cosmetic surgeon will recommend a preoperative evaluation.

The cost of a comprehensive evaluation is USD 500 (37681 INR).

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Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. How long with the results from the browlift surgery last?

The improvements and changes made with brow lift surgery will last for many years to come. Though, no one can stop the normal aging process, and eventually your forehead tissues will start to settle with time and gravity. Living healthy lifestyle will help you to keep your results looking their best, like eating a healthy diet, wear sunscreen daily, and cessation of smoking.

2. What will be the recovery like after my browlift surgery?

Patients typically experience very little pain after a brow lift, but it is common to feel slight discomfort as well as a sensation of tightness throughout the forehead. Swelling and bruising are most common for few days after the surgery, and are mostly resolved after about 2 weeks. The timeline for resuming activity after a brow lift depends on the individual. If you are having a brow lift alone, recovery is usually much quicker than that for a patient having a brow lift in conjunction with a facelift or other more extensive procedure.

3. Who is considered as an ideal candidate for the browlift?

You can consider Brow lift surgery for you if:

  • You wish to solve the problem of an aging forehead
  • You want to improve your facial expressions which are lacking because of sagging and heavily furrowed brow that may cause you to look constantly tired, worried or even angry
  • You want to enhance the look of your eyes
  • Your Self-confidence is getting low because you are always looking “worried”
  • You are one of them who are also genetically inclined to have a heavier, thicker brow, making you look as though you are wearing a frown even when you are feeling your best.

4. What are the benefits of undergoing browlift?

Some of the significant benefits are as follows:

  • Reduces the worry lines and wrinkle lines in the face
  • Treat the sagging of eyebrows due to aging
  • Enhance the facial features for a more youthful appearance
  • Restore the vision by treating the low hanging eyebrows

5. How do the results and recovery differ between an endoscopic and open browlift?

The open browlift tends to be much more dramatic; it can maintain a greater elevation of the brows. But there is much more swelling, a scar across the top of the head, and often numbness in the back of the scalp.

6. Will there be scars?

Scars are likely to be there post-surgery, but it will eventually heal and can be easily hidden in the hairline. The expect surgeon will ensure that the incision are where the hair is thick and can be nearly invisible in the future.

7. How can I tell if I need an upper eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) or a browlift?

The following would suggest you need a browlift: if there is “hooding” of the upper lid that extends past the end of the eye towards the crow’s feet; if when you pull up on the eyebrow to the height you think looks right your eye lid has no more hooding or bulging fat; if your brow has lost its arch; if your brow is within your eye socket. But if your eyebrow has a nice arch or is at the height that you want it to be, then an upper blepharoplasty may be what you need. But these distinctions are often subtle and it is hard for a patient to know for sure without seeing a plastic surgeon…and even plastic surgeons will have different opinions about which procedure might look the best on a particular patient.

8. How soon can I go to work?

When you feel ready to do your job is highly individualized. So long as your work doesn’t involve straining and heavy lifting, you can expect to be back to work after three or four days. Some people go back even sooner, and many works from home the next day.

9. What are the side effects of eyebrow lift surgery?

Eyebrow lift has minimal risk of any side effects if performed by an experienced and skilled doctor. However, sometimes a few people may develop:

  • Visible scar after the procedure
  • Numbness and reduced sensation around the forehead and scalp
  • Asymmetry between the two brow
  • Hair fall
  • Pain on the slightest touch

10. Are brow lift surgeries safe?

Brow lift surgeries are extremely safe and pose a minimal threat of developing severe complications when performed by an experienced and skilled doctor.

11. What difference can I see before and after eyebrow lift surgery?

Trust us you can see visible differences before and after eyebrow lift surgery. Before the surgery, you might be having a droopy eyelid that makes you look old. But after the procedure, you can witness a younger-looking you with minimal or no early signs of ageing.

Best Browlift Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals in India

The best hospitals in India are full-equipped with the latest technology and cutting-edge infrastructure which offers quality treatment that is at par with international standards. The top hospitals in India for cosmetic surgery have a comprehensive team of specialist, experts and board-certified cosmetic surgeons who ensure a holistic and complete patient-centric treatment and care. Some of the best browlift cosmetic surgery hospitals in India are as follows:

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