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Facelift Surgery

Wish to turn back the hands of time on your facial features? You can now do so with the surgical expertise of a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. A facelift will tighten your facial skin, rid of deep lines and give it a more rejuvenated and younger look.

At MedicoExperts, we understand how essential it is for us to look great for an added boost of confidence. To ensure perfect results, we have empanelled with us world renowned and highly skilled board-certified cosmetic surgeons who have years of specialized experience in delivery perfect faces to both men and women. Through years of patient-centric care and experience, we are able to dictate the cost of some of the procedure, thus providing our patients with special schemes and discounted packages.

Cosmetic Procedures

Benefits of Facelift in India

With age comes deep lines and sagging skin in the face. With a facelift surgery in India, people can get a younger, tauter and more rejuvenated facial features that rids them of deep furrows below the eyelids, age lines in the nasolabial fold and saggy skin in the face.

The major benefits of facelift in India is the affordability it provides without compromising the quality of the procedure. India is home to the best cosmetic surgeons in the world who are highly skilled and well-adept in performing the latest surgical techniques with expertise and precision. The best hospitals in India are also fully-equipped with latest technology and infrastructure to provide a holistic patient-centric approach.

facelift surgery in India

Some of the key benefits of facelift surgery in India are as follows

  • Affordable and safe facelift surgery in India starting from USD 2800
  • Dedicated team of expert board-certified cosmetic surgeons, specialist and experts
  • Fully-equipped with latest technology and infrastructure in top hospitals
  • Well-equipped with international standard infrastructure in best cosmetic surgery hospitals and facilities
  • Special rates and privileged schemes only for MedicoExperts patients

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Treatment cost

Treatment Cost

Facelift Surgery Cost in India

Depending upon the extend of loose skin, deep line and sagginess, the expert cosmetic surgeon will propose a best suited facelift surgery procedure that is sure to bring about your youthfulness and best features. A prerequisite or pre-surgery evaluation is done to ensure that the patient is in good health and has no underlying health issues. The cost of the comprehensive evaluation is USD 300-500.
Indian offers exceptional quality cosmetic surgery that is at par with the international standard quality of procedures. The cost of facelift surgery in India is considered to be only a fraction of what it would cost to undergo the same procedure in the US, UK, Singapore, etc. Affordability of facelift surgery along with expertise of cosmetic surgeon makes India nan attractive option. Facelift surgery cost in India ranges between 2800-3500 USDdepending on the chosen cosmetic surgeon, chosen procedure and the chosen hospital or medical facility.

Options for Best Facelift Surgery in India

A facelift or rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgical procedure that raises and tightens the skin on the face and neck to make it look smoother and more youthful.

The facelift surgery can be performed using different techniques depending upon the patient’s individual needs and the expert cosmetic surgeon’s preferences. Following are the different techniques for facelift surgery:

This conventional technique is most appropriate procedure for people who need correction of moderate to significant signs of aging.

In this, incisions are sited around the ears, into the hairline and also a small incision below the chin. This procedure yields the most dramatic and long-lasting results for most of the patients.

This technique is less invasive since it uses smaller incisions than the traditional facelift. In this, small incision is made under the cover of the hair-line, which allows the expert surgeon to remove the excess tissue and tighten the skin so as to enhance the appearance of jowls and neck.

Moreover, mini facelift is ideal for a person with early signs of aging and who might not be ready for a full facelift.

SMAS stands for Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System, which is the underlying musculature of face. This is also known as “S” Facelift which focuses on treating the lower third of face, i.e. neck and jowls. In this procedure, an “S” shaped incision is given so as to separate the skin from the underlying tissue.

The muscles are then tightened and the skin is repositioned over the structure of the face. Just like Mini facelift, S-lift procedure is lesser invasive and requires shorter recuperation time when compared with conventional technique.

It stands for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Facelift. This is a minimally invasive facelift procedure, which is often ideal for younger patients having better skin elasticity.

In this procedure, the surgeon shall lift and hold up the sagging tissues in the neck, cheeks, chin or near to the nose with the help of suspension sutures in the deeper tissues.

This procedure is designed to be less invasive, safe and convenient alternative to the traditional face-lift surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon inserts thin threads into the face via small incisions placed in the targeted area of the face.

These threads are then attached to the skin and pulled back to lift the face. The targeted areas will be lifted almost immediately by removing sagging skin and giving the patient a rejuvenated appearance. This technique is designed for people experiencing early signs of aging such as minor facial sagging.

Success Rate for Facelift in India

Facelift surgery, like any other cosmetic surgery is known to significantly make a difference in the aesthetic appearance of the patient. After undergoing a facelift surgery in India but expert cosmetic surgeon, the patient will notice a significant difference in their facial appearance. They will have younger, taut and more rejuvenated facial features. With the expertise of the best cosmetic surgeons in India you can be assured of the highest success rate for facelift surgery in India.

Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. What are the major reasons to undergo facelift surgery?

The leading reason for folks to consider facelift surgery is aging, the signs of which becomes more obvious and visible as the years advance. People may desire for a facelift surgery for the following reasons;

  • Sagging skin of the middle part of face.
  • Loose skin and excess fat of the neck that appears as a double chin.
  • Deepening of the fold lines around the lower eyelids which extends along the edge from nose to mouth.
  • Displaced fat.
  • Jowls developing in the cheeks and jaw.

2. Am I a candidate for facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery is a highly customized procedure. You should be physically healthy, emotionally stable and should have realistic expectations from the face-lift surgery. Other than this, you may be a candidate for a facelift surgery if;

  • You have sagging facial skin.
  • You have drooping and excessive facial creases.
  • You feel that your face appears tired and extremely old.
  • You have loose jaw and neck line..
  • You have wrinkles, loose skin and extra fat in the neck area.
  • You have deep fold lines extending from the corner of the nose to the mouth.
  • You have sagging skin and wrinkles near the cheekbones.

3. What can I expect from my facelift surgery?

You can expect satisfying results after your facelift surgery. You may look younger and fresher than before. Post-surgery, you can expect to get a very smooth and firm skin on your face with a well-defined jowl and neck line.

4. What is the recovery timeline?

A minimum 2 days of hospitalization is required for your facelift surgery. Additionally, 1 week of stay in the country after discharging from the hospital.
Post-surgery, it is common to experience mild pain and discomfort for few days which can be well taken care of with the help of pain medications. You will be advised to wear bandage on your face to prevent any clot formation. These bandages along with the sutures will be taken out a week after the surgery. Any strenuous activities or exercises should be avoided for first 4-5 weeks. However, you can resume your routine activities of daily living in a week or two post-surgery.

5. How long is the surgery for a Facelift?

Surgery is usually preformed as an outpatient or overnight stay and usually takes about two to three hours.

6. How long will my Facelift last?

A facelift usually last 7 to 10 years. Some patients decide to have the procedure repeated down the road, while others do not feel that they need another procedure.


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