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Nigerians can have complex surgical procedures in their home country by renowned surgeons. Successful surgeries and quick recoveries are attracting lot of Nigerians to laparoscopy surgical camps organized by Indian doctors for a range of medical conditions. Laparoscopic surgical procedures Laparoscopic surgical procedures are becoming increasingly popular among Nigerians for gynecological, general and urological procedures. … Continue reading Different Laparoscopy surgeries performed by skilled Indian surgeons in Nigeria

Advantages of Laparoscopy surgery is quite evident with significant success rates for various procedures. Nigerians are opting for laparoscopic procedures over open surgical interventions in large numbers. Laparoscopy surgery Laparoscopy surgery is a minimally invasive procedure for operation on different organs such as liver, pelvic cavities, chest, throat and abdomen. The procedure requires a small … Continue reading Laparoscopy Surgery offers several benefits to Nigerians over open surgical procedures

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