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As per a study conducted in 2017, a diet lower in protein can protect you from chronic kidney disease (CKD). The study emphasized that eating fruits, vegetables, and a low-protein diet may help you keep your kidneys healthy.  So, here, we will focus on fruits that will help you fight high creatinine levels and boost … Continue reading 10 Fruits to Combat High Creatinine Levels

Critical decision for you and your doctor- Chemotherapy or Immunotherapy Which pathway to choose? Cancer treatment modalities have advanced considerably over the years, providing individuals with better and more effective options when fighting cancer.  Despite the benefits, it is important to find a balance between  different modes of treatment. While chemotherapy is more effective in … Continue reading Immunotherapy or Chemotherapy: Which is More Effective?

 Are you afraid of stomach cancer treatment without knowing the benefits of advanced treatment options? Stomach cancer surgery can be a painful process if open surgery is done. It leads to blood loss, complications, long hospital stays, and a long time of recovery.  Thanks to advancements in modern surgery  Robotic gastrectomy and laparoscopic surgery can … Continue reading What to expect after stomach cancer surgery?

Have you or your loved one been diagnosed with stomach cancer and are looking for the best possible treatment approach to cure stomach cancer?  A cancer diagnosis often comes with a fear that it has no cure and can cause death. However, with time and advancement in healthcare facilities, doctors can now manage or reverse … Continue reading Is stomach cancer curable in India?

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