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Advance Laparoscopic surgery in Nigeria

Why waste money on travels and hotels when you have the Indian doctors in Nigeria itself?

Let’s understand from the real-life experience of one of our patients. 

Let me introduce Mrs. Faith, who was looking for minimally invasive surgery for Fibroid. She is now 37-year-old and at the time when we met her, she was 35 years old. She was not able to conceive with repeated attempts and started consulting with Gynecologists.

She was detected with uterine fibroids. With her research and with the support of her doctors she got to understand that there are two ways to remove the fibroid. One is through open surgery and the other way is minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. 

She tried to find solutions for fibroid removal. Her gynecologist suggested getting the open surgery to be done. However, she was keen to find better options. She started searching on the internet and came across one of our pages where our initiatives of surgical camps are highlighted. 

She got in touch with the team and booked the surgery. We conducted laparoscopic myomectomy successfully. She was discharged in three days of admission.

Today she is enjoying her motherhood with 2 years of a beautiful daughter.

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MedicoExperts Nigeria

This could be your story as well.

But still, the problem is where to find the right specialist with good infrastructure in Nigeria for advanced minimal access procedures? 

This is the most common problem with patients, we don’t know where we can find the right solution to our problems. 

MedicoExperts is bridging the gap of healthcare in Nigeria by advancing hospitals in skills and technology to support the people of Nigeria to get treated in Nigeria with the finest of doctors from India.

The initiative is helping many patients who are looking for advanced treatment with the best doctors in the world. 

Now, the people of Nigeria need not to visit other countries for treatment and thereby saving time and money in traveling. 

Let’s understand how MedicoExperts is working and bringing the difference in the life of Nigerians.

Introducing MedicoExperts - Global Virtual Hospital

How MedicoExperts works?

MedicoExperts, perfect integration of more than 2000 highly experienced super specialist surgeons and over 150 multi-speciality top hospitals in India, is here to bring you comprehensive treatment with a patient-oriented approach.

Through our extensive network of hospitals, surgeons, scientists and clinical researchers, MedicoExperts is capable of providing holistic treatment and care to patients across the globe.

With half a decade of experience, we have successfully conducted more than 100 Surgical Camps and OPD Camps in Africa until now in countries like Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda in just a span of four years.

We are known for our expertise, compassionate care and exceptional record for conducting over 1000 surgeries in Nigeria through our highly skilled Indian surgeons. With the aid of expert surgeons from India, we aim to provide exceptional quality surgical treatment to Nigerians.

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MedicoExperts Surgical camps in Nigeria – a blessing to Nigerian medical travellers

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MedicoExperts’ Surgical Camps track record in Nigeria

We have successfully conducted about seven OPD and surgical camps in Nigeria. Our surgical services range from laparoscopic surgeries like hernia repair to orthopaedic surgeries like total knee replacement. Over 1000 patients have benefitted from our surgical camps and have received world- class surgical treatment from the top Indian specialist surgeons.


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Advanced laparoscopic surgery in Nigeria

We are currently offering surgical services in limited specialities. We are in the process of expanding the specialities.


MedicoExperts along with experienced and top gynaecologist from India provide diagnostic and surgical care to Nigerian women. Best Laparoscopic surgery in Nigeria


MedicoExperts’ team of expert best orthopaedic surgeons travel to Nigeria to perform a number of orthopaedic surgeries for the benefit of the Nigerians.

General surgery

General surgery is an operational specialty that focuses on abdominal contents including oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix and bile ducts, and often thyroid gland.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Under the skilful hands of the best cosmetic surgeons from India, Nigerian women can now choose female genital rejuvenation to improve the appearance of their genitals.

Cosmetic Surgery

Get your cosmetic surgery done by highly-skilled Indian cosmetic surgeons in association with MedicoExperts. The cosmetic surgeries we cater to are:

Penis enlargement

Penis girth and length enlargement in Nigeria

How we make quality Healthcare affordable

MedicoExperts, being a virtual hospital, has empaneled best of the superspecialist across the super-specialties and networked with hospitals with right clinical infrastructure and different level of service facilities, where we conduct surgeries and procedures. This help us to save the cost and extend benefits to you while ensuring the quality and success rates of the surgeries.
For Second opinions and follow-up consultations, our doctors are available on MedicoExperts online consultation platform.

Second Opinion

Always Get an Expert Second Opinion, Before you decide for your Treatment/Surgery

Surgeries & Procedures

Get all the information regarding surgeries & procedures across all specialties with multiple price point.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapy is a nonconventional approach to healing. Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Acupuncture


Happy patients of Nigeria

MedicoExperts – Global Virtual Hospital is the most reliable, trusted, and having 100% satisfied patients experience

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