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Are you struggling with digestion issues and considering hepaticojejunostomy surgery? A hepaticojejunostomy, also known as a hepatocholedocho-jejunostomy, is a procedure that can provide many benefits to individuals suffering from liver issues. Let’s get started! What is Hepaticojejunostomy? A hepaticojejunostomy is a surgical procedure that connects the liver to the small intestine, allowing bile and other … Continue reading Hepaticojejunostomy Surgery: Your Key to a Healthier Liver

Liver cancer is a formidable disease that affects millions of people worldwide, leaving them with a burning question: Can it be cured? Liver cancer is a daunting illness that impacts millions of individuals worldwide. When faced with this diagnosis, a vital question arises: is there a chance for a cure? In this blog post, we … Continue reading Liver Cancer: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Do you know advanced therapy can prolong the survival rate of advanced-stage liver cancer patients? Liver cancer particularly the end stage one has very poor prognosis. The cancer is often inoperable and has spread to nearby and distant organs like the colon and the stomach.  However, with advanced medical applications, it is possible to prolong … Continue reading Are you aware that last-stage liver cancer has a chance of cure? 

Top 10 Hepatologist in India Here is a list of the 10 best Hepatologist in India. 1. Arvinder Singh Soin MBBS(AIIMS)| MS (AIIMS)| FRCS (Edin)| FRCS (Glas)| FRCS (Transplant Surgery) Cambridge Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin has 38 years in this field. 2. Abha Nagral MBBS, DNB – General Medicine, DNB – Gastroenterology Dr. Abha Nagral … Continue reading Best Hepatologist in India

Liver transplant in India

The liver, the largest internal organ in the human body has an interesting facet to it. It is the only organ that can regrow even after a section of it is removed. This organ has the ability to grow to its normal size in just a couple of months. It performs multiple functions. Hence, it … Continue reading EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LIVER TRANSPLANT IN INDIA

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