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Radical trachelectomy in India brings new hope to young cervical cancer patient

A non-invasive advanced radical trachelectomy in India for a 25-year-old patient with positive outcome

Tell us about yourself

My name is Anna and I am 25 years of age. I was asked to get a smear test, after I was experiencing severe back pains and bleeding in between my periods. I also had very heavy menstrual bleeding. Once my results of smear test came, my gynaecologist suggested more tests. I was asked to get a colposcopy and the results were that I had stage 1b cervical cancer. I was devasted but my mother helped me through and also helped me make the right choice.

How did you know about MedicoExperts?

My mother actually found an ad on Facebook about cervical cancer care by MedicoExperts. She gave them a call to find out more and what are the treatment options. With the MedicoExperts team, we discussed about my reports and since I was young, we looked for non-invasive treatment options. I was recommended to undergo advanced radical trachelectomy as I wanted the least invasive method. They also suggested I do chemotherapy first which ensure that my cancer did not come back. But to get my treatment underway, I had to travel to India. After a lot of discussion and deliberation, we decided to go ahead. Team MedicoExperts was kind enough and very patient in all our doubting times.

How was your experience with MedicoExperts and the Indian Surgeon?

They are absolutely incredible in their approach. They made me feel at ease, and helped me stay positive. I am glad my mother found them; they have been very helpful in every way. My oncologist was an expert and my surgery went well. Before the surgery, he made sure I knew the possible side-effects and ensured I was mentally strong to handle the treatment. MedicoExperts and the entire team was very good, positive and caring.