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Cosmetic surgeries are meant for giving an upgrade to your look and appearance. For people who have an intention to reach their beauty goals, cosmetic surgeries can help you with the needful. You just need to reach out to the best clinics that are offering cosmetic surgery in India to ensure a proper assessment of your condition. After you have got your tests done by the team of professional cosmetic surgeons, you would eventually know how things will work out.

There are different types of procedures that are conducted under cosmetic surgery in India for different body parts and conditions. Whether you are willing to get cosmetic surgery done for your face, breast, abdomen, or other parts, you need to bring it up to the experts, and they will check whether your body is prepared for the cosmetic surgeries or not. Every medical procedure needs a thorough clinical analysis to prevent complications after the treatment. Therefore, the surgeons offering the best cosmetic surgery in India are known across the globe for the successful execution of the procedures without much chance of complications.

In this article, you will know some detailed information about different cosmetic surgery procedures along with their benefits.

Tummy Tuck


Tummy Tuck is one of the most popular and common cosmetic procedures for men and women alike. Known as abdominoplasty in medical terms, tummy tuck procedure involves the removal of excess skin and far along with restoring weakened muscles for creating a smooth and firm abdominal appearance. Although tummy tuck is often confused with liposuction, both the terms have subtle differences with each other. Tummy tuck is recommended for men and women with sound health condition. It is suitable for women who have undergone multiple pregnancies and want to tighten their abdominal muscles alongside reducing skin. Tummy tuck is also suitable for men and women who have reduced obesity and continue to have loose skin or excess fat deposits in their abdominal region.

There are two distinct options for tummy tuck procedure such as complete abdominoplasty and partial abdominoplasty. Complete abdominoplasty involves incision in the abdomen from hipbone to hipbone followed by contouring of skin, muscle and tissue according to requirements. The complete tummy tuck also involves shifting the belly button along with the need for placing drainage tubes underneath the skin for some days. Partial abdominoplasty procedure is applicable for people with fat deposits below the navel region. The procedure does not require any movement of the belly button and generally takes around two hours, depending on the patient’s case. Professional cosmetic surgeons can consult effectively with you regarding the options for tummy tuck according to your requirements and existing condition. Furthermore, patients can receive helpful guidance on preparing effectively for the procedure to avoid complications.



Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that helps to improve the shape of different body parts by extracting the fat. Liposuction is not a fat loss treatment as it is meant for treating only a particular area of the body by removing the fat contents from the area.

For this process, the medical experts are using the cannula to perform vacuum suction to remove the fat deposits. The professional liposuction surgeons use ultrasound methods for breaking the fat deposits within the area before it can be extracted using the cannula.

Some of the common areas where the liposuction can be performed are the stomach, face, thighs, buttocks, back, hips, and other such parts of the body. Liposuction is also recommended for removing the fat tumors and also for reducing the size of the chest in men. Professional surgeons have the potential to conduct liposuction on multiple areas of the body in a single day without any complications.

Breast Augmentation

breast implant augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures that are carried out by the top cosmetic surgeons in India. As the name suggests, this procedure is meant to change the shape of the breast or enhance its size. Most women are usually unsatisfied with their breast size or shape that makes them feel under confident about their body structure.

Therefore, they prefer taking up cosmetic surgery as their path to attain an attractive body with breast enlargement or augmentation procedure. To enhance the breast’s size, the surgeons would use breast implants for which this procedure is also named ‘breast implant surgery’.

Do not confuse breast augmentation with breast lifts or reduction procedures. All of these are different from one another. Breast augmentation is conducted by placing the implants right behind the tissue of the breast. The implants used are small sacs of silicone or sterile saltwater that gives an enlarged shape to the breasts.

Every cosmetic surgery hospital in India has dedicated surgery experts to carry out this procedure. The medical experts prefer giving general anesthesia to most of the women before commencing with the breast augmentation procedure.

The most common way that the medical experts follow for breast augmentation is by making a small incision under the breasts at the natural skin fold. After that, the implants are inserted through the incision and are placed perfectly. The surgeons will then stitch the area, and you might have a long-lasting scar. The scars are less visible in middle-aged women who already have kids.

Facelift Surgery

facelift surgery

Facelift is a cosmetic procedure to help people get rid of that saggy facial wrinkles or dropping skin. The cosmetic surgeons work on lifting the facial tissues by extracting all the excess skin from the area. The surgeons working at the best cosmetic surgery hospital in India elevates the skin and tightens the muscle underneath the area. The extracted skin during the process is then draped over the repositioned contours. After the procedure is done, the surgeons stitch those areas to end the procedure.

There are different types of incision approaches used by the professionals for commencing with facelift procedures. The types include traditional incision, limited incision, and neck lift incision. Under the traditional incision procedure, the surgeons make the cut from the hairline and go down following your ear and end right behind it. In addition to that, under the traditional incision approach, the surgeons might also prefer to make a small cut under your chin to enhance the appearance of your neck.

The limited incision is shorter as compared to the traditional approach and starts right from the hairline above the ear and rounds around that region. The cuts do not extend to the lower scalp in this approach. The neck lift incision is similar to that of the traditional incision but starts with the ear lobe and ends at the lower scalp. Along with that, a small incision is also made under the chin to give your neck an appealing look.


nose-job rhinoplasty

Any surgery that involves shaping your nose is termed as Rhinoplasty. The professional surgeons of the best cosmetic surgery clinic in India are dedicated to offering all types of nose reshaping or repair procedures under Rhinoplasty. There are many reasons for which people seek Rhinoplasty, which includes difficulty in breathing, birth defects, and others.

Apart from that, some of the other reasons Rhinoplasty can be used are increasing or reducing nose size, dealing with a nose injury, narrowing of nostrils, bridge shaping, changing nose angle, and others. There are dedicated medical experts who are destined to handle different conditions under Rhinoplasty.

But before starting with the procedure, the surgeons prefer giving anesthesia to the patient to reduce the pain or discomfort. Usually, the doctors prefer general anesthesia for the process to put the patient to sleep during the entire treatment. After it is done, the cosmetic surgeons will proceed with the incision that is done on the inside of the nose. The medical term for the area where the incision is made is called Columella. It is the narrow strip within the nose that is parting the two nostrils.

After the incision, the skin of the nasal bones & cartilages is lifted a bit to make enough area for reshaping the nose. For reshaping a large nose, additional bones or cartilage are removed from the nose area. But in some cases, the surgeons might also need to add the cartilage grafts. For this, the surgeons take the cartilages from the ear or from the ribs.

If the patient has some kind of breathing problem, then possibly the septum has deviated within the nose. With the incisions made, the surgeons will straighten the septum and all the projections within the nose to improve the person’s breathing ability. After the necessary measures are taken, the surgeons will close the incisions and complete the procedure.

Lip Augmentation

lip augmentation

Lip Augmentation is a common procedure that is used for giving a new shape to the lips. It is preferred, especially for increasing the volume, structure, or shape of the lips. The professionals make use of the injectable dermal fillers to conduct this treatment.

This treatment is not only meant for women, but men are also craving fuller-looking lips. The lip fillers and lip implants are two different types of procedures that are meant for lip augmentation. The lip fillers are the injections that are given to your lip area in series to add that missing plump to your lips. The lip filler technique is considered as the semi-permanent solution for which people prefer the permanent technique, i.e., lip implants.

The lip implants are soft silicone inserted within your natural lips to give it a permanent pump. They are resistant to punctures or leakage and are therefore considered the permanent lip augmentation procedure with definite results.

The lip augmentation with the fillers usually lasts for around six months, after which you might need to go for a second procedure. If you have any confusion about the procedure, you can always get in touch with the professional surgeons conducting the best cosmetic surgery in India. They will explain to you the suitable procedure according to your condition.


These are just some of the common cosmetic procedures that are mostly preferred by the people of India. When you go to any best plastic surgery hospital in India, they will let you know about many other such cosmetic procedures that are available for giving an appealing body structure to people. Some other cosmetic procedures include eyelid surgery, browlift, neck contouring, hairline lowering, ear surgery, chin augmentation, double chin removal treatment, and others.

You just need to get in touch with the professionals to know more about how these procedures are conducted and how it can help enhance your overall look and personality.

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