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“Growing number of overweight population and co-morbidities related to obesity are forcing patients globally to seek safe and painless bariatric surgeries. Affordable and quick recovery robotic mini gastric bypass surgery in India is gaining popularity among patients and doctors”    

Why Gastric Bypass?

Sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are making people more and more obese, affecting female and male adults equally. Moreover, physical deformity and body shaming are also making people feel low, who are overweight.

When other forms of weight management become non-effective such as exercise, dieting and medicines doesn’t work, then doctor suggest bariatric surgery to them. A number of reasons may drive individuals for weight loss treatments such as body shape or co-morbid conditions or a severe illness impacting their lifestyle. In addition, side-effects of heavy medications can also impact quality of life for overweight people. Few individuals also chose weight-lose surgical procedure due to their inability in restricting their staple food consumption. Advanced and minimally invasive bariatric procedures are now making weight loss surgeries less painful and quicker. Moreover, the cost effective medical tourism destinations like India are offering cutting edge bariatric surgeries including laparoscopic bariatric surgeries, gastric sleeves, and robotic mini gastric bypass at an affordable price.

Gastric Bypass

Among various surgical interventions, traditional gastric bypass is a procedure that combines stomach volume reduction with altered digestive system functionality resulting in low food absorption. The procedure is easier for both patient and the surgeon. Compared to other bariatric procedures gastric bypass is considered a superior alternative to lose weight and manage further complications.

Mini-Gastric Bypass

mini gastric bypass surgery

Mini-Gastric Bypass is useful for primary weight loss program, which results in less post operative complications and decreased operation time. In this procedure, around 6 feet of intestine part is bypassed that leads to decreased absorption of consumed food in the body.  The surgery is performed laparoscopically and just requires two small incisions instead of a big one, resulting in less visible scars on the body post recovery. Mini gastric bypass procedure is based on concept of malabsorption and restriction. Equipped with advanced surgical tools, high quality camera and 3D vision robotics to offer improved dexterity to doctors for reaching out to distant sites. Mini gastric bypass technique leaves larger pouch, which restrict early emptying of the stomach giving a feel of fullness for longer time. Robotic mini-gastric bypass procedure can decrease about 70% of excess weight.

Advantage of Mini gastric bypass surgery

  • Effective, revisable, safe and reversible weight loss procedure
  • Involves only single anastomosis and takes just half an hour to perform
  • Comparatively leaves a larger outlet and pouch that allows eat moderately as well as lose weight
  • Patient can begin eating within few days against six weeks after in other conventional bariatric surgeries
  • The procedure offers weight loss over longer period than other bariatric procedures
  • Mini gastric bypass surgery also minimizes the chances of leakage compared to other bariatric surgeries

How the surgery is performed?

Doctors decide upon the mini-gastric procedure after thorough case study and counseling of a candidate, co-morbidities of diseases as well as specific goals and needs of a patient. Basic advantage of a mini gastric bypass surgery is that its results are comparable to the conventional gastric bypass. One should always seek a professional surgeon to perform robotic gastric bypass or robotic mini- gastric bypass surgery, as an experienced surgeon can successfully complete the mini-gastric bypass surgery in less than an hour and most of the patients need just one day for recovery. Also, patients may resume their normal schedule within two weeks.

Robotic Bariatric Surgery

robotic-surgery bariatric surgery

Robotic bariatric surgery has gradually become a promising substitute to laparoscopic surgery in past few years. Performing surgeries by using a robotic arm is the new norm in bariatric surgeries including mini-gastric bypass. The procedure has made significant improvement for outcomes of mini-gastric bypass surgery. However, the technical surgery needs sufficient expertise to perform robotic mini-gastric bypass. The Mini/One anastomosis/omega loop gastric bypass (MGB/OAGB) procedure is suitable for robotic arm surgery because all dissection and anastomosis are made in the supracolic compartment. MGB/OAGB is becoming popular among the bariatric professionals across the globe due to its efficacy, short duration and safety levels

Bariatric surgery using a surgical robot can provide special benefits in methodology and outcomes in curing morbid obesity, compared to the laparoscopic methods.

  • OAGB/MGB offers advantage of having all entire dissection and anastomosis inside the supracolic compartment, which aids technically to perform robotic surgery.
  • Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or RYGB, popular bariatric surgery method are now being performed using Da Vinci Surgical System robot, which is providing convenient to doctors as well as the patient.
  • Robotic RYGB enhances operative time over laparoscopic RYGB methods, but with better outcomes such as shorter hospital stay, reduced readmission rate, and fewer recurrent GJA stricture formation.

Benefits of Robotic Bariatric Surgery

  • Enhanced movement: Robotic arms are fitted with wrists for more comfortable movements and grip as compared to laparoscopic device.
  • Improved vision: Through its binocular vision the robot can provide better 360 degree in-depth view to the doctor.
  • Improved ergonomics: Robot can be easily controlled by a surgeon through a console, resulting in physical relief to the doctor while performing the surgery.
  • Tiny incisions: Using robotic process that requires just 8 mm incision the site of operation is left with little scar and minimal infection possibility.
  • Revisional process: Robotics may offer enhanced accuracy, in handling scar tissues or adhesions from a previous procedure.
  • Quick recovery and short hospital stay: Being a minimally invasive procedure, patient attains quick recovery and need shot stay in hospital.

However, some experts believe that robotics lacks in human touch and interaction with patients, while some surgeon don’t have desired skills to operate the device conveniently. But it doesn’t affect the quality of surgery and outcomes.

Globally, advanced hospitals are adopted robot assisted bariatric surgeries as it can be performed efficiently over high risk obese individual (With BMI> 50 kg/m2) having complex anatomy. Robotic arms can lift the heavy abdominal walls to provide sufficient space to surgeons for quick procedure, faster recovery and less pain. This procedure helps reduced tissue trauma ensuring safe surgery. Mini gastric bypass also offers prolonged weight loss along with resolution of co-morbidities. Robotic Mini Gastric Bypass surgery offers good metabolic results and helps reduce the probability of possible hernia after surgery.

Robotic Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in India

robot mini bypass surgery - bariatric surgery

India’s medical infrastructure and surgical expertise offers the country a competitive edge with global counterparts. Hospitals and medical facilities in major Indian cities are equipped with advanced treatment options at affordable price. The success rate of Mini gastric bypass surgery in India is more than 99%. Dedicated health service agencies, experienced bariatric surgeons and a network of best in class hospitals with proximity to major airports makes India a most sought after destination for medical procedures among foreign patients. In India a robotic mini gastric bypass surgery costs around US$ 2000-3000 more than normal mini gastric bypass surgery, which costs about US$ 5800 that may change with choice of hospital and doctor.

Leading hospitals in India have exceptional service experience in catering international patients offering latest technology and innovation. These hospitals have separate divisions, panel of best doctors and special teams provide comprehensive care to foreign patients.


Dr. Jaydeep H. Palep
Director & Head,
Department Of Bariatric & Minimal Access Surgery,
Nanavati Super specialty Hospital,
Mumbai, India

Consultant GI & Bariatric Surgeon(Lap & Robotic)
Dr. Palep’s Weight Loss and Gastro Clinic
Lilavati Hospital
Jaslok Hospital
Breach Candy Hospital
Hinduja HealthCare, Khar

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