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5 Early warning signs of ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and 5 easy ways to reverse ED

Erectile dysfunction early warning signs

Are you also ignoring the warning signs of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is very simple to reverse if it’s not ignored and dealt with in an early stage. 

Let me introduce you to two friends working in the software industry. 

Anil and Sunil are two childhood friends from Delhi. They met each other when Sunil joined the same school where Anil was studying. They studied together, and both decided to choose engineering as the professional line. Both prepared together for engineering, and fortunately, both of them got admission to the same engineering college in Jaipur and got Computer science as a specialization. Both of them were good in academics and used to push each other and challenge each other for better academic scores. During campus placement, both of them got selected by a very reputed Indian multinational software giant. They joined together in the beautiful city of Bangalore, which is also famous as the silicon valley of India.  

Anil gets most of the projects in the UK, and Sunil gets the projects in the US. Both excelled very well in their professional life and worked in different countries on prestigious projects. 

Today, Anil lives in Bangalore, and Sunil lives in Pune. Both are happily married. Anil has two kids, a son, and a daughter, whereas Sunil has one beautiful daughter. Both are escalating the corporate ladders and leading more than 100 member teams of software developers. Obviously, the job has tremendous pressure and working with customers of odd time zones. Both of them are in their late thirties today.

Three years back, Anil noticed that he was losing interest in sex life. The work pressures were really high, so he didn’t take it seriously. A couple of months later, he also noticed that he was finding it difficult to get erections. He started taking the help of porn to circumvent the problem. After another couple of months, he noticed that he could not maintain an erection during sexual activities. When he observed the deterioration, his interest in sex reduced further, and he tried to focus more on work. After another couple of months, he has reached the stage where there is no erection. His usual porn techniques stopped working for him. After this observation, Anil started worrying. These thoughts of not being able to perform started coming very frequently, and slowly this lower self-esteem and self-confidence started reflecting in other aspects of personal and professional life. 

Anil got an opportunity to meet his old childhood friend Sunil during one of the corporate events. Anil decided to discuss his problem with Sunil.

Sunil, after listening to Anil, shared his story. When Sunil first noticed changes in morning erection patterns, he decided to start some research on the subject. However, he was not able to prioritize the study, and another 3-4 months passed. He also noticed a delay in erections, and he decided to prioritize the research. He realized that some lifestyle changes were required and started exercise routines focusing on the core, abdomen, and pelvic area. He also connected with an Ayurvedic doctor through online video consultation and started some herbal supplements on the doctor’s recommendations.

Sunil regained his sexual life back in 3-4 months when he was determined to do so. Sunil suggested Anil to visit the doctor rather than worrying about the situation.

Same professions, age groups, work pressures, lifestyle, and outcomes could be very different with different approaches. 

It’s all up to you whether you want to be in the category of Sunil or Anil. If you wish to ignore and remain in denial mode, or you accept and acknowledge the signs and act upon them promptly. 

Before we start, let’s first understand what erectile dysfunction is.

What is Erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability or trouble getting in and keeping an erection that’s firm enough for sex. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a progressive process and occurs slowly over time. It can cause significant disappointment, stress, and depression in men’s lives, if you cannot perform well in bed. Sooner or later, it’s going to affect both your personal and professional life. 

How do you detect that you are already having or heading towards erectile dysfunction?

You need to observe yourself and see if the following signs and symptoms are visible.

Early warning signs of erectile dysfunction are as follows.

warning signs of erectile dysfunction

1. Trouble in getting an Erection:

This is the first and foremost symptom of ED. In this condition, you would not be able to get an erection easily. To verify this, you can compare your erection patterns and timings from when you were in your late twenties or early thirties. 

If you feel that the time and effort required for erection has increased substantially, then Yes, it’s a warning sign, and you should take it seriously.

2. Inability to maintain an Erection:

This is the most common warning sign that you can get an erection but have trouble maintaining an erection. At times, you start losing the erection during the sexual activity. 

If this scenario is repeatedly happening with you, then Yes, it’s a warning sign. 

3. Not having the desire for sex:

This is also called libido and is caused by psychological or biological issues. An imbalance in the hormone-like testosterone may lower the ability of your erections. 

Psychologically, men with Erectile dysfunctions may feel inadequate and embarrassed about their condition. The feeling of anxiety, shame, and depression started to build up and lower a man’s desire to have sex.

Most of the time, the decrease in urge for sex is coupled with earlier described erectile dysfunction symptoms, and continued ignorance of these symptoms starts resulting in low libido.

If your urge for sex has reduced drastically, Yes, it’s a warning sign.

4. Loss of sensitivity in the penis:

This sign is caused due to age. It is observed that many men, as they grow older, it takes more stimulation to obtain an erection. 

With growing age, the sensitivity levels of the Penis start decreasing. Moreover, age also impacts hormonal levels. 

The possibility of other medical problems can’t be ruled out with this symptom, particularly when your age is less than 40.

If your age is less than 40 and you are losing sensitivity, Yes, it’s a warning sign.

5. Early morning erections:

The early morning erections are very common in males. If you are missing these regular erections for a long time, this is definitely a warning sign that indicates that you will start seeing other symptoms in the coming months and years.

The early morning erections happen because Your testosterone level is at its peak in the morning. The increase in testosterone hormone alone is enough to cause an erection, even in the absence of any stimulation.

Having frequent morning erection is an indicator of good sexual health, and it further indicates the blood vessels that allow blood to flow to your penis are also healthy. 

If you notice your morning erections are unusual for a very long time, then Yes, it’s a warning signal for you.

Now, the next question is what you should be doing if you can notice one or more of the above-mentioned warning signs. 

What should you do?

There are multiple reasons behind these symptoms. The reasons include blood flow-related issues, hormone issues, stress & lifestyle issues, and psychological issues. The exact cause can be determined by investigations that a doctor can prescribe.

However, if you have recently started observing one or more of these symptoms, you may like to rule out the possibility of casualness and temporariness of your observations before you approach a doctor for a thorough evaluation.

The very early stages of erectile dysfunctions can be easily managed by improvements in lifestyle, some exercises, and some supplements.  

There are some specific exercises that help increase the blood flow in the abdominal area and in private parts, which help reverse early-stage erectile dysfunction.

Following are the exercises and lifestyle changes you can easily do at home. These mechanisms are absolutely healthy without any side effects.

1. Basic kegel exercise

Kegel exercises like pelvic floor exercises improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. It helps to strengthen the bulbocavernosus muscle(the area between the anus and the genitals.).

These important muscles do three jobs: 

  • It allows the penis to engorge with blood during erection, 
  • It pumps during ejaculation, 
  • It helps empty the urethra after urination.

The best method for locating the muscles of the pelvic floor (the lower pelvis) is to stop your urine stream several times in the middle of urination. The muscles you clench to do this are the ones you need to exercise.

To perform a rep of Kegel exercises, squeeze these muscles, hold for five seconds, then relax. Repeat this ten times in one set initially and then slowly increase it up to twenty times in a set. You should do it at least three times a day. 

You should try to do the sets in different positions, such as lying down with your knees up, sitting in a chair, and standing.

Once you are able to comfortably do this twenty times in a set, add the next level as well which is to squeeze the muscles of your anus like you are holding a bowel movement. Inhale the breath and then hold 5 Seconds and then relax the muscle and exhale the breath. Slowly Increase this squeeze and hold period up to 10 seconds. 

In thirty to forty-five days, you will be able to do both exercises at least three to four times a day which is sufficient enough to upgrade and maintain the strength of pelvic floor muscles.

2. Yoga Asanas

Few Yoga Asanas ( exercises/positions) are really very helpful to stimulate the pelvic muscle and increase the blood flow in the abdominal and pelvic area. 

Following yoga poses are very helpful for reversing erectile dysfunction

  • Paschimottanasana
  • Uttanasana
  • Baddha Konasana
Baddha Konasana
  • Janu Sirsasana
Janu Sirsasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Bhujangasana

3. Exercise for strengthening abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor

  • Bridge
  • Squat
  • Hollow Hold
Hollow Hold

You can do these poses in the morning or evening.  Start with 5 reps of each pose in a set. After 7 days, repeat the whole sequence twice. After a month slowly increase the reps from 5 to 10 and then up to 20. Repeat the whole sequence two times.

By performing both the kegel exercises and the yoga poses for 45 days, your pelvic muscles would be sufficiently stimulated. However, you should keep on doing these exercises as this will help you to maintain the gained strength.

4. Natural Supplements

There are a few Ayurvedic supplements that improve different aspects of sexual wellness. These supplements include Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Kaunch beej, Gokhru powder, and Shatavari. 

These supplements are natural and don’t have any side effects.

You can find more details about these supplements visit Ashwagandha

5. Stop smoking

Smoking impacts blood circulation in many ways, leading to a host of related health problems including heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and erectile dysfunction.

An erection occurs when blood vessels in the penis enlarge and fill with blood. Smoking disrupts blood vessels in the pelvic area of the body. The vessels of the Penis are also impacted by smoking and start damaging with increased frequency. 

In fact, smoking is capable of causing erectile dysfunction in men as young as 20. 

You need to support Kegel exercises and Yoga positions by quitting smoking, otherwise, the positive impact generated by the exercises will be neutralized by smoking. 

6. Reduce or stop alcohol intake

Alcohol acts as a depressant on the central nervous system. Alcohol creates a sedating effect on the brain and body. You might be very well aware of alcohol’s typical effects which are pleasant effects like relaxation and a feeling of warmth. However, Alcohol also brings negative effects such as lack of inhibition, and a decline in motor skills. This effect is also called whiskey dick where a person is not able to get an erection after heavy boozing.  

In the case of whiskey dick, alcohol affects some of the critical systems involved in sexual arousal, erection, blood circulation, and nerve sensitivity.  (Wang, 2018).

Alcohol has an interesting and contrasting relationship with ED. When you take 1–2 drinks per day, alcohol may actually help you to get a better erection. This is believed to be due to alcohol’s ability to decrease performance anxiety and increase sexual desire. However, heavy drinking leads to a loss of penis nerve sensitivity, lower libido, sexual dysfunction, and other similar effects. (Sivaratnam, 2021).

The best way to prevent alcohol induce changes is to avoid heavy drinking and better avoid drinking when you are doing Kegel exercises and yoga poses.

Forward path

If these exercises and lifestyle changes don’t give results to you in three months, then you need to visit an andrologist for thorough clinical evaluations. 

You can choose to interact with a doctor online whereby you can have a video call with the doctor and the doctor can suggest the forward path. 

If you have a very long history of erectile dysfunction, You may need to explore some advanced therapies like stem cell therapy. 

If you need any help in organizing a consultation with an ayurvedic doctor, Andrologist, or stem cell therapist you may like to get in touch with us.

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