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Advanced hip replacement surgery in India for a pain free tomorrow

Douglas from Ethiopia was diagnosed with arthritis and received robot assisted hip replacement surgery in India.

Tell us about yourself

I am Douglas from Ethiopia and after years of physical activities, I recently began experiencing pain in simple movements of my hip. After getting tests done, I was diagnosed with advanced arthritis on my hips. I felt all the symptoms of arthritis – joint stiffness, pain, swelling, tenderness, and even had difficulty in walking. My local doctors suggested total hip replacement surgery

How did you know about MedicoExperts?

I was looking for treatment options in Kenya, when I happened to see and advert about an advanced technique of hip replacement surgery by MedicoExperts. I was curious and got in touch with them. I shared my reports with and we started to prepare for my travel to India.

How was your experience with MedicoExperts and the Indian Surgeon?

MedicoExperts’ team is very prompt and helpful. They answered all my questions and also helped me choose the best surgeon and hospital based on my preference and budget. I have no doubt that I made a good choice coming to India. Thank you MedicoExperts, I am well and without any pain now.

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