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Latest Spastic Diplegia Treatment: Insightful Guide

Everything you must know about the latest Spastic diplegia treatment

Has the diagnosis of spastic diplegia for your little one left you depressed and hopless about the spastic diplegia treatment?

Coming across a diagnosis for spastic diplegia for your little one is something that none of the parents every think of. But living with a diagnosis of spastic diplegia for your little one is something that can cause a great mental turmoil for a parent. 

The mental agony increases numerous times more when the doctor says that there is traditionally no cure for spastic diplegia. 

The hopeless prognosis (the future of the disease advancement)  of spastic diplegia leaves parents concerned about the future of their child. While parents of children having spastic diplegia constanly look for any breakthrough that could help in reversing this condition the response is not very encouraging.

However, there has been a change in the status quo of the treatment of spastic diplegia. Yes with the help of cutting edge technology spastic diplegia treatment is now possible.

To understand more about the latest treatment that promises to offer cure for spastic diplegia let us first understand the symptoms of spastic diplegia. 

What are the symptoms of spastic diplegia?

spastic diplegia treatment

Spastic diplegia mainly affects the lower limbs and sometimes it may even affect the upper limb. Generally spastic diplegia causes stiff and contracted limbs making movement difficult.  Usually children who have spastic diplegia walk on the tips of their toes in an unfamiliar “scissor-like walking manner.” The kids having spastic diplegia face difficulty in walking because of  excessive muscle contractions that causes bending of the knees and cross knee.  

Besides causing difficulty in movement the other common symptoms of spastic diplegia are:

  • Difficulty in muscle coordination 
  • Problem in balancing the body 
  • Seizures (occasionally)
  • Joint contractures,
  • Difficulty in understanding things
  • Bended knees
  • Toe walking
  • Delayed walking 

After understanding the symptoms of spastic diaplegia let us now understand its causes.

What are the causes of spastic diaplegia?

spastic diplegia treatment,cp with spastic diplegia

Genrally spastic diplegia is caused by brain damage, that usually happens before, during, or shortly after birth.

Also babies who were born prematurely with low birth weight are at an elevated risk of developing cerebral palsy.

The common causes of spastic diplegia include:

  • Injury during forceps or other assisted birth injury
  • Fetal injury during pregnancy.
  • Some maternal health conditions like seizure
  • Exposure to certain radiation
  • Some maternal infections during pregnancy 
  • Maternal exposure to toxic substances during pregnancy
  • Fetal stroke
  • Severe or untreated jaundice in the newborn
  • Neonatal infection, like meningitis or inflammation of the brain

Now that we understood the common causes of spastic diplegia let us understand the 

What are the conventional treatment for managing spastic diplegia?

spastic diplegia symptoms, progressive spastic diplegia

Doctors pracicing conventional medicine often say that spastic diplegia is not curable. However with conventional medicine you can manage your spastic diplegia. The common conventional treatment approach for managing spastic diplegia are:

  • Medication to reduce muscle spasm
  • Physical therapy to loosen stiff muscles
  • Training to help with balance and posture issues, 
  • Movement assistance like walker, and braces.
  • Certain yoga and massage therapy.

Unlike conventional therapy spastic diplegia can be cured by cell based therapy.

Let us now understand how does stem cell therapy works to cure spastic diplegia.

What is the latest treatment for spastic diplegia?

latest treatment for spastic diplegia, spastic diplegia

Stem cell therapy is an innovative treatment approach for curing spastic diaplegia. The researchers use the innate healing property of the stem cells to repair any damage to the nerve cell. By repairing the damage your doctor can initiate healing spastic diplegia that have caused spastic diplegia.

The regenerative power of stem cell therapy is not hidden from us. It is these master cells that are responsible for the growth of an embryo from a single cell to an adult. Also it is these stem cells that play a crucial role repairing any damage that has been caused during wear and tear.

Researchers have used the regenerative power of stem cells to repair the damaged nerve cells to cure spastic diplegia.

How does stem cell therapy work to reverse spastic diplegia?

spastic diplegia treatment, progressive spastic diplegia

Stem cells have amazing healing properties. By utilizing these healing properties doctors are now healing people with several diseases that earlier was considered incurable. These stem cells have immense regenerative properties which have made researchers conduct several research to explore treatment potential of stem cell therapy.

After conducting in depth study on the regenerative and healing power of stem cells researchers have now understood the mechanism of action of stem cells. 

By using the insight they got during the research the researchers started using these capabilities to treat diseases like spastic diplegia which was earlier considered to be incurable. 

Cell therapy has helped in curing spastic diplegia by initating repair of the damaged nerve cells that causes this condition.

Generally the stem cells used during this procedure are collected from the bone marrow which  is present in abundant numbers in young children.

What is the right time for you to initiate stem cell therapy to reverse spastic diplegia for your child?

spastic diplegia treatment, spastic diplegia

Stem cell therapy works best for spastic diplegia when the cell based therapy is initiated at an earlier stage. 

During the initial stage of spastic diplegia the chances of healing of damaged nerve cells is greater. Since the probability of healing is greater it is better to initiate treatment for spastic diplegia at an early stage.  Also by initiating stem cell therapy at an early stage the child experiences mild symptoms associated with cerebral palsy.

What are the factors you should consider before selecting a doctor for your stem cell treatment for spastic diplegia?

stem cell treatment for spastic diplegia, cp with spastic diplegia

The innovative stem cell therapy is an advanced procedure and only qualified doctors and researchers can practice. 

These few doctors who practice stem cell therapy have an in-depth understanding about the efficacy and mechanism of healing of stem cell therapy. As these doctors studied stem cell treatment procedures in detail the doctors hold expertise in performing this procedure. Since they specialize in this field they can deliver good results. However stem cell treatment is not suitable for curing all health conditions. 

Therefore, while you  select a doctor for your spastic diplegia treatment you must ensure to choose a stem cell expert who has persistently delivered good results in spastic diaplegia treatment.


By addressing the symptoms of spastic diplegia and initiating innovative and advanced stem cell treatment at an early stage you increase your child’s with spastic diplegia lead a normal life.

The latest cell based therapy works wonders to reverse spastic diplegia. This latest treatment ensures to reverse spastic diplegia by working on its root cause by replacing the damaged nerve cells.

Apart from, choosing stem cell therapy to cure spastic diplegia you must also consider that the sooner you undergo stem cell therapy, the better and more long-lasting results you can expect. 

Also you must consult your doctor and seek their opinion if stem cell therapy is helpful for your child or not to reverse their spastic diplegia. 

You should undergo stem cell therapy for spastic diplegia only after your doctor has advised you to do so.

If you are going ahead with stem cell therapy for spastic diplegia then you must consider for a stem cell practitioner who has helped in curing spastic diplegia using stem cell therapy.

If you find it difficult to find a good stem cell expert to reverse spastic diplegia through stem cell therapy

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Can spastic diplegia be cured?

Conventionally there is currently no cure for spastic diplegia or any other type of cerebral palsy. However latest cell based therapy the disease can be cured for children with spastic diplegia.

Do kids with spastic diplegia walk?

Kids with spastic diplegia usually walk without difficulty however, some individuals may experience difficulty in walking and may require to be dependent on an assistive mobility device such as a crutch, wheelchair, or walker.

What part of the brain is affected by spastic diplegia?

Generally an injury to the brain cortex may cause spastic diplegia.

Does spastic cerebral palsy get worse with age?

No the spastic cerebral palsy do not get worse over times however the symptoms that arises as an associated symptom of spastic cerebral palsy may get worse over time.

How do you treat spastic diplegia?

The innovative cell-based therapy has helped curing spastic diplegia for several children which earlier was deemed impossible by using conventional therapy.

Is spastic diplegia a disability?

Sometimes spastic diplegic cerebral palsy is can cause disability and is usually characterized by frequent muscle spasms and muscle tension. 

What is the current status of Stem cell therapy from the regulatory framework?

The stem cell-based therapy is in the research phase and not yet formally approved by ICMR. However, the application of stem cells, popularly known as bone marrow transplants, in blood-related disorders is approved by ICMR.

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