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Knee Replacement Surgery in India- A Step-By-Step Guide

Knee Replacement in India

Knee replacement surgery (total or partial) is a complex surgical procedure that needs a skilled orthopedic and joint replacement surgeon to replace the diseased part of the bones with new artificial knee implant, also known as prosthesis.

The expert joint replacement surgeon builds the synthetic knee during the procedure by crafting one component at a time and remaking the artificial knee joint.

Knee replacement surgery in India is indicated if;

  • You are suffering from severe knee osteoarthritis
  • Your pain is preventing you to do your normal activities of daily living.
  • You have difficulty walking, bending, kneeling, squatting etc
  • Your symptoms have not improved with other conventional treatments like medicines, physiotherapy etc.

It is essential for you to know details of the surgical procedure you will be undergoing beforehand to prepare yourself for the surgery and cope with it for better recuperation. Your surgeon shall perform the knee replacement surgery in steps explained below:

Step 1: Making you sleep

The anesthetist shall give you either the general or spinal anesthesia to make you fall asleep during the procedure.

Step 2: Incising the knee

The surgeon shall make an incision over the anterior part of your knee which allows easy access to the patella often known as kneecap. The incision in typically about 8-10 inches in length in case of traditional knee replacement surgery. In contrast, the incision is only 4-6 inches long if the surgery is being performed using minimally invasive approach.

Knee Replacement in India
Minimally Invasive & Traditional TKR

Step 3: Turning the Kneecap

After making incision over the knee, the first exposed part is your patella. As the surgeon gains access to patella, he rotates it outwards providing adequate room to perform the procedure.

Step 4: Preparation of Thighbone

The surgeon then resurfaces your thighbone medically known as femur. After carefully exposing the knee joint, the surgeon uses specialized instruments to measure the bone and to cut the damaged bone and cartilage from the base of the femur with utmost precision. The cut end is then resurfaced for appropriate fitting of the femoral component of the prosthesis.

joint replacement in India
Preparation of Thighbone

Step 5: Fixing the Femoral component

As the femur is resurfaced, the surgeon fixes the femoral component made of metal or plastic to the base and fix it into place using bone cement.

Knee Replacement in India
Fixing Femorial Component

Step 6: Preparation of Shinbone

Shinbone also called as Tibia is the next bone to get resurfaced. The upper end of the tibia is made free of damaged bone and cartilage and then it is reshaped so as to fit the tibial component of the artificial knee prosthesis.

best joint replacement in India
Preparation of Shinbone

Step 7: Fixing the Tibial component

The Tibial component (tibial tray) is then fixed to the upper resurfaced part of the tibia and is glued in place using bone cement. As soon as the tray is fixed, the surgeon places a polyethylene insert to convene between the femoral and tibial component that acts as a buffer and provides support to your body while bending and flexing your knee.

Knee replacement in India
Fixing the Tibial component

Step 8: Re-tuning the Patella

The surgeon smoothens the lower surface of the patella and fix it with the added plastic patellar component in order to certify appropriate fit with the rest of implant. If required, the plastic component is cemented to the bone.

Knee Replacement in India
Re-tuning the Patella

Step 9: Concluding the Procedure

The surgeon then checks for the proper alignment, working, sizing and positioning of the implant by bending and flexing the knee. After confirming, the surgeon sutures the incision and dresses it. The surgery take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Knee Replacement in India
Prosthesis in Place

Your life after the surgery

The results are always excellent after knee replacement surgery with the top joint replacement surgeons in India. You can expect good recovery and can start moving and walking the very next day after the procedure. You may expect a pain free knee after complete recovery.

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