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Hymenoplasty Surgery : A Wonderful Gift A Woman Can Give Herself

This blog gives a brief introduction of Hymenoplasty, its benefits, post-surgery care and the cost of the procedure in Nigeria. Hymenoplasty surgery is a simple, temporary, cosmetic, out-patient procedure which a female patient can opt for health, aesthetic, personal or cultural reasons.

Hymenoplasty Surgery

What is It and Who Can Opt for It?

understanding hymen repair surgery

            Going by the very name of hymenoplasty or hymen repair surgery, one may think that it is a very complicated and long procedure. It is however a temporary, out-patient, cosmetic surgery to repair, reconstruct or construct a woman’s hymen. The hymen is a thin, flesh-coloured membrane made of tissue that covers the opening of the vagina. It protects the vagina from dirt and bacterial infection. In a hymenoplasty surgery, the torn skin around the edges of the hymen is cut away. The remaining tissues are stitched together, with only a small hole. With this, the hymenal ring regains its size and shape.

As a female ages, indulges in sports or is sexually active prior to marriage, the hymen begins to wear out. It ruptures and the woman does not come to know of this in most cases. At the time of marriage this may become a cultural or ethical issue, especially in conservative societies. In such cases and where women are subject to sexual crimes, hymenoplasty is one such cosmetic surgical procedure to claim ONESELF !! Additionally, some cultures associate an imperforated hymen with virginity. It is then when women may opt for hymen repair before marriage.

However, not just this section of women, but a whole lot of women are increasingly opting for such surgeries either because of health reasons or purely to improve their sex life. Females who are active in sports, who have been sexually active before marriage, those who seek a perfect body or who want to simply enjoy a better sex life often opt for such procedures.

          An alternative to this surgical procedure is, hymen repair by laser. Often, it is a permanent surgery where the hymen is restored to its earlier state viz; before it was stretched, worn or torn. It is a minimally-invasive surgery which leaves no scars of surgery.

Is Hymenoplasty Only for Medical Reasons?

Does It Have Other Benefits Too

Yes, while it is a traditionally known to be a cosmetic, medical, procedure, there are some other benefits that this procedure offers to a woman. Some of these are;

  • Every woman fiercely guards her virginity for her life partner. However, in the case of a sexual assault, a woman is left traumatised both physically and emotionally. This surgery can provide a woman some relief to heal from the psychological and emotional ordeal of being robbed of her virginity.  
  • In some societies it is natural to be sexually active, especially during adolescence. Over time, a woman may feel guilty about it and may want to start life afresh. Hymenoplasty can help reduce the guilt to a considerable extent.
  • The woman experiences sensations better, making intercourse a pleasurable and satisfying activity.
  • It restores the same sexual enthusiasm in a couple’s life as it was in the initial years.
  • Helps gain pre-delivery tightness in vagina following normal deliveries.
  • A woman usually feels young again after such a surgery.
  • The surgery restores the aesthetic appeal of a woman’s external genitalia, as they now experience better easiness when wearing specific clothes and participating in sports activities. Also, the surgery eases some strain in physical relationship arising from difficulty during intimacy.  

What is the Recovery Time After A Hymenoplasty?

What Care Must A Patient Take Post-Surgery?

A hymenoplasty is an out-patient procedure, done by a plastic surgeon under local anaesthesia. It takes up to two hours to perform the surgery, depending on the needed repairs. After a few hours of stay in the hospital, the patient is discharged. The hymen repair surgery recovery time is usually six weeks, with certain care to be followed during this time.

Some of the precautions to follow are:

  • Avoid sexual activity up to eight weeks.
  • Engage in only light to moderate activities 10 days after surgery.
  • The genital area should be kept clean and prescribed medicines should be taken to prevent infection.
  • You can use warm compresses and ice-packs to ease pain and swelling.


Now that you have a fair idea of the procedure, its benefits and post-surgery recovery time, you may be thinking of hymen repair surgery cost and which clinics offer these surgeries.

We at MedicoExperts are associated with some of the best cosmetic surgeons from India’s top-ranking hospitals. Cosmetic surgeons from India are highly skilled to perform hymenoplasty surgeries. Our doctors ensure that you share your concerns with them in full faith. You are assured of the best treatment, without having to travel to India.

MedicoExperts has been organising surgical and OPD camps in Nigeria. Hymenoplasty cost in Nigeria comes to USD 2,500-2,700. When converted in local currency, it comes to Naira 9,50,000 – 10,26,000.

For further enquiries or to speak with our patient care expert about hymenoplasty surgery drop an email at [email protected] or Call/IMO/WhatsApp/Viber on +91- 9769516280.

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