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How does a heart attack feel like? How to survive a heart attack when at home?


According to popular research, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among Indians. The number of deaths due to coronary disease will rise from 2.26 million to 4.77 million in India. It becomes imperative to recognize the signs of a heart attack and prepare for an emergency beforehand. Few common symptoms of heart attack are; shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, discomfort in the chest; pain in the center of the chest, breaking out into cold sweat, and nausea.

Heart Attack

Heart attacks or Myocardial infarctions occur when the blood flow to the heart reduces, and the pulmonary muscles begin to die out. When the arteries are obstructed due to the presence of fat or cholesterol, there is an interruption in the blood vessel. It may cause permanent damage to a portion of the heart. Thus, individuals must be aware of the different ways in which a person suffering a heart attack; can be saved.

What how a Heart attack feels like?

Males and females within the age of 45-55 years are susceptible to heart attacks. Senior citizens aged over 60-65 years old have an increased risk of being prey to heart diseases. The most suitable ways of dealing with heart attack are first, acknowledging the symptoms. It may begin as breathlessness or fatigue with the rapid increase in palpitation. It is followed by strong pain in the center of the chest and a blockage caused by a lack of blood to the chambers of the heart.

How to survive a heart attack when alone? Treatment options after reaching the hospital

How to survive heart attack when alone

According to Dr.Rahul Gupta, one must chew a disprin, in such an instance. Sorbitrate dose of 5mg may be taken only by lying down as the effect of the medicine can cause dizziness in the individual. One must not panic but start coughing repeatedly and vigorously. Deep breaths provide oxygen into the lungs, and coughing movements squeeze the heart and foster the circular movement of the blood.

If there is an intense heart attack, the ST gets elevated. Emergency angioplasty is required to be done instantly in case of a severe heart attack. Angioplasty involves the procedure of unclogging the blocked arteries with the help of a balloon. Immediate action must be taken in case of a heart attack.

Risk factors associated with pulmonary attacks

The following are the four most lethal aspects that can contribute to a heart attack:

Hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Therefore, a person must be extremely cautious of their food and exercise habits so that early detection of heart issues can be followed by effective diagnosis. Heart attacks claim the lives of thousands of people, worldwide. A combination of factors leads to endothelial dysfunction, which results in Vasoconstriction and inflammation. A healthy lifestyle where a balanced diet and exercising are incorporated, stand upright against signs of a heart attack.

As Dr. Rahul Gupta states- “Heart disease is often avoidable.” One must be able to make decisions with agility and act with promptness.

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Doctor Speaks 

Dr Rahul Gupta

Dr. Rahul Gupta

Sr Consultant Cardiologist, Head of the Department

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, Cardium Clinic Vashi

Author: Dr. Rahul Gupta

MD, DM, FESC(Europe), FSCAI, IACC(USA) Sr Consultant Cardiologist, Head of the Department Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, Cardium Clinic Vashi

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