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bone marrow transplant

Bone Marrow transplant is a very important procedure to save someone’s life. As the absence of new blood cells within the body, the functionality deteriorates. Therefore, an immediate transplant is essential for people to regain their lost body functionality and strength. But before that, people must clear some of the common myths from their minds about the bone marrow transplant treatment. 


Bone Marrow is the home for immature cells that can take the form of any type of blood cell. It is naturally found as a soft tissue inside some select bones. Bone marrow transplant treatment is recommended for a patient when his/her bone marrow has lost the ability to produce new blood cells.

Usually, the cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are most likely to experience this problem later in a lifetime. The experts conducting the bone marrow transplant in India prefer extracting the bone marrow before chemotherapy sessions and then are returned to the body after the session is completed.

Just like this, there are many facts associated with bone marrow transplant in India. But some of the myths across the minds of people are contradicting these facts. Therefore, here are some of the myths and the real facts to prove it wrong to help you understand better about bone marrow transplant.

Myth 1: There Is Only One Type Of Bone Marrow Transplant Procedure

Fact: There are many best bone marrow transplant hospitals in India that deny this myth. It is because practically there are different types of bone marrow transplant procedures conducted by the experts by diagnosing the condition of the patient and the donor as well. Some of the common procedures are named allogenic Bone Marrow transplant, autologous Bone Marrow transplant, and others. The doctors and experts run the diagnosis of the patient and check for the type of procedure fit for the treatment.

Myth 2: The Donation Of Bone Marrow Is Very Painful For All Donors

Fact: There are basically two ways implementing which the stem cells are taken from the donor’s body. The processes include bone marrow donation or peripheral blood stem cell donation. It is true that there is some pain in either method, but the intensity varies. Different methods have different intensities of pain, and it also depends upon the age, gender, and other such factors of donors. Therefore, it is a complete myth that the donation of bone marrow is painful for all donors.

Some donors do not feel any discomfort during the process. The peripheral donation method is a non-surgical process of collecting the stem cells. In deep medical terms, it is known as apheresis. Hence, this procedure is a painless procedure. The bone marrow donation method involves collecting the marrow cells from the backside of the pelvic bone. A syringe is used for the process, which might give moderate pain but is again different in different cases.

Myth 3: Donation Of Bone Marrow Might Result In Adverse Consequences For The Donors

Fact: This myth has no point of argument as the donors regain their normal bone marrow levels within the next few weeks after donation. Look for any best hospital for bone marrow transplant in India and ask them about this myth. They would deny it right at the moment and explain to you the entire process of how this works. There are no adverse consequences of donating bone marrow.

Moreover, the facts say that the donors can return to their usual schedule, such as schooling, playing, working, and others, within seven days. Some people feel fit right after the donation as well. There is no sort of weakness or dizziness in the donation process. In some cases, the donors might feel muscle aches, vomiting, headache, and other mild side effects after donating bone marrow due to anesthesia. But it is temporary and does not last for long.

Myth 4: Bone Marrow Is Collected From Spine

Facts: Bone Marrow does not involve any procedure involving the spine. It is the back of the pelvic bone from where the surgeons collect the bone marrow in the direct bone marrow donation procedure. For 75% of the cases, the bone marrow is collected through the peripheral blood stem cell donation method.

Here, the stem cells are collected from the bloodstream. There is nowhere spine involved in extracting bone marrow. Therefore, do not trust this myth and consult the doctors or experts offering the best bone marrow transplant in India to know the right process of donating and transplanting the bone marrow without panicking right from the start.

Myth 5: Bone Marrow Transplant Procedure Is Gender Biased

Fact: Bone marrow transplant needs a perfect match as the donor who has the stem cells with the same properties as required for the patient. There is no gender-biased concept in bone marrow transplant. If a woman is a patient, then there is no mandatory need for a woman donor for bone marrow donation and transplant.

The number of proteins present in the blood of the donor decide whether he/she is a perfect match with the patient for the transplant or not. In most cases, the siblings from the same parents are the perfect match for the patients, and either brother or sister can do the needful without any gender constraints.

Myth 6: You Will Have To Stay In Hospital For A Long Time After Bone Marrow Transplant

Fact: The technology has evolved to the present date. Go to the best bone marrow transplant doctors in India who are professionals and experts in conducting the procedure. With the right use of technology and expertise, you will not have to stay for long after your bone marrow transplant. The patients who have undergone bone marrow transplant can get discharge on the same day. Follow-up care can be done with timely visits to the doctor. So, it is high time to put an end to this myth.

Myth 7: All Family Members Are Perfect Match For The Bone Marrow Transplant Procedure

Fact: There is a 1 out of 4 chance that your own sibling from the same parents might be a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant procedure. There is only a 30% chance that people will find a match for bone marrow donation within the family. So, it is not true that family members can save one’s life by giving their bone marrow. It is practically not possible as the facts deny this myth.

These are the seven myths of a bone marrow transplant, along with the facts that deny them all. If you are seeking any health problems related to bone marrow, then it is high time you must get in touch with the best doctors and experts to know the bone marrow transplant cost in India and get it done right away as finding a match also needs time. 

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