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Myomectomy in Nigeria by MedicoExperts Top Indian Gynaecologist Surgeons

Ms. Faith was suffering from uterine fibroids for many years, but is now better, thanks to uterine fibroids treatment in Nigeria by best surgeons from India.

Tell us about yourself

Hello, my name is Faith, and I am 36 years old, and few years ago I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. I used to have severe bleeding, a huge belly and extreme cramping. Sometimes, my bleeding was so heavy, I could not go out. I tried all sorts of herbal and medicinal remedies but nothing helped.

How did you know about MedicoExperts?

Someone suggested I undergo surgery, but I was scared. So, I began to research and talk to doctors, but the reviews of getting treated locally were not so good, and I could not afford to leave to another country for the treatment.

One day, I saw an ad on Facebook where MedicoExperts was organizing a surgical & OPD camp in Nigeria and they were offering myomectomy by top Gynaecology surgeon of India. This was like a gift to me. I immediately got in touch with them and got myself scheduled for the surgery.

How was your experience with MedicoExperts and the Indian Surgeon?

When I first got in touch with them, I was not very sure about them, but eventually, I build up trust by knowing how genuine they were. The gynaecology surgeons they are tie-ed up with are very good and well experienced. After days of keeping in touch with the MedicoExperts team, I finally got my surgery done. My surgery was successful and I am completely recovered now and feel so much better.

I am glad I chose MedicoExperts, I am very happy and better now.