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Laparoscopic Myomectomy Surgery

What brought you to India?

To have done laparoscopic myomectomy surgery by team of Priyanka Bisht, comprising of her, Dr. Rahul kankhedia and Dr. Shyam Sunder Soni (Medical experts) was God intervention and a riddance to phobia associated with fibroid removal and anticipated pro surgery pains and associate complications.

My husband and I had challenge with fertility and that has led me to different doctors and hospitals in Nigeria. Having spend fortune in trying, I was linked with Medico expert (Indian Doctors) through social media. We chatted and she recommended I do some test and send to her in India and I complied. She responded that I have multiple fibroid that needed to be removed. She told me the cost and when her team will be visiting Nigeria. Her advice, suggestion, explanation of process and recommendation rid me of fear and I chose to do the surgery with them. They arrived Carez Hospital, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, on 01/05/2019 for two days to attend to persons with challenges. I was there and made payment through bank transfer; but public holiday and bank restriction on my Account, the money was not remitted to the hospital’s account.

This development was to rob me of the chance to be attended to by the team. As God may have it, The Team where more human the humanitarian than business incline. They had me operated without first receiving alert from my bank. their humanity was phenomenon! Four day after, I was discharged. 30 days latter, the incision wounds are all healed and I am back to normal life without complication and pains associated with post surgery experience. MedicoExperts are not only expert in surgery, but also has touch of humanity. Those who have fear or phobia for surgery or complication associated with it, I recommend MedicoExperts as your best option.