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  • Highly experienced transplantation team who performed thousands of transplants
  • World-class patient care with a personal touch
  • Cutting edge technologies with advanced infrastructure
  • 95% success rates
  • Cost-effective

Choose Liver Transplant for a permanent cure of End-stage liver disease and liver failure without compromising the quality of life.

The news of end-stage liver failure can be devastating not to mention stressful and painful.

Regular hospital visits and constant medication can make life miserable and not sufficient anymore.

There is no doubt that Liver transplantation is a major surgery but still, it has saved millions of lives.

However, with the advancement of technology and skills, both in surgery and post-operative care, the outcomes now are very different from those of a few years back.

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Challenges faced by liver failure patients

Liver transplant seems like a feasible option but the uncertainties surrounding it can make you more anxious.

This feeling is genuine as this on one of the surgeries wherein not only the patient but also a healthy donor, who is also your family member, goes under the knife.

Most end-stage liver failure patients face five main challenges when they start searching for a Liver transplant:

  1. How to identify the surgeon who can generate the best outcomes.
  2. What to look for in the hospital to ensure that this is the right hospital for you.
  3. Where to get cost-effectiveness.
  4. Who will manage the process and paperwork for the transplant
  5. Who could be the right donor in the family

I need help for liver transplant

What you need ?

You might have approached a few hospitals by now.

With each and every interaction, your confusion is increasing.

Whether you should go brand, whether you should look to save money, whether you should get results, how to verify results, how to compare options, and so on.

The list is big and ever-increasing and time for decision-making is less.

What you need is a hospital or organization which works or owns many hospitals and you get an opportunity to speak to somebody at the corporate level whose complete focus is your outcome and benefits.

You need an entity at a higher level than an individual hospital that can guide you to help in evaluating the options with respect to your case. An entity that can see the different aspects of your options from your perspective.

What you need is – MedicoExperts  

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What is MedicoExperts ?

MedicoExperts is a Global virtual hospital which is established to offer quality healthcare services at affordable pricing without compromising the success rates of the treatment.

MedicoExperts is having a network of highly experienced super specialist doctors and well-equipped hospitals across the globe and offering second opinions through online video consultation and surgical interventions through its empanelled super specialist doctors at its network of hospitals in 17 countries from 3 continents.

MedicoExperts understands the strengths and weaknesses of all of its empanelled doctors and having its own database of success ratios against the complexity of the case.

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How MedicoExperts ensures better outcome?

The team will ensure that you are making an informed decision considering all the important factors and its own data.

MedicoExperts consider the following aspects for selection

  • Success rates: The success rate of the surgery is very vital, MedicoExperts recommends the empanelled hospital and surgeon where the success rate is more than 95% with the complexity similar to your case.
  • Infection rates after transplant: MedicoExperts recommends its empaneled Hospital that is technologically advanced and history of negligible infection ratios.
  • Survival rates after transplant: Medicoexperts recommends you the liver transplant team and hospital from its empaneled list where the one-year survival rate is more than 90% and the 5-year survival rate is over 75%. 
  • Experience of Surgeon: MedicoExperts choose a surgeon who has at least 15 and above years of experience and performed 100+ liver transplants.
  • Experience and expertise of the post-operative care team: MedicoExperts consider this aspect very seriously before making its recommendation. The trained and experienced medical staff play a very important role in taking care of post-operative care.    
  • Well-equipped, multidisciplinary hospital infrastructure to manage complexities: MedicoExperts chooses a hospital from its empaneled list that has a multidisciplinary team of different specialties. This is to ensure that any remote possibility of complexity during or post-surgery can be managed effectively.
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