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Aakash Hospital

Aakash Hospital India

Aakash Hospital

South Delhi

  • Number of Beds : 230

Enhancing health through technology is achievable, but the elusive element of ‘care’ remains a challenge. Aakash Hospital, driven by a commitment to offer this elusive care to every individual it serves, has positioned itself to redefine healthcare comprehensively. The hospital aspires to transform the healthcare experience for patients, instilling faith in the medical realm and reviving the prestige associated with healing and curing.

Aakash Hospital envisions a shift in the paradigm of healthcare delivery, striving to make quality healthcare more accessible to people. This vision materializes through the establishment of a network of patient-friendly ‘neighborhood hospitals,’ each equipped with ample beds to address diverse healthcare needs.

The hospital’s core objective is to deliver quality healthcare at affordable rates, ensuring that no one leaves Aakash Hospital without attention. Whether it’s initiatives to minimize waiting times for patients in distress, the organization of over 250 camps, or the facilitation of cashless medical treatments, Aakash Hospital consistently adopts a patient-centric approach to healthcare delivery. The hospital’s 2500-plus loyal members stand as a testament to the ongoing efforts that align with Aakash’s guiding principle of providing ‘care with concern.’



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