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Dr. Ravi shankar

Dr. Ravi shankar

MS | DNB| M.Ch Head and Neck Surgey
  • Skills :
    Head And Neck Oncology


  • Dr. Ravi shankar is a renowned head and neck oncologist, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers affecting this region.
  • He has undergone rigorous medical training, including residencies and fellowships, to become an expert in his field.
  • Dr. Ravi shankar is board-certified, demonstrating his dedication to maintaining the highest standards of patient care.
  • He excels in precise cancer diagnosis, using the latest technologies and techniques for accurate staging.
  • Dr. Ravi shankar collaborates with other medical specialists, ensuring patients receive comprehensive and coordinated care.
  • He is known for his surgical skills, performing complex procedures to remove tumors and restore function and appearance.
profile summary

Profile Summary

Dr. Ravishankar employs a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for the most effective treatment plans.

When appropriate, he utilizes minimally invasive techniques to minimize patient discomfort and speed up recovery.

Compassion is central to his practice, providing support to patients and their families throughout their cancer journey.

Dr. Ravi shankar actively engages in research, ensuring his patients benefit from the latest advancements in head and neck oncology.

doctor experience

Experience of Dr. Ravi shankar

He has 10  years of experience in this field.

trainng and certification

Training and Certifications

  • MS
  • DNB
  • M.Ch (Head and Neck Surgey)

Expertise is Disease/ Treatment



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